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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - follwing all references we have so far
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You're doing a good job, keep it up!! thumb up


Thnx Disturbed Angel!! love

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here it is part 1 in chap 5
i have to post in two diff posts b/c of 10000 word limit


Chapter 5: S.P.E.W. Spews Secrets

The few days had flown by in Harry’s opinion. Order members came and went to report in on their progress, ask about other issues and, most of all, give advice to the new Order of the Phoenix leaders, Fred and George Weasley.

Fred and George had been taking turns to supervise the joke store (rather, enterprise because they were so popular) and work on events at headquarters. They were really busy and the most they could say to anybody was, “I’d like to talk, but lots of work to do as a leader of the Order,” as they walked out the door. In fact, they were so busy that sometimes you would here a yell from inside headquarters quickly followed by a bolt of orange lightning that shot out the door muttering, “I’m late….”

Harry had hoped to talk to them about the new things that they have learned and what was going on with the Order member’s missions, but he had not even seen enough of them to give them a wink. Harry was not worried that he was not receiving information from the twins. He had learned a lot about the Order’s basic happenings to be getting along with.

He had Ron and Hermione as well.

Right before they went to bed the night of the meeting, Ron and Hermione (Ginny already asleep) told Harry of the red and gold room. It was mostly Ron who relayed his information because Hermione did not know as much as Ron on the subject.

Apparently, the room was put into construction when Dumbledore found out that the house was rightfully Harry’s. Dumbledore had modeled the room off of the Room of Requirement. It was not always accessible, but when it was needed for an Order of the Phoenix meeting you merely had to put your wand on the wall of its location and say, “I am here to watch the Order’s operations.”

Only Dumbledore, and now Lupin, Moody, McGonagall, Fred and George knew the password to get in to the room in the first place. Hermione said this was to allow only the leader of the Order privacy, like an office, and so that, in case there was no meeting, a spy could not enter the room without there being someone in it first.

After revealing all of this information to Harry, they had grown quite tired and resigned to sleep. When Harry woke up the following morning he had the dream of the boiler room again, thinking, as he heard small footsteps receding in the hall, that he recognized it somewhere.

It was now only a day away from the wedding and Harry, had just realized that he should buy some new dress robes for the occasion, as well as get a gift for the soon to be newlyweds.

“You and Ron can get your Apparition test, also,” Hermione informed them an hour before they left.

“Are they holding the test today?” asked Harry who had not been informed of the actual date of the test to get his Apparition license.

“Yeah, every weekend from Friday at eight in the morning to Sunday at eight at night,” said Hermione as though she had memorized the schedule.

“Well I guess I will be Apparating home,” Ron said in a conceited voice.

“Just don’t forget to not leave half an eyebrow behind this time,” said Hermione indifferently.

Harry had seen small attacks on his two best friends like these since he had arrived at Grimmauld Place. He had hoped that these were not signs of resentment, but rather signs of a tight relationship. He did think that his friends’ “hooking up” was inevitable, and, once it had started, it should not end lest they end up like him and Cho.

“Yeah, well, that was before. Today is a new day,” Ron said brightly. Harry noticed that Hermione’s comment did not bother him, which was a good sign.

“You seem unusually cheerful today,” Hermione said as she walked out of the room. Harry thought he saw her grin as she closed the door on him and Ron.

“Well we will be leaving soon. Do you want to go get a quick lunch?” Ron said looking at his watch, but also keeping an eye on the door if Hermione reappeared there.

“Yeah, but you go down first, I want to do something,” Harry said briskly. Ron understood and he left the room to go downstairs.

Harry quickly shut the door and walked over to the blank painting in the back of the room.

“Phineas? …Phineas! …PHI-”

“What? What do you want?” said an annoyed Phineas Nigellus who realized who he was speaking to. “Oh, it is you. Well I bet you want to know more information about Dumbledore’s notes, huh? Well I don’t think I am scheduled to give this next one to you until… that’s weird. This next one does not seem to have a time or date in which I am to relay this to you. Oh, I see. I am only allowed to tell you half of this note because the other half is addressed to me. Well if you want to know so bad,

Another birthday gift will be reaching you soon.
Remember my orders.

