Biggs, Caplan Board 'Bachelor No. 2'

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Jason Biggs and Lizzy Caplan are diving into the dating game. The pair have joined the cast of the Dane Cook-Kate Hudson starrer "Bachelor No. 2" for Lionsgate.

The story centers on Tank (Cook), a master at seducing -- and offending -- women who is a professional Bachelor No. 2. When guys get dumped, they hire Tank to take their ex-girlfriends out on the worst date of their lives -- an experience so horrible it sends them running gratefully back to their beaus. So when Tank's best friend, Dustin (Biggs), is dumped by his new girlfriend (Hudson), Tank naturally offers to help out and soon finds himself torn between his loyalty to Dustin and the desire to be Bachelor No. 1.

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I can't believe you're not playing with me--that was so hlpeful.

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