Orlando Bloom Talks On Reshoots For 'Return Of The King'

Orlando Bloom talks to Sci Fi Wire about the last installment to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Bloom plays the Legolas Greenleaf an Elf, he talks about the reshoots he did for the movie just a few weeks ago.

He talked to them during an interview about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean

"[Director Peter Jackson] loved the audience's reaction in the first movie [to] Leggy running over the back of the cave troll and killing the cave troll, and then in the second movie, sliding down the stairs and jumping [off] the horse. And in the third movie, he's kind of combined a whole load of stuff. So it's like another one of those sort of Leggy moments."

The actor added that there are scenes in the previous two films he would have liked to have been able to shoot over again, if given the chance. "I've changed so much," he said. "And I thought, oh God, I would have done that different now. What was I thinking? I obviously wasn't. I was so nervous. I'm so tense. There's things like that. But s--t, it was an opportunity and I love that character. I tried really hard to get it right, and Pete was amazing and directed me really well, and I feel lucky."

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