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Harry potter and(you choose)
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Harry potter and(you choose)

Chapter 1: Parting of ways

A long time it had seemed, that Harry had left Hogwarts, yet now as the summer reached it's peak the usually haziness and heat was replaced this year by a cold chill and a fog that slowly rolled over Privet Drive, the flowers were dead and the lawn's were yellow due to the lack of rain as they had done two years ago when the Chosen One was attacked by two out of contol Dementors and he had learnt of the Order of the Phoenix.
However, this summer, only one week from returning from school Harry Potter was confined to his bedroom , merely by choice, he had not left his bedroom the entire week, save only for the bathroom, his aunt and uncle was not talking to him, it did not matter he liked it that way.
He had not eaten or the entire week, he could not stomach it anyways, the lack of food had made him very weak, he could not sleep either, the black bags under his eyes were deep and etched into his skin, it would take for ever to get rid of them.
I guess you could say Harry Potter was no ordinary boy of sixteen, soon to become of age, when he did the magical protection Albus Dumbledore has invoked on the house would be lifted and he would no longer be safe.
Thinking about Albus Dumbledore brought up a sick feeling in his chest, and his eyes would swell he was not ashamed to admit that he had cried on many ocasions, after all he had been like a father too Harry.
Everynight in his dreams Harry would watch the old man soar gracefully off the rampart and die, then his dreams would change and he would no longer be on the tower but lying on a cold hard floor, gagged, watching everyone he cared about be tortured too insanity by Lord Voldermort,
"Harry!...Save us!...Harry!" where the cries he would hear, then voldemort would speak.
"you can save them Harry, you know what to do" the cries would continue until he woke up covered in a cold sweat, his t-shirt stuck fast too his torso.
When he awoke he would sit and think about what he had to do.
"you have to leave them"
"but you need them"
"your putting them in danger!"
After many metal arguments Harry decided what he had to do.
"tap, tap, tap" the noise was coming from the window, across the room Harry Potter stirred in his sleep, the tapping noise slowly got louder until Harry jumped up and pulled out his wasnd, his reflexes were exceptional.
"Who's there" his voice was shaking.
'Who's there, show yourself" his voice grew in confidence.
"tap, tap, tap" it was coming from the window, Harry Located the noise and darted too the window and wrenched it open. A scruffy looking owl flew through the window and landed on the cabinet hooting, Hedwig opened her eyes and hooted back to acknowledge the other owl.
Harry crossed the room to the bird, presuming the owl was the new Weasley Owl, as Errol had done one journey too much, sending him a letter from Ron and Hermione trying to convince him to return too Hogwarts and to wait for them to pick him up, on several occasions he had scrunched up the parchment and tossed it into the corner.
Harry was hurt knowing that Ron and Hermione had got together and had not bothered telling him, which was blatantly obvious.
However as he untied the letter from the owls leg he noticed it was not their handwriting, yet it seemed strangely familiar, he pondered for several minutes about wether to open the letter, or not. But as the sender had written urgent on the front Harry felt that he had too.
Slowly and carefully Harry opened the letter it proved to be tricky as his fingers were num and he couldn't grasp the letter properly, eventually he began too read:

Dear Harry

It is of the upmost urgency that i ask you to listen to what i have to say, Dumbledpre died to protect you so did Sirius likewise with your parents, please think carefully before you decide too leave, i know what it is you have to do, Keep your friends close Harry, i may never see you again old friend, but i say it once more, you look just like your father but you have your mother's eyes. Remember this.


"How did he know... he will have told the others.... i have too leave"
As Remus's owl left a smaller owl zoomed through the window being weighed down by a letter as Harry was about to close the window. It was pigwidgeon. Harry wasted no time in opening this letter it plainly said "lupin has told us don't go nowhere we will pick you up tomorrow" it was Rons handwriting.
"Damn!, i need to go now" He sat down for one minute and tried to calm down and clear his mind, occlumency.
"I'm really crap at this" he thought tho himself.
Mustering the strength he stood up and started carelessly throwing his items into his trunk, it took him several minutes to pack everything away. When he had finished he noticed that he would not get far with his trunk as big as it was. He shrank it and put it into his robe pocket.
"I wonder if non-verbal spells can be registered" it didn't matter because he did not care.
Harry opened the door took one last look around around picked Hedwig up and dissapeared under his invisability cloak and made his way downstairs....
As he was about to leave the house he heard a quiet sobbing noise from the kitchen and then...
"You are leaving aren't you" came a dry voice from the darkness of the kitchen, Harry walhed through the Hallway and switched on the light, his aunt was sitting at the table a pile of used tissues were next to her.
Harry put Hedwig on the floor and took off his cloak and simply said.
"Yes i have to for everybody's sake" he stated
"do you have to"
"Yes i do"
He walked across the room and sat down at the table opposite his aunt.
" I never hated you Harry, not really, you just remind me of them, your parents, lily and James" Harry had never heard his aunt say there names, he was grateful.
"I loved your mother, but she left me alone and i hated her for it and i never said sorry so i took you in as repayment to your mother, i am sorry Harry" she said
"Did she just say sorry to me" Harry thought
"Before you leave, i want you too have this" it was a locket Gold locket with a Red orb shining in the middle.
"It was your mother's " said petunia.
Harry put the chain over his head and let the locket fall to his chest it was cold, yet at the same time it was warm, it was his mother's love rushing through him.
Harry stood up so did his aunt.
"I do love you petunia, it has just taken a while to show"
"I know Harry, maybe when it is over i will visit your parents grave" she kissed him on the cheek and he turned around picked up Hedwig and dissapeared under his cloak. He walked out of the house and down the road, his aunt had given him an idea he was going to live at Godric's Hollow.
He turned on the spot and muttered a single work "Goodbye" and with a loud crack he dissaparated leaving nothing but silence behind him.

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feedback plz

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Chapter 2
Godric's Hollow

The Potters house, as did the Riddle house, had lain empty for a long time, sixteen years to be precise.
The old house once stood tall and strong, now it sat there in ruins, windows were smashed, roof tiles were shattered on the ground at the foot of the house, there was cracks in the path leading up to the front door and long twisting vines were crawling over the house.
It was an odd place, thats what the muggles said, whenever the youths of the village attempted to get near they would suddenly remember something urgent, but when they had returned home they had forgotten what it was.
Rumors said that it was haunted and those who did manage to get near were never seen again, this was nonsense of course and were spreaded by witches and wizards living in the area.
Tonight however something would happen that would give the village people plenty of gossip, the house would be restored mysteriously. (sp)
As Harry Potter stood infront of his home invisible to the naked eye, the sight of his home had released a tear from his eye, it slowly rolled down his cheek until it fell to the ground.
"No, i have to be strong"
He suddenly set off at a brisk walk, carefully dodging broken tiles and cracks in the pathway, right up to the front door.
"Ahhh!", as upon touching the door handle he felt a different kind of magic flow through him, it was Lord voldermorts anger and hatred the magic he had used to murder Harrys Parents.
However during the pain he had suffered he had managed top hold onto the door and turned the handle it was locked.
"of course, it wouldn't be left open would it" he muttered
Harry imagined with all his might about opening the door and then he turned the handle.
"It's open" he exclaimed out loud
"oh my god" he muttered under his breath, he had visited this house in his dreams many times, yet now it had changed so much, books and papers were spread all over the floor there was a thick layer of dust that had settled onto everything, the dust had aged the room by almost twenty years.
Even through all the damage the house looked peaceful.
"Well, i home" he said cracking a smile for the first time that week. He let Hedwig out of her cage and he enlarged his trunk.
"Well if I'm going to live here i better clean up"
'Scourgify" the thick layer of dust disappeared instantly, it seemed to Harry that the Ministry were no longer keeping tabs on under-age magic with what was happening, realising he had just done magic.
With one sweeping motion of his wand all the books and notes zoomed back to their position on the bookshelves, the rips in the sofa instantly closed and shattered ornament and photographs rejoined together.
Normally he would have found this spells hard as there was so much to do but he figured that his mother was helping him.
By the time he was happy with what he had done it was one o'clock in the morning, he walked over to the door and muttered "collopurtus"
the door sealed tight. it could be broken.
Tonight he didn't care, he was safe. He retired to his armchair and muttered "incendio" a roaring fire bust into light in the grate, it illuminated the room, as he relaxed his eyes found the bookshelf.
On one shelf sitting on its own stood a deep blue coloured book with the words "one hundred magical ways too protect your home inscribed in gold lettering. "Accio book" it soared gracefully into his outstretched hand.
The book turned out to be very interesting, he sat there reading it for nearly two hours and he had marked several pages for further investigation
He was reading a page that explained the fidelus charm when the words blurred and turned into dark black tiles, that over time were rusting.
"Where am i"
"you know where you are Harry" came a voice he feared to hear.
", it can't be...leave me alone!"
Suddenly Harry woke up, something had disturbed his sleep, he was very thankful, once again he was covered in a cold sweat.
There it was again, the noise, it was coming from outside.
"Who's there!" he glanced at the clock it was five o'clock in the afternoon, he had sleeping for nearly fourteen hours.
"Harry its me!, open up" came a shrill voice from outside.
"Oh shit, shes found me" it was Hermione
"How do i know it's you?" said Harry
"I don't know...ask me a question"
"OK got it, what shape does your Patronus take?", he hoped he got the answer he was looking for.
"An Otter" she replied simply
Harry wrenched open the door and within a second Hermione had bounded straight to him pulling him into a tight hold, all the air was forced out of him.
"mione...can't...breath" he gasped
"Ooops, Sorry Harry" she said staring at Harry with a huge smile on her face.
"Whats up with you" he said whilst massaging his chest and looking worried about her facial expression.
"nothing...I'm...just...happy to see you...thats all" the smile had now vanished.
"So, how did you know i was here?, why aren't you at the burrow?, Why didn't you go home?" as soon as he said this she burst out crying.
"Oh god, I'm sorry, come here, it's just i did not expect anyone to find me" he said whilst stroking her hair, this cheered her up.
"Well then, where shall i begin" She said wiping away the tears.
"Why are you here, tell me that first" he said obviously thinking he was helping.
"Well" she began "you know i went back too the burrow with Ron"
"of course" harry butted in with a slight note of bitterness, she smiled at this.
"Well i had been there for about a four days, when me and Ron had an argument.
"Again" he interrupted
"Yes, it was about you, nothing bad" she added noticing the anger rising.
"I said i was worried about you, whereas Ron told me to shut up and that you would be alright.
He got it in his head that i fancied you and i was cheating on him with you" she could not read Harry's blank face, he just looked at her in silence so she continued.
"he dumped me, but said i could stay and wait for you to come if i wanted."
"I felt betrayed by him, nobody was speaking to me, so one night when every one had gone to bed i left and made my way to the dursleys"
"Hang on, i got a letter from Ron this last night saying they were going to collect me from the dursleys this morning because Lupin told you i was leaving"
"No letter arrived there when i was there Harry"
"So what took you so long too arrive at the Dursleys" Harry Said
"As i was saying i made my way to the Dursleys, i didn't know what it looked like, so couldn't apparate, i had too fly."
"How you don't own a broom" he began but she cut across him.
"I bought one during the week, it was on discount, a Nimbus 2000, i had a feeling i would be needing one"
"Anyway i found a map so i could fly to the Destination, it took several hours. By the time i had arrived i had started to enjoy it."
" I rang the doorbell and your aunt answered"
"You are a friend of Harry's aren't you?" she said
"Yes, i replied"
"He's left" she said looking quite upset.
"I began to cry, she then told me that you had gone to Godric's Hollow"
"She also said something else..."
"What did she say?" Harry butted in.
"She said to me that if i truly love you then i should not go to you"
"But how did she know?" She added outloud by mistake.
"Then she said not too go just wait and give you some time on your own"
"Your aunt, let me stay there for a few hours, i thanked her and left on my broom, i told her not too tell anyone else where you was."
Hermione looked up at Harry, his face could be read by anyone, he was confused.
"What is it Harry?"
"You did she know you loved me" He said a little bit too quickly.
Harry looked up and Hermione was smiling at him, she got up and slowly walked towards him and sat down besides him and looked into his eyes, they were getting closer, he could see her tears clinging to her eye lashes. Eventually there lips met, after a few seconds Harry pulled away.
"Harry what is it...I'm sorry...i shouldn't have done that"
"'s just...what about Ron...i fell like I'm betraying him..."
"Listen...Harry...after we had finished he said that he always knew we would get together, he saw it years ago, he said that he would be happy for us us" she said blushing.
Hearing this, Harry's guilt vanished and he Lent back into Hermione who was waiting for him...
Several minutes later they had pulled apart, he couldn't believe what had just happened, it was nothing he had ever shared with Ginny, which was certainly something, but...Hermione was in a league of her own.

