Speilberg Angry As Crowe Holds Cruise Up

Spielberg is upset that he can't have Tom Cruise when he wants him. Tom Cruise is currently working on 'Vanilla Sky' directed by Cameron Crowe and is going to work on Spielbergs 'The Minority Report'.

Spielberg is upset that Crowe cannot deliver Cruise to the scheduled time. Speilberg is upset that he wont be able to finish the film by july when the strikes starts.

Page Six reports:

Spielberg is said to be getting antsy because Crowe's continuing delays on the set of "Vanilla Sky," starring Cruise, could wreak havoc with his own Cruise picture, "The Minority Report."

"'Vanilla Sky' has not wrapped yet and they still have a way to go," said a spy - bad news for Spielberg, whose "Minority Report" is officially scheduled to start shooting on March 22.

The "Schindler's List" Oscar-winner has to finish filming before the Screen Actors Guild goes out on strike in July. Spielberg was said to be taking the delays in stride until last Saturday, when he erupted because Crowe shut down after a half-day of work to attend the Directors Guild Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Insiders note Spielberg had intended to start shooting last week in L.A. for "Minority Report," his futuristic cop thriller with Cruise and Irish hottie Colin Farrell. The schedule had the crew working straight until the end of June, right up until the SAG strike is set to begin, leaving little room for mistakes or delays.

A rep for Spielberg said there are no hard feelings and, "The schedule Cameron had on ‘Vanilla Sky' was something everyone knew about. Steven can't be upset about the Directors Guild awards because while everyone else got there at 5 or 6 p.m., Cameron showed up at 8 p.m. because of shooting."

Other insiders noted that if Spielberg is upset with delays, he should blame Cruise, not Crowe. Since his separation from wife Nicole Kidman was announced last month, Cruise has demanded extreme privacy on the set.

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