Star Kid

Starring: Danny Masterson, Joseph Mazzello, Christine Weatherup, Joey Simmrin, Brian Simpson, Alissa Ann Smego, Bobby Porter, Larry Nicholas, Joseph Mazzello, Jack McGee

Release Date: January 16th, 1998
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Entertainment Film Distributors

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Synopsis: A skinny, introverted seventh-grader, Spencer Griffith, can neither find the confidence to confront the class bully who's been harassing him, nor can he summon the courage to talk to a pretty girl. Thusly when his teacher encourages him to 'face his fears' and he just can't, Spencer loses faith in himself; this is, until he spots a meteor crashing into the local junkyard, loses his trepidation, and conducts his own investigation. Spencer ventures into the area to find a Cybersuit--and finds Cy, an amiable robot searching for a biotic host or organic lifeform to inhabit its android shell. Somewhat unwillingly, Spencer volunteers...