Tobey Maguire Pulling Out Of 'Spider-Man 2'?

Tobey Maguire As Peter ParkerTobey Maguire may not be taking up the role of Spider-Man in the highly anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man. According to a report by SkyNews, Maguire has a bad back which could prevent him from shooting the movie.

A spokesman for the actor said he is still recovering from "mild discomfort in his back" brought on by physically demanding roles in his last two films. He has been lately working on Seabiscuit, portraying jockey Red Pollard.

It is still unsure whether he will be well enough to continue his role in time to begin production on "The Amazing Spider-Man" sequel in April.

"With an April 12 start date around the corner, everyone involved wants to be certain he is able to do the intense stunts," the spokesman added.

Someone who is reportedly lining up to don Peter Parker's red-and-blue tights if Maguire is still unfit, is Kirsten Dunst real-life boyfriend, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who recently starred in the films Moonlight Mile and The Good Girl.

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