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Chapter three: The Heir of Godric Gryffindor

When Hermione finally awoke on the couch she was alone, last night she and Harry talked for hours about past times until they had fallen asleep together.
She got up, and began to look around the house for Harry, she found him in the Kitchen sitting at the table reading some book, she crept up behind him and was about too cover his eyes when...
"Good Morning Hermione...i thought you were asleep, i heard you snoring" he said in a chirpy manner.
"How did you know, hang on, i don't snore!" she whacked him for his last comment.
"Sure, whatever you say" he said smiling, "i felt your presence, it soothed me, By the way i have placed the Fidelus charm on the house, as long as you are in between these four walls you are safe." he smiled at her got up walked around the table, he kissed Hermione and proceeded into the kitchen.
"Do you want Breakfast"
"Please" she replied, she had not eaten for a long time and hadn't realised how hungry she was.
"I was thinking about placing another enchantment on the house,take a look at the page."
After several minutes of reading and a few facual expressions she finally spoke up.
"Harry, this is really advanced magic you know" she told him as he brought her breakfast in.
"Don't worry, I've performed allot of complicated spells to get this place looking good, i can handle it."
"I know" she said at the same time as gulping down a throatfull of food, she had managed to dribble the sauce over her chin, Harry wiped it off her chin with his finger and smiled at Hermione.
Hermione got up and ran out of the room.
"Bloody Hell, Girls"
He picked up her plate and went to look for her and couple of minutes of searching he finally found her in the spare bedroom sitting on the bed crying.
"Hermione, my cooking's not that bad you know." this seemed to cheer her up a bit as he sat down beside her.
"I'm's just when i think about us and then i think what you have to do, i get upset."
"I know, but you have to be strong... i love you Hermione, remember that"
" you think that i could live here with you"
"Oh...okay...never mind...i shouldn't have said anything." she had begun to cry again.
"Hermione, i don't want you too ask because i want to offer" He began, Hermione had looked up to him.
Do you want to live here with me?" he was smiling now he already knew what she was going to say.
But what happened next was a blur to him because Hermione had jumped onto him squeezing the life out of him."Of course i do Harry"
"Mione...doing it...again...can't...breath...mione"
"I'm sorry Harry" she said as she got off him smiling.
"It doesn't matter, lets go downstairs i need to put that enchantment on."
They walked down the stairs and Harry went outside and was followed by Hermione.
"No, Hermione go back inside, no one can touch you there." Hermione smiled, turned on the spot and walked back into the house. She knew he loved her.
Harry pulled out the book from his robe pocket and began searching for the page he had found earlier, he memorised the spell and spoke them aloud.
The house began to glow brightly and a bubble appeared over the house and lowered its way down too the ground, upon reaching the floor it became invisible.
"Harry what did you do?" She inquired as Harry joined her at the sofa.
"I created an invisible barrier around the huse to repel all spells, i also added a bit of my own magic." he said smiling
"Why what did you do?"
"I implanted a barrier inside the bubble that does not allow anybody in unless they are invited, you can go outside now, if you want, please wear the cloak.
"alright, shall we go out now the house is safe" Hermione began.
"We need to go to Diagon Alley Harry"
"Well let me think...errr....well suspose we need money, what do you think" she said mocking him.
"...oh yeah..."
"Also you can take your apparition test whilst we are there."
"Okay then what are we waiting for, lets go"
Harry locked the door and left the house with just their wands and Harrys vault key. Harry had also stuffed his invisibility cloak into his robe pocket.
When they reached the end of the Garden path Harry realised something .
"How are we going to get there"
"Well, i guess you are going to have too aparrate us there"
"Why me"
"erm...because...i can't concentrate when i'm with you" her faced had turned Bright red, Ron would have been proud of her.
"Take my arm" he smiled at her as he pulled out his wand.
He looked up at Hermione closed his eyes a visualized Gringotts, the wizarding bank.
After a couple of seconds they began to spin and all the air was sucked out of him and with a loud crack they appeared in front of Gringotts, their appearance had caused a stir, several people were looking at them with dissaproving faces, occasionally throwing in comments such as "the boys got more important things to worry about than love, you-know-whos at large.
Harrys grip of Hermiones hand tightened.
"Ignore them Harry" her word soothed him and he felt himself relax without trying.
"Lets put the cloak on"
There was a lot more tuts after the crowd saw the "Chosen one" disappear under a cloak with some girl.
"We'll spend what money we've got on us now and then go to the bank"
"But i don't have any money Harry"
"Don't worry i have got plenty, and if i can't spoil the one i love, who can i spoil" Harry said proudly. Lately he realised he could say things around Hermione, deep emotional things and he would not get embarrassed.
"Oh Harry, you don't have to"
"Yes i do because i want to, so i will"
And with that the pair made there way up the street occasionally stopping into a shop to buy Hermione something.
"Harry, Thankyou so much, i don't know what to say"
"Don't worry about it, shall i apparate them home"
"That would be great." Hermione was laden with several gifts ranging from new robes and several books of course, but the one present she was most ecstatic about was the owl that Harry had bought her. She knew Harry had spent a fortune on her, she felt bad but she was enjoying the attention.
He apparated all the presents home including his invisibility cloak and with his arm around Hermione Harry led them up the marble stairs and into the bank.
"I would like to access my vault please"
"Your name and Key" the Goblin began
"Harry Potter...and...heres my key"
The Goblins eyes flashed towards harrys forehead but quickly flashed to the nearest free Goblin.
"Griphook!, get here and escort Mr Potter and his friend to his vault" Griphook was the Goblin who had took Harry into the vault the first time with Hagrid.
As Harry walked past the Kiosk he placed his short arm on Harrys shoulder.
"Mr Potter, this letter is to be passed onto you, please open it in your vault" Harry surveyed the Goblin for a second then strode past him through the doors and into the caverns.
He joined Hermione in the back of the cart which was waiting for him.
"Are you alright Harry' Hermione said grabbing his hand as the cart lurched forward.
"Yeah...i'm fine"
After many minutes of tilting and swerving the art finally reached its destination.
Harry carefully stepped over the gap and turned around to help Hermione across and together they walked to the door and inserted his key.
"You are to be left alone- i shall wait outside" the Goblin left the room and Hermione made top follow, Harry reached out and grabbed her arm.
"No...wait, i want you here"
"Okay I'll stay"
Harry looked up at his Gold even after six years of spending he still had a rather large pile of money of which mainly consisted of Galleons.
"Harry whats that letter"
"I don't know lets read it" they sat down in the corner of the room and began to read.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this and are standing in your vault then i am sorry to say that i am no longer alive, at the moment i do not know why, this letter is to inform you of who you are.
You are Godric Gryffindors Heir and such is the reason of your wealth, what is in the vault is what i allowed to be present when you came to withdraw money.
should you wish to summon your wealth in your mind speak clearly these words "I Harry James Potter Heir of Godric Gryffindor return in the worlds hour of need."
Your money should appear and other items that i believe will interest you. Also you are probably not alone.

Your Friend
Albus Dumbledore

P.S Please return too Hogwarts we need to speak.

"What does that mean, we need to speak, he dead for Gods sake!"
"Harry does it matter you don't need him, you are the Heir of Gryffindor...speak the words"
He did as he was told and spoke the words clearly in his mind, suddenly there was a rumbling noise, the heat in the room was increasing, the room was growing in length. Red and Gold colours were coming through.
The greatly expanded room then began filling with money and was splitting down the middle creating a pathway, at the end of the pathway was a suit of armour.
It consisted of a Helmet with long Golden horse mane flowing down the back. A silver chest plate with a Red lion on the front symbolizing the House, there was also some Greaves and Faulds.
Amazed, Harry looked down at the letter again the letter was folded.

P.S.S Put the armour on and summon your sword.

"Herm, put some money in this bag" She wasted no time in filling the bag up with money.
"How am i going to fit into this, i'm not that muscular" he said reaching for his arm, his hand hit his arm before he thought it would, he looked down, his arms were allot bigger, he took off his shirt and...
"Herm, look"
"What is it Harry...Whoa!" a develish grin had appeared on her face.
"Later mione" he smiled putting his shirt back on.

