Land Rover Stars In Tomb Raider

Autonet reports that Land Rovers 'Defender' will be making a product placement appearence in the Tomb Raider Movie:

Angelina Jolie won't be the only star of the "Tomb Raider" film, as Land Rover has managed to get its Defender to have a starring role in the flick, and the SUV becomes the vehicle of choice for Jolie's character, Laura Croft, throughout the movie.

The movie debuts in North America on June 15, but those wanting to get a better peek at the vehicle can see it at the Geneva Motor Show starting Feb. 27.

Ford states that the Croft character "will use the vehicle to guide her through danger, and allow her access to remote and rugged locations in her fearless quest criss-crossing the globe."

The film's V8-powered Defender has been specially modified by Land Rover's special vehicles operation, and was created in conjunction with Paramount Pictures. The "Tomb Raider" Defender is Bonatti grey in colour with aluminium tread plates and bumpers, with four Safari headlamps atop front of the roof rack. Some extra accessories where added "to aid Lara in her adventures" and include an expedition tool kit comprising a shovel and axe at the front, a winch at the rear, navigation screen and emergency stop buttons.

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