“Well there you have it. I expect you won’t be receiving that gift until you go somewhere, by what my half of the note says. I should also make you go there if you don’t…” Phineas added in a mutter to himself. “Well that is all the time I can spare so I hope you are happy with the small information I have given you. Good day!”

As Phineas Nigellus walked into the side of his portrait, Harry thought to himself that the former Hogwarts headmaster had given him plenty of information.

I guess I have to go to Hogwarts to receive my gift, Harry thought. Where else would someone force me to go? I guess that trip to Godric’s Hollow will be sooner rather than later…

“Hello, Harry.” Ginny said in a half-cheery voice. Harry became aware that he was walking downstairs.

“Oh, hi. Are you getting lunch too?” asked Harry. Boy, I am such an idiot, where else would she be heading?

“Nah, not enough time. I’m coming to Diagon Alley with you lot. I already have bought my dress and present and stuff… it’s just…” She said this last part rather quickly.

“Now, don’t get mad or anything it is just that I thought we could spend some time together. You know, us time,” Ginny said in rapid speed. She then gave Harry a furtive look, as if she didn’t know how he was going to respond.

“Ginny…. We can’t. I said it last year. Voldemort will just use you to get to me like he did with Sirius,” Harry said very quietly.

“Harry, I have been thinking, and won’t He use me anyway? You are not a very good Occlumens and He could see that you love me deep down. Wouldn’t it be safer to be close together where He would have a harder time getting to me?” Ginny said as she frowned. Harry thought she had a very good point.

I do love her.
You don't know about this.
Yes, I do.
Love would endanger her.
I would be happier.
You wouldn't if she got killed and it was your fault.
She won't.
And you can guarantee that?
Maybe your right. I don’t know about this.
Yes, you do.
It might endanger her.
Dumbledore always said that love was stronger than Voldemort's magic...

“Alright. We can have some us time. But if Voldemort shows up I want you to slap me across the face and tell me that you have never loved me, okay?” Harry said in a weary voice, not being able to suppress a grin.

“Oh, you are so funny!” said Ginny in a sarcastic voice, also laughing.

They walked down to the ground floor holding hands all the way, until they reached the dungeon-like kitchen. Harry gobbled down his sandwich that was on the table. Ginny watched him the whole time.

“Who are you…?” Ron said looking at Ginny’s stare and realizing who it was directed at. “Why are you…? Hold a tic, are you two-” But Ron was cut off by Hermione.

“Shut up Ronald, and leave them alone,” she hissed.

“So much for ‘our little secret’,” Harry whispered to Ginny, who giggled.

The quartet waited until Lupin and Mrs. Weasley came to fetch them. Then they filed out of the room. As he left, Harry noticed the small door to Kreacher’s lair.

“Wait a minute….” Harry said to himself. Was that the door that led him to a small boiler room with the locket in it? Harry began to walk over to the door when Ginny pulled him out of the kitchen.

“We need to get to Diagon Alley, Harry, come on.”

“Alright, alright.”

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Harry was, once again, spun around in circles until he would expel all of the dust and ash he was consuming. When he stepped out of the fireplace in The Leaky Cauldron, he was coughing and sputtering. Ginny patted his back as the other’s appeared.

“Sorry it is so dusty, but not a lot of people come here anymore, so it has been collecting a large amount of dust,” said Tom the barman.

“No problem. We will be back here to head home so don’t go out of business,” said Mrs. Weasley in a joke as they left. Tom did not think too nicely of this comment, as though it would make him go out of business.

The group walked together down Diagon Alley once they had reached it through the entrance at the back of The Leaky Cauldron. A few more shops had closed down since he had visited it the previous summer. There was still posters of known Death Eater’s that were abroad.

Harry clenched his fists with anger when he saw a photo of Bellatrix Lestrange, who had killed Sirius. He shook with anger and stopped walking when he saw the man who had killed Dumbledore, Severus Snape.

Dumbledore had always trusted Snape, and when it came down to the end, his trust was in the wrong. Dumbledore threw away his life when he trusted Snape. Snape had to be the most vile, disgusting, loathsome creature in the world to kill a man who trusted him blindly.