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"I have to put this armour on" it took them several minutes to get everything correct.
"My sword, where is it"
"You need to summon it Harry"
In his mind he clearly stated "I Harry James Potter summon the sword of Godric Gryffindor" He looked down at his sheath and saw a hilt with Red Rubies in sticking out.
He slowly placed his hand on the Hilt and pulled it out and looked along the length of the sword, it was dead straight. The sword shone brightly in the light, it looked like the weapon of a King.
The blood stains from five years ago had gone and no longer did it seem heavy.
He returned it too his sheath and looked up at Hermione, she was looking over his shoulder looking terrified.
Harry turned around lighting fast and pulled out his wand, he deflected his wand without even saying Protego.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't baby Harry potter all grown up i see" Harry recognised the voice it was Bellatrix Lestrang, she was alone.
"So you are the Heir of Gryffindor, the Dark Lord will be interested to know that.
"Petrificus Totalus" Harry screamed, the spell hit her and she keeled over, this alerted several more Death Eaters, because the next thing he knew the exit was blocked off by Five Death Eaters.
"So nice of you too join this little party, who's next" he said indicating to Bellatrix.
Five smiles vanished, at the same time they all raised there wands and shouted different curses.
Harry only managed to block four of the spells, the fifth one hit Hermione on her Chest, "NO!" she began screaming and shrieking until she eventually stopped.
The death Eater who had hit Hermione ordered the others to leave with Bellatrix, as soon as they had left he removed his mask, it was Lucius Malfoy.
"i am going to kill you Harry Potter, your parents are waiting!"
"Oh, kill me if you can, but heed this warning should you fail, i will kill you"
"You would not kill me"
"Lets see shall we"
Malfoy was looking worried, he had fired spell after spell at Harry, who flicked them away almost lazily.
"See you would not kill me, you can't even fight back, you are a coward, once again he attacked Hermione who was struggling to her feet.
"NO!", it was Harry's quick reflexes that allowed him too dive in front of the spell and take over half of it with the left side of his face, the small percentage left hit Hermione who crumpled to the ground.
"Ohhhh!" she exclaimed as she dropped.
Harry got up and looked at Malfoy he was laughing.
"Scared are you Potter"
"CRUCCIO!" Harry screamed, the curse hit him and was causing so much pain Harry poured all the hatred he could muster into it.
Eventually he pulled his wand away and walked over to Malfoy and crouched down beside him.
"I tried to warn you, now i shall kill you, Do not worry, your wife and son will be along soon."
"Goodbye" and with that he muttered "Avada Kedavra" the once arrogant and snobbish man lay there dead, Harry dragged his body out of the vault and to the edge of the platform.
Harry pushed him off, Malfoy was visible for only seconds before he vanished into the Abyss.
He ran back into the floor and dropped onto his knees and layed his head on her stomach.
"Hermione...wake up...i need you... please" tears were flowing from his face he didn't try to stop him.
He picked her up, he knew what he must do, St Mungos, she might be alive. He summoned away his wealth and left the vault.
He locked the door and changed the lock so only he could enter.
With his remaining strength he dissaparated in front of Gringotts, he did not know how he did it.
With a loud crack Harry appeared at the top of the marble stairs, he had been underground for over and hour and the sun stung his arms, the tears made it hard for him to see where he was going.
The Diagon Alley shoppers had noticed him and were gathering around him. He began to descend the steps, a slow clap emerged, he looked down at Hermione and could not contain himself, he began to cry again.
The crowds slow clap had turned into a cheer and people were shouting.
"The Heir of Godric Gryffindor returns-Hooray!" the crowd were laughing many were crying.
The crowds tears were Different too Harry's tears, he was crying for the one he loved and now presume dead. She made no movement as she hung limply in his arms.
He continued his slow walk up the hill to the Leaky Cauldron.
Meanwhile, a tall boy of seventeen with bright red hair was standing in Flourish and Blotts purchasing his new books for school, he would be returning with or without Harry and Hermione. He had not spoken to them for several days, he presumed they were together but he did not know where.
Eventually the noise of the crowd reached his ears, he hurriedly paid for his books and left the shop with the rest of the weasleys.
"What's going on Darling" a short plump woman asked her son.
"I don't know mom, the crowds have parted and someone is walking up the road.
After about a minute the figure came level with the Weasleys right at the end of the street, the crowds were merging and disappearing, but as the figure passed...
"Thats Hermione...whats wrong...who are you?" Ron shouted
His eyes lifting from the lifeless form of Hermione to the man carrying her, he saw a tall, stong and proud man carrying her in his arms, he was crying silently, the weasleys could not make out his face because of the helmet.
"Harry it's you isn't it" Said Mrs Weasley, everyone looked at her like she was mad, but then looked at the figure for confirmation.
The figure stopped and faced them slowly, he paused and then took off his helmet.
"Oh my God Harry!" Molly screamed, what they saw wa terrifying, half of his face was burnt and scarred, the girl still hung limply in his arms.
"'s me Molly"
"What happened Darling" she had begun to cry.
"I am slowly fading away, i have no time to explain" He gave the Weasleys one sweeping look reset his helmet and staggered into the Leaky Cauldron.
By the time Molly had burst in crying Harry had dissaparated

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Chapter 4: Becoming of Age

Harry could not remember much, he had apparated to St Mungo's and then he had collapsed, he had no recollection of what happened next.
As Harry stirred in his unconscious sleep a young man and a young women were sitting besides him, the young women was holding Harry's hand and was crying over his near lifeless form, the young man looked very worried almost sick.
The young man had visited Harry on many occasions whereas the women had not left his side for four weeks. Her eyes were bloodshot and she black bags under her eyes that rivaled Harry Potter's.
She watched him have many a seizure in his sleep and then come out in a cold sweat, she wiped the sweat away but there was not much else she could do...
Harry could hear a girl sobbing, his senses were returning, he tried to move but failed miserably so instead he squeezed the women's hand and smiled.
"Harry!" He opened his eyes and saw Hermione standing over him, she swooped down and kissed him on the cheek.
"Where’s Ron, what about everyone else are they safe!" Harry shouted
"I am here mate, is something wrong?" came a reply from behind Hermione
"It doesn't matter"
"How are you feeling Harry"
"I'm a bit sore...why can't I move"
"Well, you know when you dived in front of that paralyzing cross burning spell Malfoy sent at took all the burning and most of the paralyzing, what hit me only caused me to faint."
"I thought you were dead"
"No Harry, you saved my life, if that spell hit me I would have died, I am in your debt" she began to cry.
"It does not matter, I would not let anybody kill you" After a few hours Ron left he said something about time alone.
"Hermione pass me my wand...thanks" he pointed the wand at the door "Soundproof"
"Why can't they heal me"
"They don't know how, it was Dark Magic" she replied looking nervous."Really" he began tracing his wand along his body muttering words that Hermione could not hear.
When he finished he winked at her and sat up.
"Oh my god how did you do that Harry!" she shouted
"Well put it this way, I wouldn't be much of a chosen one if I couldn't heal a little curse" she smiled at him and he laughed.
"I have on more question, how did I get you here after all that'
Hermione smiled "It was your love Harry"
"Of course it love,” he said to himself.
"Herm, help me get dressed, where's my gear"
"It's at home Harry"
"Yes...our home" he smiled
"What is it Harry"
"...When this is over, I wish to marry you and have four children, then name them after our parents, two boys and two girls, it will be a powerful line, the My Heir line shall live on for a thousand years."
"Why Harry...Why them names?" Harry just looked at her with no emotion and nodded.
When he was dressed he and Hermione left the ward; Hermione was looking very happy yet confused at the same time. People in the Hospital were watching them and he could hear them.
"How did he get the curse off", he must be Grffindors Heir.' Then they looked at Hermione "A new line shall be made" and with that they made there way home, it was exactly how they left it.
"Home Sweet Home!" he smiled looking around.
"I'm sorry Herm but what day is it"
"Well you timed your recovery very well, your Birthdays tomorrow" she said looking deep in thought.
"What is it Hermione, have I said something"
"No. Well yes...why do you want to name our children after our parents, I don't remember telling you that they were missing"
"You didn't have to I used Legilimens on you, I read your mind, it wasn't hard."
"Oh" was about all she could manage.
"Who visited me when I was ill"
"Everyone did, most of the order, even Dumbledore visited, he was so upset, he kept blaming himself."
"What about Molly, did she visit"
"Of course, quite allot actually, she said she was sorry."
"For what?"
"For blaming you when me and Ron split up, well everybody knows how much you love me after what happened."
"Oh...okay, I’m going to bed."
It wasn't long before he was joined by Hermione who just lay there looking at him until she fell asleep.
When Harry woke up it was about ten o'clock in the morning, he had a sudden urge to do something, which for some reason he hadn't done yet.
As Harry got out of bed Hermione rolled into the middle and said something that sounded like "What, how did I fail!" Harry smiled at this and put on the watch Hermione had got him for his Birthday; it reminded him of the watch Dumbledore had with moving planets on.
He dressed silently, picked his wand off the cabinet, later he would explore the house. He left the house and walked to his parent’s grave, which he had made sure, was inside the bubble.
"Hello Mom, Dad, I'm Home" he sat down infant of the graves thinking, searching for any memories, he could not find any, tears rolled down his face.
"I will be along soon" and with that he got up and went back inside.
He did not know how long he had been outside but it must have been several hours because Hermione was awake.
"Harry we have been invited to the burrow, we need to leave now."
"Do we have to"
"Yes Now!" she shouted, he smiled she was even more beautiful when she was angry, of course he didn't tell her this, she might have hit him.
"When we get back we have to talk Harry"
"What about...where’s my armor?"
" your study" she replied.
Harry had not yet searched the house; he did not know where the study was.
"It's down there" she pointed to a door he had not noticed.
Slowly he began to walk down the steps with Hermione at his heels; he stepped into the chamber.
"Oh my god" he was surprised how clean it was, both sides of the chamber was covered in a long bookshelf which stored hundreds of books, at the end of the room sat a desk with notes stacked up, behind that his armor was on a stand and his sword was on the wall.
"I'll look at these notes when we get back"
"Okay, I will look at these books."
They left and locked the house, the proceeded to the end of the garden path, the two of them together looked odd, Harry in his armor and Hermione in her muggle clothes, but it didn't matter not to them anyway, they looked at each other then disaparated the Burrow...
As they stood in front of the Burrow holding hands they realized that they must act normally inside, Harry pulled off his helmet and looked up at the Burrow.
The suns rays were burning his partially healed face, but the scars were still visible, every morning he would have to mutter the counter-curse until it eventually healed. They put their wands away and harry tucked his helmet under his arm, then they began the short walk to the Burrow.
He was about to knock, when the door was flung open and he was pulled into a tight hug by Mrs. Weasley, at least this time his chestplate protected his ribs which were usually broken.
“Look at you, your so strong and tall” she said overjoyed at the sight of him.
“Hello Molly, how are you” he had never called her this to her face.
“Fine, Fine- come on in, everybody is here to see you and wish you Harry Potter, later we shall have a party.
“Come inside Harry…oh yes and you Hermione”
Harry and Hermione entered the Kitchen, there was around thirty people there standing and staring at Harry, all of the Weasleys and most of the order, they were all staring at him with impressed faces.
“Nice scar Harry, better than mine” came a voice he recognized as Bills
“Cheers mate, good to see you.”
“Arry!, it as been too long, you are coming to ze wedding, I ope!” Fleur spoke up coming over to Harry and kissing him on both cheeks.
“Of course wouldn’t miss it for the world” she smiled and took her seat on Bills lap.
Harry was forced into a chair at the head of the table with everyone passing him presents.
“Wotcher Harry, this is from Remus and me” it was a shield with Gryffindors mark on.
“It will repel most spells if you block them.”
“Cheers Tonks, this is Brilliant.”
All together he received about twenty-five presents many of them were based on Defense against the Dark Arts, but the present he valued the most was the present Ron had got him, it was an article about the day in the vault.
He disaparated all of his presents back to Godric’s Hollow, he was still confident nobody knew where they were living.
“Harry, let’s go up to my room…Hermione are you coming up too,” Ron said
“ Ron said
“Yes okay, let’s go”
The trio made their way up to Ron’s room when on the staircase they bumped into Ginny.
“Hi Ron” her eyes were bloodshot and she caught the sight of Harry and Hermione, she began to cry and ran passed them and rushed downstairs.
“Ginny!” Harry shouted
“Harry let her go” Hermione began
The three of them entered the room and sat down on the bed.
“So, where are you staying”
“Erm…Godric’s Hollow
“Really can I visit”
“Sure, you can come round tomorrow” Harry smiled, he was glad to be talking to Ron again.
“And I hope you two are sleeping in separate beds” Ron said smirking.
Both Harry and Hermione just laughed at Ron and then started blushing.
“I’ll take that as a no then”
It wasn’t long before they were called downstairs; Harry took off his armor, as it was uncomfortable to sit down in.
As Harry walked into the Kitchen wearing plain jeans and a tight T-shirt, he sat down and looked up and saw that everyone was looking at him with shocked expressions on their faces, they couldn’t believe how toned he was, Harry noticed that Ginny’s eyes were fixed on him.
Harry noticed that Hermione was standing in the corner on her own looking at him, he winked at her and called her over, she sat on his lap and they started talking, no one could hear what they were talking about but they noticed what was going on.
The room had been Magically extended to fit everybody in.
“Excellent Food Mrs. Weasley” said Harry
“Thank you darling” around half an hour later when everybody had finished even Ron.

