Alana Curry Talks Terminator 3 had the opportunity to interview Alana Curry about her upcoming role in Terminator 3:

TAFs: Tell me a bit about your character. Who do you play?

Alana Curry: I play the girlfriend of Bill Anderson (played by Brian Sites). We're teenagers having a party & I can't really say what happens but we do have a bad encounter with the Terminatrix. You'll just have to see the movie to see what happens to us.

TAFs: How physically challenging was your role? Were you doing serious training?

AC: Hmmm, Well during one of my scenes I spend the majority of my time sitting on a couch. If that's not physically challenging, I don't know what is ... I'm just kidding, my role was more emotional than physical. I got to cry and scream a lot. The only other big challenge was staying awake. We worked nights and sometimes I shot 6:00pm to 6:00am in the morning!

TAFs: Do you have scenes interacting WITH Arnold?

AC: No, unfortunatly, he wasn't even there when I shot my scenes. But if he was I would have told him to "Get Down" or "Come with me if you want to live". I hear from everybody else on the set that he is just the nicest man! I hope to meet him in the future, maybe at the premiere or wrap party.

TAFs: I don't want to know the outcome, BUT Do you interact with other Terminator ROBOTS - other than Arnold?

AC: We do have a scene with the TX. Although I can't really tell you more than that. See I signed all these secrecy papers, and well... they have WAY better lawyers than I do!

TAFs: How did you like working with the cast and the director Jonathan Mostow?

AC: Oh, everyone was awesome. The crew and cast were great. Jonathan is really going to make this film incredible. He is very patient, a real actors' director. I had a blast with them all.

You can read more of the interview by checking out the link above.

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