Ginny noticed that Harry was not walking anymore and turned around. When she saw him looking at the photo of Snape she ran over to him and held his arm, tugging slightly.

Harry quickly regained his senses and let Ginny lead him back to the rest of the group without saying a word. He knew that she wanted to speak to him very much about his feelings but he wanted those particular feelings inside of him. He wanted to let them brew and grow more profound so he would have more reason to hex Snape into oblivion.

When Harry and Ginny had walked back to the rest of the group, he heard Lupin trying to relax Ron, with Hermione looking nervous.

“You’ll be okay. You nearly passed last time and you have some practice where you have been flawless,” said Lupin.

“But the other times I was completely out of control. I’ll never pass this exam. I’ll be taking this test until I am older than Dumble-” Ron said, cutting himself off before he could finish and throwing a furtive look at Harry. Right before he turned his gaze back to where they were walking (a brick building that was red and looked out of business; It does look better than some of the other buildings, thought Harry), Ron sighted Hermione face and the look upon it. As if he had just taken an Encouraging Draught, Ron became very courageous.

“I’ll bet that this test is a complete push-over. We’ll fly through it Harry,” Ron said bracingly.

“What’s that? Oh, yeah, we will,” said Harry, who had just been thinking of the comment Ron almost made. Harry was not mad, or upset. In fact, hearing Dumbledore’s name used in a joke reminded Harry of all his funny moments, and how Dumbledore was so likeable.

“Alright, let’s get this done first,” Mrs. Weasley said. “Oh, and I forgot to tell you. This morning your owls for your class books came in while you were sleeping. Professor McGonagall dropped them off in the middle of the night. Yes she was there on Order business too, but I can’t say what kind,” she concluded, catching the inquisitive look in Ron and Hermione’s glances.

Harry walked up to the front of the store and read the sign.

Weekends Only: Friday to Sunday
Eight in Morning to Eight in Evening
Must be Seventeen at time of Test


bet you can't wait to see the test and 'the secret'

well in the down time you may post some feedback

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That's really good! Hope you post more soon!! big grin


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alright here is a nice new juicy plot thickener to spice up your lives



Ron took his disappointed look off of his mother to see what Harry was doing. Ron then read the sign.

“Well it looks like we will be in and out of here quickly,” Ron said now gazing into the window of the building. “It looks like everyone has gone on a tea break.”

“No, nobody is in there because nobody is coming to get their Apparition license. They don’t need a lot of workers for a few people a summer,” Hermione said and Harry could tell that she was expressing a “duh!”

With that, Hermione walked forward and ushered the group into the building. They all looked around the room that they were standing in. It was quite large and used for, what Harry guessed, the Apparition test. It was a little dusty from lack of use, but it had a certain allure to it. Harry thought he felt something in this room. It made him feel calm. The way the room made Harry feel did not mix well with the nervousness he was feeling and he suddenly became dizzy.

“Are you alright, Harry?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just feel a little dizzy, that’s all,” Harry replied to Lupin. Lupin stared at him and then smiled.

“It’s alright to be nervous, Harry. This is a big factor that will play in your life,” Lupin said still grinning slightly.

“Well, actually I am feeling nervous and calm at the same time. I don’t know if that makes any sense…. I think it is because of this room.”

Lupin’s smile faded and he looked at Harry with a bewildered expression. In a second, however, he was smiling once again. Harry thought that this was strange and was about to ask Lupin what he was just thinking, but he whispered in his ear, as the others went to a desk on the far side of the room, “I’ll explain later, Harry.”

Harry stopped feeling dizzy in a few moments and walked over to the bench where the others were sitting. Ron was not there. He had been taking to the back of the building for his testing to begin. The others filled Harry in on how the test was going to be taken.

“Ron is already back there,” said Mrs. Weasley gesturing to a door on Harry’s right. “When you go back there you choose the place you will be Apparating to. I don’t think it will be far, dear. He said that they are only testing future Apparators inside Diagon Alley. Then you will Apparate back here once the tester has deemed a successful Apparition to your destination. You will be graded on your Apparition back, as well, I think.”

