Sex, Politics & Cocktails

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Starring: Julien Hernandez, Marisa Petroro, Seth Macari, Don Max, Alex Douglas, Paul Lekakis, Dave Emerson, Hunter F. Roberts, Lonnie Simpson, Jonathan Zenz, Gina Vetro, Lonnie Henderson, Devon Michael Jones, Barry Ashley

Director: Julien Hernandez
Release Date: May 20th, 2005
Studio: Here! Films
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Box Office Total: $13,916
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Synopsis: Unable to tie the knot with his Prozac loving girlfriend, Cuban Filmmaker Sebastian Cortez finds himself 30-years old and never in love. On his quest to finding..."The One", Sebastian turns to friend/tour guide Daria who introduces Sebastian to her sandbox of gay co-horts and the adventure of his life! The unsophisticated but sexy Sebastian finds himself navigating through the uncharted waters of Hollywood, sexual politics and getting trapped between Mr. Big Time and...Toilet Man? Is this queer eye for the bi-guy? Can a girl turn a straight man queer? All these questions are answered in this sardonic, hilarious and universal film about the pursuit of finding someone to permanently spoon with.

'Sex, Politics & Cocktails' For Here! Films

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Ulien Hernandez's comedy...