Bruce Greenwood To Play Pike In 'Star Trek 11'

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Bruce Greenwood has been cast as Christopher Pike, the Starship Enterprise's first captain, in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" feature for Paramount.

The character of Capt. Pike appeared in the original unaired pilot that Gene Roddenberry created. The pilot was rejected by CBS and then shown to NBC, which turned it down, though it liked the concept enough to commission a second pilot. (Only the character of Spock survived the redevelopment.)

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Capt. April was the first skipper of the Enterprise
April is NOT canon and limited to the animated Star Trek seperate universe and referenced in some of the independent novels. Some considered the animated Star Trek to be canon as "Deep Space 9" DID reference certain elements of the animated series during its run but it is no more offical canon than Will Decker (Star Trek: the Motion Picture) is Matt Decker (Doomsday Machine) son despite a lot of fan like it to be and think of it as such.

Though given this film is a complete reboot, this reality may definitely state Pike is this reality's first warp 5 plus starship commanding officer.

In the same way that some are now saying THIS Spock is full vulcan or at least born from a surrogate vulcan womb. What went before is not being followed exactly as before.
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