Mrs. Weasley smiled at Harry to give him confidence. Harry smiled back even though he knew he would pass (Harry thought that this feeling was from the room). If he could Apparate himself and Dumbledore back to Hogsmeade from a place many miles away, he could Apparate a few blocks in Diagon Alley.

“I got to Apparate to the front of Flourish and Blott’s,” Ron said a few moments later, emerging from the door on Harry’s right. “They said to send you in there,” Ron said motioning to the door, “and that when I am ready, I am to Apparate to my destination.”

“Good luck,” Harry said as he got up and walked the short distance to the door. Ron just gave a feeble smile and walked to the other side of the room, where his family wouldn’t distract him.

“Ahh, yes. Harry Potter, how nice it is to meet you here. Well, I bet you want to start on your Apparition test as soon as possible, don’t you?” said a tall lanky man who, Harry noticed, was looking directly at his scar. Harry quickly recovered by looking at the man’s name tag and asking,

“So… Mr. Wellfield, how do I choose where I am Apparating to?”

“Oh… yes… right… well… you see… you, er, you, um, say ‘stop’ when you want your choice. Well, actually, I am going to make this sheet of paper say different locations, all of which are in Diagon Alley. You are to close your eyes. When you want me to stop, um, spinning the choices the location on the paper that you chose is where you are to Apparate to. Do you understand?” said the instructor. Harry nodded and closed his eyes as Mr. Wellfield took out a piece of paper. It still had the words “Flourish and Blott’s” on it from Ron’s exam. “Alright, I am going to start the, um, roulette,” said Mr. Wellfield. Harry heard the faint swish of a wand, and then there was silence. He waited a moment and then said “stop”. Harry heard the Mr. Wellfield pull his wand away as Harry opened his eyes. He quickly looked down on the paper.

Entrance to Knockturn Alley.

“Oh, well, that is in Diagon Alley. Well I am going to check on your friend and then I will meet you at your location.” Harry’s instructor walked out of the room briskly. Harry got up looking disappointed. Knockturn Alley would be an easy task for him because he had been down it a few times.

Harry walked out of the room and looked at Mrs. Weasley, Lupin, Hermione, and Ginny in turn. “I have to Apparate to Knockturn Alley.” The reaction he received was what he expected. Mrs. Weasley gave a disapproving gasp. Lupin gave a nod which Harry took to mean that he had confidence in Harry to look out for himself. Hermione looked unconcerned. Ginny, however, had the most difficult expression to read. She looked like her feelings were mingled with confidence and worry.

Harry merely gave a nod and started walking towards the other part of the room, concentrating on the narrow entrance to Knockturn alley. He then stopped walking to specify the place he would end up. Then, he stepped forward and turned on his heel and felt the peculiar tugging sensation around his belly button as his lungs were squeezed of air.

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again, two posts... stupid 10000 character limit


Harry took a deep breath as he looked around. He was just to the right of the narrow passage with the sign over it reading, Knockturn Alley. He was right where he imagined himself arriving. He had not wanted to Apparate in the entrance in case a person was entering or exiting the alley. Harry looked around, taking in his surroundings, a practice he had grown to learn as second nature because of all his conflicts and Quidditch. As far as Harry could see, no one was in his vicinity, neither down Knockturn Alley, nor up Diagon Alley.

Then, Harry saw a person he had not expected to see in Diagon Alley.

This person was a little on the short side with a shawl wrapped around her neck. She was dressed in very mystical robes, and wore glasses that made her eyes look too big for her face. Harry had grown used to hating this woman for two reasons. At Hogwarts, she taught the most boring and useless subject in the world, Divination. The other reason was that she had the uncanny ability to predict Harry’s death at every opportunity. In fact, Harry thought that she would sit up in her smoke filled tower thinking of a new death scenario for Harry each day.

Professor Trelawney was stumbling around the empty alley as if she had treated herself to one too many sherry bottles. Harry quickly realized that she was about to fall and he made his way quickly over to her.

“Professor? Professor, what are you doing here?” Harry asked as he jogged slowly over to her. After all, she was one of Harry’s least favorite teachers at Hogwarts; it wouldn’t displease Harry if she fell and hurt herself just a little bit.

