More Spoilers From 'Return Of The King' Set

According to, Italian movie magazine 'Caik' were on set during the recent re-shoots and in their latest issue report on what happened. (Possible spoilers)

-Peter Jackson moved from a set to another, as usual, with his Red Bicycle 'Challenge' model, recognisable by the skull on the handle. It's a Shelob-lair souvenir, where there are also some dangling, mummyfied corpses, which are imprisoned in synthetic webs made by an elasticized fiber of boiled-vegetal-oil (220C!!!).

-Shelob will be a 5 meter-high monster, really fast, who stops in a second to fix her eyes on her prey.

-The plot will have weddings, coronations, ambushes, suicides, betrayal, but also the biggest battle of the history of cinema: 200,000 orcs in Pelennor field!"

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