Jonathan Mostow On 'Terminator 3' Directing

Jonathan Mostow talked to U-Daily News about helming the next Terminator movie - Rise of the Robots.

"Because the first two 'Terminator' films are such towering achievements and are so identified with Cameron, they're almost impossible to live up to in that sense,' says director Jonathan Mostow, who nonetheless took the helm of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.' "All I could really do was not worry about that and, since I'm a fan of the series, enter this trying to make a film that fans like me will enjoy.'
Did the Mr. Universe of the movies mind getting beaten up like a girl? "Arnold thought it was a great idea,' Mostow says with a chuckle. "He knew, better than anybody, that watching this beautiful woman kick his a-- would be incredibly entertaining for the audience.'

The Austrian Oak was 54 when shooting began last spring and was just four months recovered from breaking six ribs in a motorcycle accident, so there was a bit of concern about what shape he'd be in.

"The physicality of this character goes hand in hand with who he is, so that was certainly one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind,' the director says. "But the first time I met Arnold, they were put to rest; he looked fantastic, and that was before he was in a big workout regimen. The Terminator arrives naked, and Arnold said to me, 'There's no greater motivator for working out than knowing you're going to be naked in a movie.'

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