“What? Who’s there? I’m ready to fight should you prove difficult to deal with!” Trelawney said in a shaking voice, hiccupping slightly.

“It’s me, Professor. Harry Potter. Can’t you recognize me?” Harry said quietly when he reached her, though keeping out of hitting distance.

“Oh, yes, Harry. How nice to see you,” she proclaimed staring at the store to Harry’s left.

“Um, what are you looking at, Professor?” Harry said, also staring at the half-collapsed store. Trelawney seemed to get a lock on Harry’s location and looked in his direction, but slightly over Harry’s shoulder.

“Oh, nothing; just something in the window caught my eye. I was looking for a new shawl, you see, old one not helping my throat,” she said trying to dismiss her obvious blindness to no avail.

“Professor, are you blind?”

“Who me? No… I am just… well I suppose if… maybe I am a little…” she said quickly. Harry saw that he would have to persist. Quickly looking back to see if his instructor for Apparition had arrived, and realizing that he still hadn’t come, he waved his hand in front of Trelawney’s face. Seeing that she made no response, Harry said,

“Professor, I know that you are blind. You can’t fool me. I just want to know two things. Why are you here and how did you lose your sight?” Trelawney looked put out but she replied with almost no reluctance.

“Well, I really do not know how I was relieved of my sight. Mind you it is my physical sight. I have not lost the gift that flows in my Inner Eye that also flowed in my ancestors. In regards to how I came here I am also in the dark because I reached here after I lost my sight. I was in my tower brooding over my crystal ball and noticing the future dangers that will be upon us now that our Headmaster has moved on. In fact, what I Saw shows us who return to Hogwarts in a very unfavorable light." Trlawney stopped as if to look into a cryatal ball at that moment and see the exact same thing.

"I was deep in my thoughts when the trap door was thrown open and I was immediately stunned. I came to my senses in a very dark room where there was a fireplace blazing faintly. I heard a harsh voice say something and the flames in the fireplace suddenly turned green. Yes, I must admit that it must have been very advanced magic to accomplish that. Then I was thrust into the fire. The person must not have known that I can use magic so that I am not harmed by being placed into the fire. Well, I suddenly started spinning and the last thing I saw before emerging from the fireplace in Seer’s Supplies and Divination Diagrams was a head of dark hair that shielded the man’s features. When I walked out of the store I felt a small pang in my stomach and my sight started to fade. Then… well, actually, that’s it.”

When she was finished, Trelawney looked around for a moment without a care in the world. Then she must have realized that she had something to do, for she spun on the spot, started walking, and started groping the air as she had done when Harry saw her coming down the alley.

Harry was on the verge of following her to bring her to Lupin to find out what should be done when he heard a crack of Apparition behind him.

“Harry Potter? Where are–” said Mr. Wellfield. He then spotted Harry and walked over to him. Harry opened his mouth to tell him that a Hogwarts professor was here when he was cut off. “It’s alright Mr. Potter. I realize that this is only a small distance away from where you were aiming so I won’t be docking any points. Now you seem to be in one piece…” he said in a voice that parents use to calm their children.

When he was done surveying Harry he resumed his speech. “Now for the last part of your test. Your friend, Mr. Weasel was rather frightened to do this and that is what took me so long. You must Apparate yourself back to the large room at the Apparition building with me in tow. That is right I am Side-Apparating with you. In these times we must be sure that everyone is in top Apparating shape for safety reasons."

Harry wondered when they made this change. It had not been a requirement for the test that Hermione took. "Now there are a few choices in which you may Apparate with me. We are only requiring that you successfully Apparate yourself and myself to the location, regardless of my help. You may merely lead me as if I had practiced Apparition before, or you may do the whole thing as if I had just heard the word Apparition. Which shall you choose?”

Harry remembered the two times he had Apparated with Dumbledore. The first time he had been at Dumbledore’s control, which resembled the second choice. The second time he had Apparated with Dumbledore he was merely guiding Harry instead of controlling everything, which resembled the first choice.

“I think I will do the first one. I will do it all,” said Harry thinking of the time he Apparated Dumbledore back to Hogsmeade without his help.

