Kristanna Loken Quizzed On 'Terminator 3'

Kristanna LokenFred Topel has been asking Kristanna Loken about her role as the Terminatrix villain in the upcoming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

The big question is we know terminators time travel in the nude, so how did you feel about your first nude scene?
Well, it isnít my first, but it was the last night, very last night of filming. It was originally supposed to be the first night but with location problems, whatever, ended up being the last night. I was glad that it was because I was really able to fine tune my body in the way that I wanted it to look. I did extensive training and through that worked with a nutritionist so I put on about 15 pounds of muscle mass. I actually was a lot bigger than I am now. So, I felt okay about it.

So, you were more concerned with the physicality than idea of being naked?
Yeah, I didnít really think about it about that. As the character, she doesnít have any concept of ďOh, Iím walking down the street nude.Ē Thereís no reality of society or anything like that and whatís right or wrong.

What was the training you did?
The training was extensive and pretty much towards the end I was doing a lot of cardio and a lot of weight training to really get a cut, kind of buff look and the diet was really very strict and regimented. The training that I did altogether was the nutritionist, the weight training. I did an Israeli form of martial arts called Krav Maga that they teach the military. I also did weapons training and I worked with a mime coach to kind of get the surreal nonhuman aspects of the character.

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