'Terminator 3' New Sequence Description

DarkHorizons have received news from someone who has just seen a clip from the upcoming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

"Nick Stahl and Claire Danes run into a large warehouse filled with usual "chase debris" (things that can be blown up later). They try to open a large blast door -- John starts to hack it with his little laptop. The wall at the far end explodes -- the T-X flies a chopper through the wall and crash-lands. She starts walking towards them, when Arnold crashes a BIGGER chopper through the wall and lands on her. She emerges, her skin melted away with just her endo-skeleton showing. That initiates the Arnold/T-X fight. I have to mention my disappointment with Arnold's end line... "You're terminated!" Couldn't they have come up with something... original???".

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