“Oh, alright then. Nobody has yet to choose that option. A rather fine break on my part!”

Harry held out his arm so Mr. Wellfield could grab his arm, which he did. He then focused all of his mind on the huge room. As he made to step forward and turn on his heel, Harry realized that he would be seeing Ginny soon. He had a small swooping sensation in his stomach that had nothing to do with the tug on his belly button.

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“I knew I could do it. It was an easy test. I don’t know why Harry thought it would be difficult. I wasn’t nervous at all. How could I not pass?”

Ron was in a very good mood as they walked down Diagon Alley. Ron wasn’t actually walking. He was Apparating. He would Apparate in front of the group and then start talking of his triumph over the test. Once they were almost out of earshot he would Apparate in front of them again.

He and Ron were newly licensed Apparators. Harry had not felt the temptation to copy Ron, but he found it funny nonetheless. Once they were close to Gringott’s, Hermione raised her voice and told Ron to stop. Ron looked slightly put out.

The Weasley’s got their gold first. Harry was pleased to see that they had a slightly bigger pile of Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. In fact, this time when Mrs. Weasley took out the amount of gold that she wanted, she still had a fair size left over. Harry didn’t feel as embarrassed as he usually did when he went to the wizards’ bank with the Weasley’s.

The group left the bank a half hour later after going to Harry’s and Lupin’s vaults. They also stopped at the counter to have some of the Muggle money that Hermione carried into wizards’ gold.

As they walked to Flourish and Blott’s, Ginny asked to see the book lists from her mother.

“Oh, yes, you have a whole new lot of books, Ginny. You three on the other hand, have three new books. I don’t know why. Usually it is five or six,” Mrs. Weasley said, searching for the letters.

“Here we are. Ginny, all you need is The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Six, by Miranda Goshawk, and Advanced Potion Making, Advanced Transfiguration, Charms for the Consummate, Herboligical Advances and How to Apply Them, and Confronting the Faceless. You can get those from Ron; he took those classes last year. You three need The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Seven, Transfiguration Unchanged, and Advanced Defensive Magic. Well I am sure that we will be occupied enough with getting these books. Here, you three give me your book money and I will let you go to Fred and George’s. Whichever is in there, please don’t cause too much trouble. I am sure that he will be very busy. Let’s go… Ginny, no, you are coming with us dear.”

Ginny looked back at her mother as Harry, Hermione, and Ron continued walking down the alley.

“Oh, all right, don’t wander too far. We will come to fetch you when we are done.”

Harry spoke to his best friends when they had walked a short distance. “Have any of you bought your presents for Bill and Fleur?” The answer he received was what he had expected. Yes. Before they reached Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Harry had bought two nice gifts for his best friends’ brothers’ wedding.

The first was a hand mirror, that, when tapped with a wand, expanded into a fold out mirror. The second was a cook book entitled Luscious Treats for Those with Lycanthropy. Harry thought that they would play as a nice inside joke with his friends.

As they approached the Weasley twins joke shop, Harry noticed a dull green blur whip out of sight and into a drain gutter. He looked back into the gutter expecting to see it again, but nothing emerged. Harry continued walking to the shop, looking at his friends to see if they had noticed anything strange. They did not.


“Well that was fun. I had no idea that they could do that,” Hermione said in Harry and Ron’s room with Ginny an hour and a half later.

Mrs. Weasley and Lupin had retrieved the books in ease. They had reached the joke shop in a half hour with all of their books. While looking around the shop Harry was taken to the back of the shop to be shown all the new things they were making by George. There were upgrades of the Shield Equipment, new types of Decoy Detonators, and a new type of Peruvian Darkness Powder that, instead of spreading darkness, spread light. It gave off so much light that it temporarily blinded your foe.

The big advance, however, was the new broom they had invented. It wasn’t finished, though, because they were missing a few key ingredients. They had made the broom out of wood that is usually made into wands. What they needed was a few of Ollivander’s wands.