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“Do you want too take a walk outside whilst I get pudding ready”
“Sure” He got Hermione up and crossed the room and left the house and walked down to the lake, little did he know he was being followed by Ginny but then he felt her presence.
“Hello Ginny”
“I felt your presence,” he said interrupting her.
“…Yes Ginny me and Hermione are together…yes I did love you…” Ginny had left and replaced with Hermione but Harry didn’t know as he stood their looking across the lake with his back to Hermione who had now arrived.
“It’s just different with Hermione around…she makes me feel…like my life’s worth fighting for…I already know that I will die…I have seen it…but I welcome death…and then there is Hermione who gives me hope…I know I will die…I can’t tell her”
“Harry what do you mean?”
“Huh…Hermione…Did you hear?”
“Harry tell me now!”
“I will talk too you later we are about to be called in”
“HARRY-HERMONE, pudding!”
As they entered the house everyone began to sing Happy Birthday to him and Harry cut the cake.
About an Hour and Half later Harry and Hermione decided it was time to leave when Mr. Weasley entered the house.
“Ahhh, I’m glad I caught you Harry, right well firstly, Happy Birthday, also I have got you out of a lot of trouble with the Ministry”
“Why what’s he done, Arthur!”
“Oh, nothing bad, he has just performed a lot of spells on Godric’s Hollow.
“Godric’s Hollow” came a voice from the crowd.
How did he get in, the Order placed spells on the house to stop him from getting in.” someone whispered.
“I think I know how to get into my own home, I advise you to stop working against me. I could make life very difficult for you” he was becoming angry. But once again Hermione grabbed his hand, it instantly relaxed him and he was calm again, everyone noticed this, Ginny got up and ran out of the room and Ron’s ears turned very red.
“What did you do to the house Harry” asked Moody who was sitting in the corner of the room, Harry instantly closed his mind.
“Ahhh, you have mastered Occlumency, all on your own” Harry replied with a nod.
“ He placed the Fidelus charm on the house and the home barrier spell and a spell we don’t recognize.
“But that is really advanced magic” came another voice
“Harry don’t forget your armor” shouted Ron
“Oh yes, cheers mate”
Harry closed his eyes and waved his wand over his torso, the armor appeared on him from nowhere.
“Harry, can I have a quick word, in private” said Mr Weasley leading him outside. “Right, the Day Hogwarts reopens could you please come here around twelve o’clock, there is something we need to discuss.”
“sure, Hermione are you ready, lets go.”
“Harry don’t forget the wedding is in two days” Mrs Weasley shouted as they reached the end of the path.
“See you there and the pair of them disapparated hand In hand.

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The Wedding and the Order

With a loud crack the pair apparated inside the bubble as it was safer, they opened the door and entered the house.
“I’m going to take these to my study Herm”
“Okay, we need to talk when you have done that.”
Harry took the Newsreport and pushed in to the side and then picked up the rest of the pile and took them down to the study.
Once down there he put all the books on the bookshelf and all of Fred and George’s items on a spare shelf, he took off his armour and put it on a shelf and his sword on the wall. He was about to sit down at the desk when he remembered Hermione wanted to talk to him, so he shot upstairs and found her waiting for him at the opposite side of the table. He sat down.
“What is it Hermione”
“It’s about us”
“I never really said a proper thankyou for what you did in your vault, you were outnumbered and nearly died for me, and also you won’t tell me what you were on about earlier.” She had begun crying
“Hermione it does not matter, I would be happy to die for you” she cried even harder at this, she passed him the Article.

The Heir of Godric Gryffindor returns 2nd August

Today, deep within the vaults of the wizarding bank Gringotts, the supposed ‘Chosen One’ learnt his true identity. Not only has he been labelled as the only one who can defeat he who must not be named he is also the Heir of Godric Gryffindor.
Harry Potter was attacked n his own vault by six Death Eaters led by Lucius Malfoy, who is missing presumed dead. They blocked of his exit and attacked him and his girl friend, he defended her for several minutes until the cruciatus curse hit her, by none other than Lucius Malfoy, who until recently was a personal friend of Cornelius Fudge ex minister for magic.
Malfoy ordered the other Death Eaters to leave; most of them were sporting curses, especially Bellatrix Lestrange who had been paralysed by Harry Potter. Malfoy sent spell after spell at Harry Potter who lazily flicked them away; once again he attacked Miss Granger. It was a curse not recognised to anybody, but before the spell hit him Harry Potter showed his bravery and especially love and dived in front of the spell, ninety percent of the spell hit Harry only ten percent hit Miss Granger which only resulted in her fainted.
If the entire spell hit her she would have died, but the amazing thing is that Harry did not die yet he stood up with rage in his eyes, nobody was going to hurt the one he loved. He built up such a rage that we now question the whereabouts of Mr Malfoy and what condition he is in.
He picked up Hermione and held on in his arms and dissapparated to the surface, no one knows how he did this, as there are spells from preventing people from doing so. He began the long walk to a safe dissaparating place, the leaky cauldron, and the young man wept silent fears for he girl he thought dead.
The crowd formed an aisle for him to walk up, the tall strong man began the long slow march up the street flowers being thrown at his feet, he was their Hero.
As he reached the top he was greeted by the Weasley Family who he showed him self too and then carried on, the figure clad in armour with Godrics hanging at his side entered the pub and vanished. He appeared at St Mungos and collapsed on arrival, it was his love that got Hermione to safety before he himself collapsed.
In his unconscious sleep Harry Potter talked often, apparently he will die for he ones he loves.

Rita Skeeter

“How do they know all of this” harry looked up blushing slightly.
“You talked a lot in your sleep…what do you mean that you know you are going to die.” Hermione inquired
Harry considered wether to tell her at first but he felt that he must. “I have seen it in my dreams, I die in your arms, I don’t see if I have killed Voldemort though.”
“Harry they are just Dreams it won’t come true”
“How do you know!”
“I can’t face knowing if its true or not I need to know.” This ended the conversation and they sat together in silence. Until they went to bed.
The next day Ron visited and was awed at how much work they had done to the house, he couldn’t believe how much magic Harry had performed. He did not stay long; he said something about not wanting to intrude.
“See you tomorrow guys” Ron said as he was leaving
“The wedding Harry!”
“HARRY! –RON! GET YOUR DRESS ROBES ON NOW!” Mrs Weasleys voice came thundering up the stairs.
It was the day of the wedding Harry and Ron were upstairs in Rons room talking.
“I have to come here the day you go to Hogwarts”
“I’m not sure, your Dad wouldn’t tell me, I reckon it’s something to do with the order.” He said as he pulled his dress robes on. The bedroom door burst open it was Hermione.
“Hurry up boys, you are going to be late.”
“Hermione you look fantastic,” said Harry
“Thankyou Harry, Bill wants to see you,” she said blushing.
“Come on, hurry up!”
The trio made there way downstairs and entered the Kitchen, Ron and Hermione strode over to Mrs Weasley who was making final preparations, meanwhile Harry started to look for Bill he eventually found him looking very nervous in the garden. He was standing at the altar looking very nervous talking to a man that Harry did not recognise. Harry presumed that he was to be conducting the ceremony.
“Bill, you wanted to speak to me”
“Ahh, yes Harry, I have a preposition for you, I want you to be head of security, to make sure nothing goes wrong”
“Me, are you sure?”
“Of course, you’re the best”
“Okay, I would be honoured” With that Bill went back to the altar and continued talking to the man. Harry went back into the kitchen and went to talk to Ron and Hermione.
“What did bill want Harry” Hermione asked
“He wants me to be head of security during the wedding “
“Of course” Hermione followed
“What do you mean”
“That’s why they waited until after your Birthday, so you could perform magic legally.” She informed him.
“Anyway the wedding is about to start people are taking there seats.” It was true most people were taking their positions in the crowd of chairs.
“Harry escort me to my chair” Hermione told him
“Oh yes, take my arm Madame” Hermione blushed and took his arm.
Harry stepped out of the kitchen and walked out around the side of the house, people were making way for him, and lots of people who hadn’t seen him yet were smiling and pointing at Harry and Hermione.
Eventually they reached Hermiones chair.
“I leave you hear my lady” he said smiling, he took out his wand and walked to the back of the service and waited for the people to take there seats. Moody, Tonks, Lupin and several other aurors walked over to Harry and waited for his instructions.
“Right, I went everybody patrolling around the edges of the congregation. If anything tries to get through hold the line until I can assist!”
“Do you understand?”
“Yes Harry!”
“And please try not to kill anyone, if something happens, not today.” The aurors all started to walk away to where they had been located. Harry saw Moody and Lupin talking but he couldn’t hear them.
“Something is different about Harry, it seems almost like he more powerful” Moody said
“I know, he said try not to kill anyone… not today, it is like Dumbledore has been reborn inside of him” Moody exclaimed
“I know…god help anybody if they attack today.
The wedding march had begun to play and people were taking there final positions, Bill was standing at the altar, it looked like he was going to be sick.
As Harry looked around the yard for the first time properly he realised what a fantastic everybody job had done. The yard was covered in flowers, a white arch stood at the head of the service with the altar placed in front, the man who was to be conducting the ceremony was looking around, he looked strangely familiar to Harry.
The mans eyes were drawn to something, he was smiling, Fleur was walking up the aisle holding her fathers arm. That’s when Harry felt it, the coldness, the flowers turned icy and the grass stopped swaying and stood there rock solid. People were starting to run.
BANG! Harry had made a loud noise with his wand and everybody stopped to look at him.
“STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” everybody returned to their seats as if Harry had commanded them. The Aurors looked on in awe at Harry; he was a figure they could rally too.
That’s when he heard them the slow long rattling noise, the noise if you heard if Dementors were around.
“Lily take Harry and run- Go!”
Harry was beginning to lose his senses. People were screaming a few of the Aurors had managed to pull off a Patronus but the army of Dementors, which was a hundred strong.
“I have to save them” Harry spoke out to himself.
“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” everybody in the vicinity stopped to look at Harry and what he had done. The all saw a blinding white light shoot out of his wand followed by a gleaming stag. It was barely visible in the sunlight.
The stag charged towards the Dementors and attacked them head on; the slightest of touches from the Patronus killed them. Everybody was shocked to see that several more stags come out of his wand. They ran over to the leading stag and helped hi with the work. It wasn’t long before they were all gone.
“If you want a job doing do it yourself” came a voice from inside the lifting mist. Bellatrix Lestrange walked out.
“Baby Potter we meet again. “Avada Kedavra she fired the spell past Harry and towards Fleur.
Harry whipped around and muttered something whilst pointing his wand at Fleur. As silver bubble appeared around her before the Green spell hit. The spell rebounded straight back to Lestrange who died instantly.

