Angelina Jolie Wants 'Tomb Raider' Souvenir

Angelina Jolie became so attached to certain aspects of playing action heroine Lara Croft that she snaffled some souvenirs from the film set of 'Tomb Raider', says Empire Online. 'I'm having my guns sent,' Jolie tells this month's Cinescape magazine. 'They were just put in their case so I can have Lara's guns. I became really close to them and wore them every day so I want them here.'

Talking about taking on the role of the Lara Croft, Jolie admitted that she found playing an English aristocrat daunting. 'I wanted to really understand someone being raised a certain way in England, their culture, the accent and also the class that she's raised in - the manners. She's Lady Lara Croft and I had very little practice in being a lady.'

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