They were planning on putting the cores of those wands into their brooms so you could shoot spells from the front of your broom. Since, Ollivander was missing, they could not complete this. The twins did have humongous support from the Ministry to complete it the best way they could. George had said that the Ministry was attempting to form an aerial attack force with this invention. George had said all of this with a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah, it was. I never knew that my brothers were talented enough to upgrade things that were almost perfect the first time,” Ron said, examining his new box set of fireworks.

“Yeah, well wait until I tell you what they are making for the big fish,” Harry said. After he explained Fred and George’s plan to make a broom that could fire spells, Hermione’s jaw dropped.

“That has to be one of the most…. Is it even… Maybe they are just… Wow,” Hermione concluded.

Ginny looked as if she was mildly impressed but was still looking at Harry. Ron had fallen off his bed and was staring blankly at the bottom of the doorway.

“Harry, I hope I am not intruding. It’s just, well, about earlier today… in the Apparition building…” Lupin said as he appeared at the door, not at all phased at the look on everyone’s face at what Harry had just said.

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posting in two parts again...


“Oh, right. Hold on, I’ll be right there,” Harry replied, a little eager. He put his purchases in his trunk and walked out of the room. He saw Lupin walking up the stairs and followed. On the floor above his room he looked into a room that was strangely blank. Lupin was in there, staring at the mundane wall. “So, what is it that you need to explain?” Harry asked.

“Well, you know about that room we were in at the apparition building?” Lupin began. Harry nodded and Lupin continued. “Well, that was a room that has been used by the Ministry for many purposes.” Harry did not know exactly what he was talking about so he asked him what he meant. Lupin gave a small grin and continued.

“As you know it has been used for Apparating and Diapparating. That means that a lot of apparition has been done there. It has also been used for Auror practice as well as examination. Aurors were trained there and examined there when You-Know-Who was powerful last time. There was a need for wizards and witches that were powerful in defense to be spread out. If they were all grouped together, than it would merely take one raid from You-Know-Who to eradicate them. That is why the Ministry trained its future Aurors in different places. Obviously, this would entail a great deal of magic to be held there, correct? Well, if tons of witches and wizards are passing their Auror examinations and receiving licenses to Apparate, wouldn’t that give the room a feeling of happiness?”

“Yeah, but what about the people who failed?” Harry asked.

“In those times, the Ministry was receiving very little applications for Aurors. High casualty rate, you see. So they were very eager for any help they could find. There were many Aurors who received the job that shouldn’t have. On the side concerning Apparition, if you had failed this time would you have gone back later and tried again?”

“Well, yeah, but–”

“With that logic, it stands to reason that eventually everyone passed. This leaves a ‘happy’ feeling over the ‘disappointed’ feeling. Think about when you left. Were you happy?” Harry nodded. “That feeling, since it was there after your nervousness, it masks the bad feeling. Now you may ask what this has to do with why you felt what you felt. You yourself were nervous. You also said that you were ‘calm’. It wasn’t really a ‘calm’ feeling, but a ‘relieved’ feeling. You were feeling the emotions of those who had been in that room. When they left they were relieved that they had passed. You were having your feelings mixed with theirs. Magic always leaves traces, Harry…” Lupin said smiling fully. Harry remembered a similar lesson taught to him by Dumbledore. He had said it when they were in the cave. He was sensing the magic of Tom Riddle, just as Harry was sensing the magic of others. “That is why I was amazed when you said you were calm and nervous at the same time. It is a very rare gift to be able to sense magic Harry. In fact, I can only remember Dumbledore being able to manipulate the ability at his discretion. For most wizards, it is a once in a life time occurrence. And even then, the wizard or witch experiencing it is not even aware of it. You are very lucky to have realized it, Harry,” Lupin concluded with an almost proud expression.

The truth was that Harry had not been witnessing it, as Lupin put it. He had felt it when he first walked into the room, but once it started it felt so good he was egging for it to continue. Did I manipulate the magic? Did I control my ability to sense magic? Harry thought.

“Yeah, thanks, Professor. I guess I am really lucky. Who else could escape Voldemort four times, right?” Harry said lamely. Lupin smiled faintly, gave a nod, and walked out of the room, presumably heading to the Order room to consult Fred (or George).