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“If there are any more of you, be a man show your balls, come and face me…no…then tell Voldermort I’m coming for him!” A red light shot out of the mist Harry deflected it away. “That’s better! Show yourself”
Out of the mist came around twenty Death Eaters all with their wands raised.
“Moody, get everyone out now”
“Yes Potter, come on everybody out know, run potters dealing with it.”
“Harry do you need help” it was lupin
“No lupin, go please, get Tonks to safety.
“HARRY! please…don’t go…I need you! HARRY!” it was Hermione she was crying and was having to be pulled back by Ron and Ginny who was also crying.
“Hermione go, I don’t want you to see this.” Eventually she had been pulled away, it took a lot of effort.
“So Potter said goodbye to your Girlfriend, she will never see her again.” someone mocked him.
“Ahhhh! - I am going to kill you” he shouted and charged towards the Death Eaters. If anyone had saw Harry do this they would have saw the mist fall back over them.
Once inside they sent shot after shot at him but they just bounced off him.
“Avada Kedavra” one of the Death Eaters muttered towards Harry. Harry turned around and reflected it back; the Death Eater fell down dead.
“Harry, Harry, you have just killed someone how does it feel, does it feel good” Harry recognised the voice it was Snape.
“You, I’m going to kill you”
“AH, AH, AH, play nice we wouldn’t want you to die would we” He shot a spell at Harry who flicked it away.
“Is that the best you have got Severus” Harry said
“Don’t mock me Potter, you haven’t seen the extent of my power”
“Go on then show me or are you a coward?”
“Don’t call me a coward” In his rage he accidentally shot the killing curse at Harry who flicked it back towards him. Snape only just dodged it.
“Potter how did you do that”
“What’s the matter, not scared are you?”
“Lets go!” He called for all the Death Eaters to leave and they all disaparated from the yard.
The fog lifted and looked at the sight. Chairs were overturned; several people were knocked unconscious on the floor. But at least everyone was safe.
Harry made his way back to the Burrow carefully side-stepping the damage left and he entered the Kitchen room.
“Arry! – you saved my life” Fleur shouted grabbing him into a tight hug. Followed by Hermione who ran up to him and kissed him for several seconds.
“Your safe- don’t you ever do that again!”
Once everyone realised Harry was here they began clapping and cheering. Harry was nearly squeezed to death by Mrs Weasley who said that be had saved everyone’s life and Bill came over to him shaking slightly and thanked him several times. After a couple of minutes he began to cry and was comforted by Fleur.
Harry was led away by Mr Weasley. “ It is even more important that you come here Sunday, you will find out why then” and with that Mr Weasley disappeared into the crowd.
After everyone had congratulated him Harry finally had the chance to slip away and have a walk in the garden. After a couple of minutes he sat down underneath the big oak tree. He got lost in his thoughts.
“Do I go to Hogwarts, do I need to” he thought to himself
“Yes, you don’t know everything”
“But there is more important things to do” his mind still raged
Harry looked up and saw Hermione coming towards him, she sat down next to him and leant against him. Harry put his arm over her.
“They are going to postpone the wedding until everything is safe” Hermione began.
“I understand, Hermione…do you know why my Patronus was so powerful…no…it was you…I love you Hermione…our time will come…come on lets go home”
They went back inside the Burrow and said their goodbyes to everyone and made their way to the end of the Garden then disaparated.
It was the day before the students would be returning to Hogwarts. The last couple of days Harry and Hermione had been cleaning the house and sorting through his dad’s notes; Hermione had begun to red the rather large collection of books.
Harry called Hermione down into his study; she sat down opposite him and they began to talk.
“Hermione…I want you…to return to school for your final year”
“No Harry, I am staying with you”
“Herm…listen…when I have done what must be done, you are going to need a job, which then means you need your grades.”
“Harry…your right…but I don’t have any stuff” she started.
“That can be arranged” with one long sweeping wave of his wand everything that would have been on the list appeared on the desk.
“Oh Harry…thankyou so much2 she ran around the table and kissed him. The next hour passed by, but whilst Hermione was packing he received an owl from Professor McGonagall.

Dear Harry,
I insist that tomorrow that you come too Hogwarts, I do not ask that you come back as a student. Dumbledores portrait requests your presence, he has not told me why, please meet him at seven o’clock tomorrow night.

Professor McGonagall

“Herm Darling…can I borrow Zade, Hedwig is a bit tired.” Zade was what Hermione had named her new owl.
“Yes, Why?” she inquired finishing her packing. Harry passed her the letter then “Oh, interesting”
“What’s interesting”
“Oh nothing”
The next day Harry escorted Hermione to platform nine and ¾; the station was immensely packed several people asked him how he was.
He helped Hermione by putting her trunk on the train and pulling her up blocking the entrance.
“I will see you soon” he told her “go and find Ron, he will look after you” He kissed her and got off the train. The kiss was accompanied with several wolf whistles, which made Hermione go redder than Ron’s hair. Harry just smiled and watched the train leave the station until it went around the corner.
He was the last one at the station and then remembered that he was wanted at the Burrow. He nearly gave Mrs Weasley a Heart attack when he apparated right behind her, she was de-gnoming the Garden.
“Here let me help” he flicked his wand and hundreds of Gnomes shot out of the ground, with another flick they shot away over several hedges.
“Oh thankyou dear” she said pulling him into a hug.
“Are you Hungry, has Hermione been feeding you well”
“Of course, she learnt from the best.”
“Oh Harry, stop it” she said blushing slightly “come on in its about to start.”
“What is?”
“You will see”
As they entered the Kitchen Harry suddenly became aware of what was going on it was an Order meeting.
“Welcome Harry, take a seat” said Mr Weasley. There was only one chair left that was at the head of the table.
There were about sixty people all fitted into the Weasleys magically extended kitchen. Harry cautiously walked up to his seat everyone’s eyes on him, several people said hello as he passed. He sat down and looked around the table.
Professor McGonagall stood up. “I’m glad you could make it Harry, that are some rather important matters to be discussed with you.”
“That’s Okay” he smiled
“Firstly Dumbledores will has been found.” There it was the kick in the stomach; Harry had tried not to think about Dumbledore, it was too painful to do.
“Harry, Albus has left all of his possessions to you. Even Fawkes.”
“At any time you want you can transfer all of his belongings into your vault. I must say Harry, Dumbledore was the last Heir of Ravenclaw and had no Descendants, you have been made his Heir and add a considerable amount to your already large vault.”
“Why didn’t he tell me” Harry said his eyed were beginning to well up.
“But there is one matter that outclasses the rest; Dumbledore had made you the Head of the Order of the Phoenix.”
“WHAT…NO!” Harry shouted standing up. “I can’t…I have…other things to do”
“Harry Dumbledore has informed us of what you have to…we know about the…Horcruxes2 she paused to wait for Harry’s reaction, there was none so she continued.
“He said that you were the best candidate and we should trust you with our lives. When you have proved yourself.” She Began
“Harry we already trust you, what happened at the Wedding…anybody I know would gladly follow you into battle.” Harry remained silent just thinking things over.
“Harry would you prefer if we had a vote to see if everybody is okay with your election?”
“Okay then, all those in favour of Harry’s appointment raise your hand now.”
Harry looked up, every single person in the room had their arm up apart from Mrs Weasley, Harry smiled at Mrs Weasley and nodded at her.
“Well Harry you have been voted in” McGonagall told him.
Harry stood up.
“I do not wish to have this reign, yet it seems that I have no choice. I am Sorry Molly, I myself can not believe that this was Dumbledores choice.”
“Harry we shall let you know when there is another meeting.”
“Does anybody wish to say anything” Molly raised her hand.
“Yes Molly”
“As you are Head of the Order, will you be letting Ron and Hermione join.”
“Absolutely not, I myself do not wish to be in this I could not allow them in.” Mrs Weasley looked slightly more cheerful after he said this.
“Right then Harry, we will let you know when the next meeting is and we will send you letters to let you know what we are doing.”
“Right then, this meeting is over” Harry said, he got up and left the house.
“What the hell just happened,” he thought to himself.
“Harry” came a voice from behind him, it was McGonagall.
“I will see you in Half an Hour, Dumbledore is waiting.”
“Okay see you there.”
Harry disaparated home and went to his study, he put the armour on, he thought he would show it to Dumbledore. Once again Harry looked at his watch it was Six thirty. He locked the house and disaparated to Hogwarts.
He appeared right in front of the oak doors, just in front of two people leading the school to the entrance hall it was the Head Boy and Girl, Ron and Hermione.

