Sound Of Thunder Detailed Synopsis Revealed

Crusader Entertainment have revealed the detailed synopsis for A Sound of Thunder, starring Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley and Catherine McCormack.

In the not too distant future, scientist Travis Ryer finances his research in the potentials of time travel technology by leading expeditions of burned-out billionaires who pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to hunt extinct creatures of the past.

These hunts are fairly routine, however, one afternoon their guns malfunction, and the team barely makes it back alive. When Travis returns to the past the following day, the time portal computer, TAMI, is gong haywire - volcanoes are exploding, and dinosaurs are dying. Then when Travis returns to the present, he discovers other more ominous signs that something is amiss: Files are missing from his computer, the weather has turned strange, and strange plant life is sprouting up around New York City. Travis suspects that somehow he and his team must have corrupted the timeline.
This belief is confirmed when Travis tracks down Allison, the inventor of modern time travel, just as a ‘Time Wave’ rolls through New York city. Instantly, swarms of bugs overwhelm New York. Whole buildings disappear. People cease to exist. Enlisting Allison’s help, Travis deduces that one of the self-indulgent billionaires must have brought a butterfly back from the past, despite dire warnings against this.

This butterfly must have been an ecological hinge point, Travis surmises, and now the current ecosystem is in jeopardy. Humanity may cease to exist. Travis, Allison and their team set out across a New York landscape now rife with thick jungle and dangerous, never-before-seen predators, determined to track down the stolen butterfly. Once found, they must bring it back to the cretaceous period before the last time wave hits, and man’s mark is forever swept from the face of the Earth.

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