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“Harry!” she shrieked
Harry turned around and saw her running to him, he took off his helmet just in time, and Hermione collided into him. He bent down and kissed her. There was a lot more wolf whistles this time; the school was watching. In the crowd he heard.
"How did he apparate in here” he ignored them and looked down to Hermione.
“I’ve missed you…I have something to tell you and you Ron.”
He turned around placed his helmet back on and opened the entrance door, Sword sheathed at his side standing in the doorway, it looked like he was a King returning to his castle.
“Ah, Mr Potter, Dumbledore is waiting”
Harry strode past her and began to climb the steps he could feel the eyes of the school on the back of his head.
He slowly made his way to Dumbledores old office, when he arrived he remembered that he did not know the password so he simply said “Move!” he climbed the stairs and entered the office.
“Harry, I am so pleased you could attend” came a familiar voice he recognised.
“Yes Albus, I have come, what is it you want.”
“I have a preposition for you”
“What is it professor?”
“I would like to offer you the vacant position of Defence against the Dark arts, if you do not accept then it can no longer be taught at the school this year.” Harry knew that Dumbledore knew he had no choice but accept, just like the Head of the Order.
“You will be paid of course, but I doubt you need the money, nice suit by the way. You will not need to attend lessons and you will have your own office.”
After several minutes of thinking with a closed mind (Harry wasn’t sure if portraits could use Legilimens) he decided to accept.
“But on one condition”
“Fire away”
“You set up an account for Hermione and pay her the money.”
“Okay, now I believe that you are needed in the feast.”
Meanwhile in the Great Hall them meal was finished and McGonagall was making notices.
“Now I can see that many of you are aware that we are a teacher down and that we will no longer be studying Defence against the Dark arts. Unless I am much mistaken he will appear through them doors and re-teach at this school for on last time.
“Moody!” several people cried
“Lupin!” shouted the seventh years.
But when the doors swung open to reveal a tall man fully equipped for battle a loud cheer erupted. Many girls started crying and the Slytherins were looking disgusted.
It was Harry Potter.
He stood there looking at them with a stern face, most of them were applauding, Girls were crying, normally he would have rushed up to the top table, but now he strolled up to the top and passed around the side. Hagrid beamed at him, Harry made his way to McGonagall, and he bent towards her and whispered something in her ear. McGonagall looked at Hermione, which was returned with a rather curious facial expression. McGonagall nodded and Harry smiled. Harry held up his wand and disaparated there were many gasps and talking broke out.
McGonagall had not let them be dismissed they did not know why, but ten minutes later he reappeared with his trunk and his owl. McGonagall called for silence.
“I’m sure your knew professor would like to make a speech.” She smiled at him and he smiled back. Harry spoke into Hedwigs ear and she flew off into the rafters. He strode forward and began.
“I am going to give this to you straight” he began, McGonagall’s smile had vanished.
“At the end of last term, Albus Dumbledore, was murdered…by none other than our ex-greasy haired Defence against the Dark arts teacher.” There was a small ripple of laughter at what Harry had called Snape.
“I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to teach such talented students many for the second time” He beagn.
“If you are having any trouble please do not hesitate to speak to me, but I must warn you, I will not tolerate any messing around in my lesson.” He continued
“I look forward to teaching you, that is all, thankyou”
He sat down to a standing ovation, he took his helmet off and placed it on the table. He looked around and smiled, he was home.

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Chapter six: teaching

It was the first day of the term, his first lesson with the seventh years would begin in one hour, and he was sitting in his office. It was the same one all of his previous teachers had owned yet this time it was filled with his own possessions, his armour was on the stand and his sword was on the wall.
In front of him was the marauders map spread out on the desk, he was studying it, everyone was in the great hall eating their breakfast. Everyone except Hermione, he could not see her, he turned over a particular section and found her. She was in the Defence against the dark arts classroom below his office, Harry pointed his wand at the door and it swung open to reveal Hermione with her hand raised, poised to knock.
“How did you now I was coming” Harry indicated towards the map whilst she sat down.
“Oh…well…have you locked the house Harry?”
“Of course, nobody can get in…our home is safe” she started smiling
“Harry…I received a letter from Gringotts telling me what you have done.” She was blushing
“and…” he began
“Well, are you sure you wanted to do that?”
“I’m positive…you don’t need it anyhow,” he said
“I have all the money we need, I thought…you would like your own vault”
“Thankyou Harry, I love you Harry, you do know that don’t you?
“Of course and when the time is right we will be together officially, but I still need to ask for your fathers permission”
“Ha-Harry…my Dad is dead” tears were forming in her eyes.
“No he isn’t I saw him last night in my sleep, when the time is right I will rescue him and your mother.”
“What do you mean?” she inquired
“I know where they are”
“Now then Ms Granger I presume the lesson is about to start can you take your seat please,” he said smiling
“Yes Professor Potter” Hermione said laughing “that’s catchy isn’t” he joked.
Harry smiled at her and he showed her out of his office. He sat down at the front, put his feet on the desk and his hands on the back of his head.
Hermione sat down at the front desk and was soon joined by Ron who smiling at him. They sat in silence until the rest of the class arrived.
Harry just sat there looking around the class until eventually he got up.
“So you want to know how to duel?” he began.
“How did he know that?” came a voice from the back of the class.
“It does not matter how I know, I also know why you want too duel properly, but I want you to tell me”
There was a short silence until Seamus spoke.
We want to be able to duel like you professor, we want to fight like you.”
“There is only one way that you are going to learn, follow me, wands only.” There was a ripple of excitement, every time they had been told wands only it had been a good lesson.
He led the class of twenty down the marble staircase and into the Great Hal everyone stopped behind him. Harry pulled out his wand and with one sweeping wave all of the tables folded and flew into the corner.
“Form a ring around me!” he commanded, everyone raised their wands.
“I give you permission to use any spell you can think of to attack me, the first person to hit me will receive fifty house points for their house.” He said smiling; this was going to be fun.
“Begin!” he screamed, he dropped down to the floor and using his wand he created a bubble shield over him, all twenty spells hit the bubble and rebounded to their owners.
Most people dodged the returned spells but some people who were in shock did not have enough time to dodge when they saw them rebounded.
A crowd of students was forming around the hall watching the battle; the students had left their lessons to allocate the source of the noise. Many of the teachers were watching, disapproved with his teaching methods. When the shield rebounded the class looked on in awe, Harry managed to use this time to paralyse two hufflepuffs in one shot and then block a shot craftily shot by a Ravenclaw.
“Stop! is this the best you have got” everybody was panting and holding their chests.
“Put some back into it, concentrate, a shot came out of nowhere from behind Harry but he felt it coming and blocked it without moving, he spun around and cursed the spell sender, it was a hufflepuff.
“WOW!” there was a murmur from the crowd; even the teachers were pleased to see that.
“Continue!” the fight raged on for another ten minutes until it was only Harry and Ron, everybody had fallen easily and had joined the crowd cheering the duellers on.
“Rictusempra!” Ron shouted Harry flicked it away and shouted
“Petrificus totalus!” Ron clamped together and keeled over backwards.
“Finite Incantatem!” Harry shouted and the curses were lifted, he walked over to Ron and pulled him up, he was grinning.
“You were brilliant mate!”
“Cheers Ron, Right class form up, that was good better than I expected, now for Homework” the class groaned.
“Practise new curses non-verbally” this cheered the class up, that would be fun.
As Harry led the class out of the Hall he resumed the tables back to their original positions and he could have sworn he saw Dumbledore walk out of a Portrait.
Over the next few hours it became common knowledge that Harry Potter had single handily fought off twenty, seventh years, everybody was eager to have lessons with him.
For the first years he taught them the basics but they were still impressed, for the second and third years basic levels of Duelling.
The fourth years were taught Patronuses; Harry did not want anybody to break his record as the youngest person ever to perform a corporeal Patronus at the age of thirteen.
The fifth years he attempted to teach them Occlumency helping them as much as possible.
It was the sixth year Harry was most not looking forward to because of Ginny, who was ignoring him. During one lesson when he was teaching them the unforgivable curses and killed the spider in front of the class Ginny and several other Girls ran out crying.
The fifth, six and seventh years lessons were rotated were rotated as they were the more complicated stuff.
Harry had been labelled the best defence against the Dark arts teacher ever to teach. Everything was going Brilliant for him until several lessons into the term whilst teaching the seventh years Dean Thomas put his hand up.
“Professor Potter?”
“Yes Dean what is it?”
“When you were in Gringotts did you kill Lucius Malfoy?” he inquired, Harry considered not telling him but then.
“I did Dean”
“Why Professor?”
“Malfoy…was a death Eater, he told me my parents are waiting for me, he was a scumbag, he attacked someone I love…nobody does that.” All of the class turned their heads to Hermione who began to blush.
“Class Dismissed” the lesson had only started five minutes ago.
As they were leaving Harry heard Seamus call dean a moron and with that Harry left to go to his office.
“Harry” Hermione called; she was the only one left.
“Ah yes Hermione, it is time to retrieve your parents now, but I must let the order know”
“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I am the head of the Order, thanks to me our numbers have increased and the Death Eaters are being diminished.”
“Yes it is true, I have sent the letter, now then apparate me to your home.”
“How we can’t apparate in here?”
“Don’t worry about that and with a loud crack they disaparated.

Any chance of feedback?

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next part coming soon

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Chapter seven: Reunions of two kinds

The stuffy air was filled with a loud crack and out of nowhere a young man and women appeared, the women was familiar with this area and led the man up to the front door.
The house was fairly small, an old Victorian cottage right by the side of the sea, it was a remote place, only one path led too and away from the house.
The house was empty it had been for several weeks yet nobody knew.
The owners of the house were respectable people they always helped out in the local community, but their daughter; she disappeared once every year and came back for with an assortment of peculiar objects.
Today the air was musty and felt heavy eventually the pair reached the front of the house and the young girl stretched out her hand to open the handle.
“No! I will do it” He stretched out his hand and clamped his hand on the handle.
“Ahhh!” once again he felt the pain and emotion of the house searing through his body.
“Harry! Are you okay!” Hermione said as he fell to the ground still clutching the handle.
He got up and winced slightly, he landed on his side and it hurt.
“Yes…fine…happened at our house”
“What was it?” She said, tending to Harry
“It is…all of the pain and emotion from the night they were taking running through the house…I saw them…I know where they are.”
“Really…are they okay”
“I don’t know, lets go in” he turned the handle and pushed it open. For a house that had been attacked it looked like nothing had happened and the owners were away, it was so peaceful.
“I need to look around the house every room until I can feel something.”
“Okay lets go” they searched every room and found nothing, until the last room, it was Hermione’s.
“I can feel something in here, leave me, I will call you when I know something” Harry said looking around
The room was quite large with a small window looking out to the sea in the corner underneath that sat a desk with a collection of books on, he noticed one said diary.
Hermione had left the room, he knew he shouldn’t but he felt compelled so he did. He reached for it and saw the date it was from their first year. Harry turned to the first page and began to read.

Dear Diary,
Guess who I met today, HARRY POTTER, god he is so cute and this smile that make my knees wobble. OH MY GOD, I think I fancy him!

Harry had to smile at this and flicked on several more pages and came to the point where they had battled a troll together.

Dear Diary,
Today we thought a troll, it was scary, Harry and Ron saved me, well mainly Harry, he was so brave when he jumped onto the trolls club and attacked it, I suppose that is why he is in Gryffindor. I do not know why but I can see dark times ahead for him. Oh I wish he were mine.

Harry was rather shocked at this but continued, after several more page of Hermione slagging off Ron and admitting her feelings for Harry he shut the book. At the same time as he shut the book the door swung open, he hastily put it behind his back.
“What’s that Harry?”
“Oh… nothing”
“Is that…Harry! How could you…that’s secret!” she said storming over to him
“I never knew…that you felt-”
“It doesn’t matter…you should not have looked!” she was blushing
“I’m sorry Herm…you forgive me?” he lifted her chin up and hugged her.
“Of course I do, now hurry up!”
“Oh yes…well here goes.”

“EGO wielder of vox , to order vos ut ostendo sum vestri” He spoke loud and clear and his voice echoed in the hall of the house.
“What did you say? Why is nothing happening?” She asked looking around the room.
“I spoke a forgotten language…just wait” Suddenly the room began to rumble and the house began to split down the middle, the sides of the house being pushed away from each other.
Eventually the rumbling stopped and the pair looked down the gap.
“I will apparate all of your belongings home” he said, he turned around and looked at the possessions and they vanished.
“They are inside our room” he said his gaze returning back down the gap.
At the foot of the house where they had split had uncovered and stone staircase leading down to a door wrought of Iron. Hermione ran towards the door, Harry sprinted after grabbing her around the middle and pulled her back.
“I will get them it is to dangerous for you, I need you, you know why!” he pulled her into him and kissed her, after several seconds they pulled apart.
“Go, I will get them, meet me at the burrow. Don’t worry about me I will be fine” Hermione had begun crying.
“Go! It will be okay” she turned around and apparated to the Burrow.
Meanwhile Harry made a slow decent to the Door he called summoned his armor and sword and gradually made his way to the entrance. Slowly he pushed open the door, it revealed a huge chamber of stone with a huge Green throne at the very end. In it sat a man Snakelike yet Human.
Harry began to walk to him and pulled out his wand, he did not notice the Death Eaters closing in on him, he was too concentrated on killing Voldermort.
“Ah Potter, I see you no longer fear me, you have grown of course, but not enough.”
“Good evening Tom” Voldermort flinched at this name. “I have never feared you, but you shall fear me”
“Yes you fool, it is true you have never feared me and I have also heard of your skills. Your lesson inside the great Hall was most inspiring.” He said, not yet had he moved from the throne.
“What do you speak of, Master.” Asked a death eater, Harry was finally aware of them being present.
“Well Potter, single handedly took on twenty seventh years all of a decent ability and won.” There were several murmurs in the crowd. But I assure he is still nothing compared to me.” He said finally getting up and pulling out his wand.
He shot a spell at Harry who flicked it towards a Death Eater who fell down dead.
“That wasn’t a ver nice spell was it…where are the Grangers…tell me now!”
“Ah now Harry that’s the problem, they are dead, you see Severus couldn’t help himself.” A death Eater shifted in the ranks.
“You! I kill you!” he said turning to face Snape”
“Now, now Harry that isn-” Voldermort began “Shut up!” Harry interrupted him, and faced him. He conjured bright gold bars around voldermort and cast his wand away. Voldermort was trapped.
Once again Harry faced Snape who began to walk out of the ranks.
“You are a fool Potter and you will die a fool” He shot a spell at Harry who merely flicked it away.
“Is this the best you have got Snape, I thought you were all powerful being the Half Blood Prince!”
“What?” came a voice from inside the cage, Harry looked at him and sent him flying backwards with a flick of his wand. Once again Snape attacked back but Harry was to good for him and kept flicking them away, occasinally hitting a Death Eater. During the battle Harry had tried breaking into snapes mind for the whereabouts of the Grangers.
“Potter do you really think you can get in there. Everytime He had tried he kept coming across a vault door that couldn’t be opened. But then Harry remembered something he had seen on the telly at the Dursleys.
Explosions, he imagined blowing up the door and all of a sudden his was reading Snapes mind, eventually it showed him where they were and if they were alivealive. He abandoned his mind and came back to the battle.
“Now Snape, before I kill you I want to know why” Harry said aware a Death Eater was approaching him.
“What do you mean?”
“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Harry spun around and hit the approaching Death Eater.
Harry walked across and removed his mask, It was Draco Malfoy. Harry felt no remorse he was a Death Eater he deserved it.
“Malfoy, don’t worry you father is waiting and your mother will see you soon” Harry said with a bitter tone to his voice.
“You’ve killed him and his father, what does it feel like.”
“ It feels like nothing but I am going to add you to my collection.”
“Not today Potter” and he disaparated, Harry didn’t care he only came here for the Grangers.
Harry decided he needed to look around he suddenly remembered a spell he read in one of his Birthday books. A spell to gas everybody except the spell caster. He cast it and saw everybody fall to the ground and then he began his search, he presumed Voldemort must have a private chamber, so after many minutes of searching he found it right at the back of the lair.
It was no lighter than anywhere else with only a flicker of light coming from the dying embers in the fire grate.
Lighting his wand he noticed something moving, it was Nagini, here was his chance to destroy a Horcrux and be one step closer to defeating voldermort. He pointed his wand at the snake and muttered the spell, the snake raised into the air and vanished in a puff of smoke. “That’s one down” he thought to himself. In the corner of the room he could here muffled screams of two people, he shined his wand into the corner and it revealed two people bound and gagged there eyes wide open with shock with what they had just seen. Harry approached them, once again they started screaming, at least it was muffled. He knelt down besides them and took out their gags, the woman began screaming. “Silencio” her voice was muffled.
“What have you done?” the man asked Harry
“There is no time to explain can you walk” Harry said untying him.
“Yes, I think so.”
“Please don’t run away, I here to save you” he asked the man.
“Okay follow me, cover your mouth”
Harry put Hermione’s mom over his shoulder and regagged her and got the man to follow, he led them out of the room and into the chamber, passed all of the bodies and out of the chamber.
Once outside he ungagged the woman and lifted the spell.
“Right then listen, I am going to apparate you to safety where you shall meet your daughter”
“How’s my baby, is she hurt!”
“Hermione is safe I made sure of that, in fact there’s lots to talk about but know is not the time., take my arm.”

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With a loud crack Harry disaparated them to the Burrow, once Hermione heard the crack she ran outside and collided into her parents and held onto them for several minutes. Harry looked on smiling this was the happiest he had every seen Hermione.
Eventually she released them and bounded onto Harry. “Thankyou Harry I can’t believe you got them, and she kissed him passionately in front of her parents who looked on in shock.
“I’ll give you some time to talk to your parents alone” he said smiling
“Thankyou Harry I will see you in a bit. Also there is a order meeting about to start, I scheduled it.”
“Okay Darling, I will speak to you later, I need to inform the others about what has just happened.
When harry Hermione went back to her parents and he overheard a small bit before he entered the Burrow.
“Yes dad, he’s the head of it.” Harry smiled Hermione was informing her parents. As he entered the room he noticed it was the same layout as last time. He smiled at several people and embraced Ron as a brother.
“I’ve missed you mate, it’s been a long time.” And with that the order began Harry was informed of what the order had been doing and how well there were going.
“Right then I have something to tell you” Harry began.
“Hermione can you bring them in…right then everybody…this is Hermione’s parents” there was many gasps when they entered the room many people assumed they were dead.
“Today, I discovered after many weeks of hard work where the Jack and Diane were, I asked Hermione to take me too her home and I searched the house until I could feel the magic of where the entrance was and I managed to open it.” Mrs. Weasley looked horror struck.
“I sent Hermione here, it would be to dangerous, I couldn’t risk losing her.” Harry noticed that Hermione shot a glance at her dad who appeared to be smiling her mother was also.
When I entered the chamber it was empty apart from Tom at the other end I walked up to him.”
“You what” screamed Mrs. Weasley “Are you mad, you walked up to you-know-who” she looked horrified.
“Mrs. Weasley” he said smiling. “I do not fear Tom, I welcome death, my parents are waiting, so is Sirius and Dumbledore.” Harry face was no longer smiling; everybody else in the room was quiet.
“Anyway, I trapped Tom in a cage and disarmed him.”
“How Harry, not even Dumbledore could do that.” Lupin spoke up
“Well I don’t like to brag…but I am the Heir of Godric…Tom can’t touch me.”
“Then what” spoke Ron
“I dueled Snape, he didn’t hit me once, then I broke into his mind and found the location of Mr. and Mrs. Granger.” Harry said deep in thought.
“Potter, I you trying to tell us that you broke into the mind of the most fully accomplished occlumens master ever.” Said Moody looking awe struck.
“Yes, I suppose I did.” Everybody in the room was amazed, Harry noticed Hermione informing her parents again, whom turned and beamed at Harry. Was something going on.
I found and entered Voldemorts sleeping chamber and found them in the corner. I also eliminated Nagini Toms pet snake Whilst I was there. Harry, Ron and Hermione exchanged looks.
I carried Diane out on my shoulder whilst jack followed, then I apparated us here.
“The thing is Harry, how come there was no one else was there.” Asked Arthur.
“There was around twenty Death Eaters, I stunned them all before I found Tom’s room.” Harry said vanishing his armor leaving him in his black robes.
The Grangers smiles stretched even further.
“I want them moved into my house, I have provided the best security needed but I want guards patrolling 24/7.” He said, then he faced the Grangers.
“I hope you do not mind moving house until your own is repaired, I trust you will find it satisfactory. Tomorrow I visit and see how you are doing, but I have lessons tomorrow.” He redressed the order.
“This meeting is over, speak to me in a minute if there are any questions.” Harry noticed that Hermione was talking to her parents again, this time about him teaching.
“Hermione do you want to take your parents home, I must inform Dumbledore of what as Happened.
“There is no need Harry, I am here.” A voice came from behind Harry; he turned around to see Dumbledore mounted on the wall.
“I am very impressed Harry, you have made me proud, I believe Tom will not go so lightly on you next time. Do not forget you have lessons to teach tomorrow.”
“Albus, did you hear, I destroyed another one.”
“Yes Harry, but what happened when you did.”
“Well it raised into the air and vanished into millions of little pieces.”
“Yes Harry, I think you have destroyed one, but do not forget the others. Now then go and sort out the Grangers,”
“Yes sir, I will see you soon”
Harry said his goodbye to the Weasleys and made his way to the end of the Garden path, Hermione had already apparated to Godric’s Hollow so with a loud crack he disappeared.

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do you like the dark?

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omg this is the best forum i have ever read
i love love love the harry/hermione shipper
keep on going u r really great writer
Happy Dance thumb up i absolutely love love ur story

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wen u going to post again Happy Dance

hearts are won, empires fall in love with love
love will conquer all for one, one for all
all is fair in love and war, love and war are one

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not sure, got about half of the next chapter done its very basic

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Well heres some of the next chapter, i know it's only a bit but i can't thing of anything.

Chapter eight: Meet the parents

Harry entered the house and found Hermione at the table with her parents who were smiling and looking very pleased about something.
"I'm home...Are you okay with the house." Harry asked the Grangers.
"Yes it is most satisfactory, please call us by our names." Jack told him, holding out his hand to Harry who grasped it politely.
"Hermione has told us everything about you, everything you have done since we were kidnapped, we already know the rest; the Philosephers stone, the Chamber of secrets, the Tri Wizard tournament and especially the Ministry where you managed to save yourself and five fellow companions." He said rather quickly. The next thing Harry knew all of the air was being squeezed out of him, he thought it was Molly at first but looked down to see Hermiones Mom holding on to him crying her eyes out..
"We owe you s-so much, after yo-you saved Hermione in your vault and ne-nearly died yourself!" she said stammering.
"It's okay, Hermione means allot to me." Harry said looking into jacks eyes.
"Harry, Hermione has told us that you are together, living together and of your plans." said Jack.
"I would be honoured to be the Heir of Godric Gryffindors father in law. When you have completed your quest i give you permission to Marry my daughter. I know Hermione said that you wanted my permission before you married. I can see that you are a true man." he said looking on at Harry with glee on his face.
"Now Harry Darling, tell us all about you, right from the begging." Diane asked looking up at Harry smiling.
"Well...i suppose Hermione has already told you that my parents died when i was a year old, i survived because of my mothers love...' Harry rambled on for several hours informing Hermiones parents about his life, occasionaly Hermione would chip, he told them everything up to the present day.
"Harry are you not scared of dying, you make it sound like another option." Jack asked him.
"There are many reasons why i do not fear death, shall i tell you."
"Yes i insist that you do." he replied
"Well firstly, i know that if i do die then my parents are waiting, and sirius and also Dumbledore. But the main view is that, maybe i was only born to serve this purpose and then i shall no longer be needed and perish when it is done. You see that is why i need Hermione, she gives me a reason to fight, a reason to live, in fact she is the reason that i wake up in the morning."
"I understand Harry, you are a great wizard, but i fear for your safety." It was Diane who spoke this time.
"Please don't, Tom can't touch me...or anybody i love. Now it's getting late, i shall make your room up."
An hour later the room was set up and everybody was sitting downstairs in the living room about to depart for bed.
"Where is Harry, Has he gone out." Diane asked curiously.
"He is in the garden, getting lost in his thoughts." Hermione said, finishing the dregs of her hot chocolate.
"Buts it tipping it down outside, look." Hermiones Mom replied looking shocked.
"Harry is a great thinker, he can make split second decisions that save peoples life. Look at him." The three of them look out of the Kitchen window at Harry, it was still light and the rain did not blur their vision.
"Whats he doing" Jack asked. Harry was standing still, feet apart hands behind his back. Eyes closed looking up into the sky, searching for clues, memories swirling around like in a pensieve, anything that could help him.
Harry had forgotten all about the Horcruxes...until he killed Nagini...the task was weighing him down.
"He is Hogwarts at night time, he would climb the astronomy tower...the highest peak of the school, stand on the edge and think, sometimes for hours. He reminds me so much of Dumbledore." Hermione said sighing, she herself was lost in thought about Harry.
"Hermione!" Her dad shouted clicking his fingers in front of her face, she was daydreaming. Hermione clicked back into reality.
"Yes Dad what is it." She said composing herself.
"We are very happy for you" he said hugging her. " Now then wheres our room."
"This way Dad" She led them to their room and went back downstairs where Harry was waiting, he was waiting for Hermione so they could talk.
"Hey Harry" Hermione said looking up at him. "What do you think?"
"About what?" Harry asked looking puzzled
"My parents...they think you are brilliant...they are happy for us" she said all in one breath.
"They are great...i like them...they will be safe here."
", does this mean we only have to have two children?" she said inquiringly.
"Well thats up to you isn't it." he said smiling.
"Yes, i suppose so...anyway school tomorrow...are you going to be okay teaching."
"Yes, i have already got it all planned..."
The following day Harry went back to school and continued teaching, and then at lunch he visited Dumbledore's portrait.
"Ah, Hello are you doing."Dumbledore said looking happy.
"I'm...okay...It's just...i don't know what do next...the Horcruxes."
"Yes Harry, you need to locate the next Horcruxe very soon, Voldermort is getting stronger...I suggest you look in your Fathers Study...there may be something there."Dumbledore said sharing his thoughts.
"Yes i will, anyway, how are you." Harry said changing the subject.
"well i suppose i'm okay, well okay as portraits go, it's very boring...i have just remembered did you stop the killing curse at the Wedding?" Harry smiled, he had been waiting for this question from someone for several weeks.
"Well...i imagined creating a shield around Fleur, then i thought about it reflecting the spell back...and it worked." He said smiling.
"harry you really are a great wizard, you proved yourself in the Chamber with Voldermort." Dumbledore said looking very proud.
"Now your next lesson is starting very soon i suggest you go and get ready, you have the seventh years i believe...yes...what are you teaching them today." Dumbledore inquired.
"Occlumency, they are getting on very well." Harry told him getting up.
"Very well, you may go"
Harry left McGonagall's office and made his way to his classroom, upon entering he pushed all the tables to the side of the room and placed a Row of chair running parallel to them down the classroom on either side. It wasn't long before these chairs had been filled up and everybody was watching Harry.
"Now today, i shall attempt to teach you Occlumency...i never used to be able to do this...but now i reckon i can keep voldermort out of my head, several people cringed when they heard his name.
Slowly Harry worked his way through the class, many peoples mind could not resist the force of Harry's will.
"Imagine a strong barrier between me and your mind, a brick wall, a vault." Harry said helping Seamus to his feet. He had seen many memories and was sick of it, but he had to continue. Once the person had a go they could leave until it was just Ron and Hermione left.
"Now then you two are my best students, i want you to block me and try to enter my mind." Harry said hoping for a change.
"Are you sure Harry." Ron said looking nervous.
Ron went first and Harry had no trouble entering his mind, he saw flashes of a childhood, a happy one. Harry saw flashes of family dinners, games they had played together, Christmas and Birthday parties. It was then when Harry felt a pushing feeling inside of his mind, Ron was trying to break in.
Harry opened his eyes and saw that Ron was on the floor.
"Ron! Are you okay?" Harry said running over to him.
"I couldn't break in, you mind is to strong. It threw me backwards." Ron said gasping for air.
"Okay Ron, go to Madame Pomfrey and get a strengthening solution." Ron left and Harry turned to Hermione.
"You don't have to do this, you know" Harry said
"No, i want too, how else will i learn." Harry got Hermione ready and began.
It wasn't hard for Harry to break into her mind. He saw Hermione with her parents at a young a changed...she was on Holiday with her parents smiling...reading her Hogwarts letter for the first time...Harry lying in the Hospital Wing after saving the Philosepher stone...Harry after he fell off his broom, lying lifelessly on the bed...Harry in St Mungos's after the attack in the vault.
Harry heard someone say "No, your not seeing this" and suddenly the visions changed they were his own. He couldn't break away.
He saw himself being strangled by Vernon when he was a boy...his aunt hitting him with a frying pan after he tried to take the last slice of bacon...Vernon ripping up his Hogwarts letters...being locked in his room with bars on his window...blowing his aunt up...fighting voldermort, watching cedric die...seeing all his friends injured after the Ministry, the limp figure of Hermione...Ron swallowing poison...Hermione being tortured. All bad memories, suddenly the chain was broking Harry collapsed on the floor in heap and Hermione ran over to him.
"It's okay Harry...I'm sorry...i just wanted to see...i am sorry...Do you not have any happy memories?" She asked him crying, Harrys head on her lap.
"There is no room for Happy memories" and with that he fainted.
When Harry woke the floor was no longer hard, it was soft and warm.
"Where am i?" he asked
"You home Harry, it's the Holidays"
"What? It can't be there is still a week till Half-term."
"No Harry, you have been a sleep for a week."
Slowly Harry's eyes came back into focus and he was amazed at what he saw, there was a collection of people looking at him...Hermione, the entire Weasley Family and Hermiones Parents all smiling at him...even Ginny.

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"Welcome back Harry" said Mrs Weasley hugging him tightly.
"Whats going on?" Harry asked nervously something wasn't right.
"Everybody is here to see if you are okay"
"I'm fine, should i not be.?" Harry asked losing his patience
"No of course not, we've just missed you."
"Okay then, let me change." Everybody left apart from Hermione who sat there watching him.
"Harry i think you should speak to Ginny" Hermione said stiffly.
"Why? she doesn't matter anymore"
"I know but she deserves an explanation, she needs to accept it."
"Fine...she will probably blank me anyhow" Hermione helped Harry get dressed and then helped him down the stairs, when they entered the Kitchen Harry realised what was going on. It was another Order meeting.
"Ah Harry you're here, lets begin." Said Kingsley Shacklebolt
"What is the problem" Harry said very annoyed
"Well..." began Arthur "there is a big see...we know about the Horcruxes...Dumbledores portrait informed us...and we can't help until you tell us what they are." he said finishing
"and how is that a problem"Harry said stubbornly
"Well we want to help...the quicker we destroy them...the quicker you can kill voldermort." he said proudly
Harry debated for several minutes about wether to tell them but he realise they were right.
Harry sighed."Okay then...well you know what they do...Dumbledore reckons that there is something of Hufflepuffs, presumably the cup, then something of either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, something of Slytherin and possibly Nagini. I have already destroyed Nagini and Toms Diary whereas Dumbledore destroyed the Gaunts Ring."
"Where shall we start Harry?" asked Tonks.
"i don't know where they are...i suppose i could check the Chamber of Secrets -"
"No! Harry i don't want you going back in there again!" Mrs Weasley shouted.
"Molly, if it is what he needs to do then he has to!" Arthur replied
"Yes i suppose careful Harry." Harry nodded at her.
"Does anybody else know where one might be" Harry looked up and down the bench, they were all looking down thinking.
Ginny raised her hand. "Yes Ginny?" Harry said slowly.
"I think i know where another one is -" Harry quickly read her mind. "Of course" he said to himself, but he did not know.
"But first i want to jo-" she began but Harry interrupted.
"No Ginny i can't let you join, i care too much about you" Harry said sighing
"Why not, you are only a year older than me and you are the head...i was there in the Ministry...i know how to fight." she said tears streaming down her face.
"Ginny! For Gods Sake, pull yourself don't understand do you...You think you can take on the Death Eaters because you fought several of them last summer...well your wrong...its not like throwing jinxses at each other...these spells kill you...every move could be your last...i fought Voldermort three times...every time he has tried to kill me...two times was thanks to luck but know i can beat him...he can kill anyone in this room...thats why i have to do it all mean to much to me."
Ginny was persistent and would not give up."What about Ron and Hermione you are letting them go!" she screeched at him.
"I know! It's because they are to stuck up to listen to me...I've tried to tell them they can't go...even i can't say i will live through this...I only hope that something happens to me for them to change there mind...i have to do this is my battle and i can't let nobody else die...This meeting is over!" Harry walked out of the house and into the garden. Several of the women inside were crying the men just sat there silently. The Grangers were comforting Hermione and Mrs Weasley was comforting Ginny.
"I think Harry will not live through this...he can not go alone" Kingsly said.
"Harry is not alone, i shall fight beside him" Ron spoke for the first time, getting up and following Harry outside.
"And me..." Hermione said stammering. She also followed suit.
The rest of the Order looked on dumbstruck until Arthur spoke up.
"Harry will protect them...we must have faith...he has to go alone."
Meanwhile outside Harry was kneeling in front of his parents grave crying. Totally un-aware of Ron and Hermione standing behind him listening to him.
"I will see you soon...very soon...i have to go to Grimmauld Palace...the Locket" He said un-aware people were listening.
Harry disaparated and was shortly followed by Ron and Hermione.

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tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttu need a lil more of harry and hermione snogging time
eek! Happy Dance eek! Happy Dance post more plz

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