Harry walked back into his and Ron’s room staring at the floor, thinking about what had just been explained to him. When he looked up he was surprised to find two things. The first was that Ginny was not in the room anymore. As soon as he looked at Ron and Hermione he knew why. They were snogging. They had probably thrown out Ginny so they could snog. Harry took a second to look and then walked back out of the room. Ron had obviously, from what Harry had just seen, gotten better at snogging. Thinking of what Ginny said the previous year about Ron needing to perfect his form started his conscious thought of where to head at Grimmauld place.

I’ll go find Ginny.
Do we have to have this conversation again?


Harry spent the next blissful hour in Ginny’s room, in her company. They talked and laughed of all the stupid things that they could think of.

That took up about ten minutes.

The rest of the time was used for… well, I am in Mrs. Weasley’s company right now, so I guess I should not think about that, Harry thought.

“Well, only one more year of school, dear,” Mrs. Weasley said to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. “Well, two more years for you, Ginny. And if you three want to be Aurors there is more schooling after that,” she added as an afterthought. They were sipping hot cocoa after their dinner that night. They were extremely exhausted and they figured that they should get some sleep because the next day was the wedding.

“Yes, it is a tough path, but you can manage. Well, I am going to turn in tonight. Don’t stay up too late,” Mrs. Weasley said with a yawn. As she left the dungeon kitchen, Harry spoke to his two best friends in code because Ginny was still in their presence.

“I found some souls in my sleep,” he said. Ginny looked at him crossly and then said,

“Well, if you don’t want me around, all you have to do is say so.” With that she stomped out of the room. Harry wondered why he didn't think beforehand that she would realize his pathetic attempt at holding a private conversation.

When they were sure she was to far away to hear anything Hermione spoke. “What do you mean? You found a horcrux in your sleep?”

“Well, sort of. I was dreaming and my body sort of moved of its own accord. I walked into a room with a boiler in it and a sort of nest. I think it is Kreacher’s room, and it had the locket in there,” Harry said eyeing the room. “Do you think it is safe to check it out?”

“Better leave it. We don’t want to be interrupted,” Ron said with suppressed willing. Hermione then began a (probably memorized) speech of how treating house elves respectfully was extremely important. How that it would come to be invaluable for reasons just like this. After a moment of silence they all exchanged looks and went upstairs to get some rest, perfectly knowing that they would be woken up by Harry in the middle of the night to check out Kreacher’s room.

Harry lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. He had so many things to think about.

The locket in Kreacher’s room… the gift from Dumbledore… what Dumbledore’s messages said… where the horcruxes were… who R.A.B. was... the wedding… what the rest of the horcruxes were… Harry going back to Hogwarts… Godric’s Hollow first, though… Kreacher….

Harry sat up. He looked around the room once he shoved his glasses on. He had thought he had just seen Kreacher in the doorway. Harry got up, walked over to the door and shut it. When he turned around he looked at his clock. Realizing that it was close to two o’clock in the morning, he decided he should check out Kreacher’s room. Harry was one stride away from waking up Ron when he thought about what he was doing.

I should definitely wake them up.
And take them with you?
They are my friends. Plus, Dumbledore said to trust them.
But that's it. This will be the first horcrux you find by yourself. You should do it by yourself out of respect to him.
But what if I need help?
From what? Expecting to be attacked by Inferi in Kreacher’s room?
I guess not….

“Ron, get up,” Harry said quietly a minute later, going against his conscience thought.

“Whazzamatter?” Ron muttered. He then took in his surroundings and became conscience of why Harry would be waking him up. “Alright, let’s go get Hermione.”

They walked quietly to Hermione and Ginny’s room. Once they walked into the room they heard a faint hiss.

“Get out! I’ll be right there,” they heard Hermione’s voice say. As they waited for Hermione they stared at the floor. They both comprehended that this was a very big step in their future ventures.

Hermione came out brushing her hair.

“Are you kidding me? No one is going to be watching us! In fact I can’t even see you properly,” Ron said so quietly Harry had to lean in, thinking that it was something important.

Hermione’s reply was very snappish, but flattered. “If you can’t see me than you wouldn’t know I was brushing my hair, now would you?” The trio then began their small trip downstairs. The whole way down, Hermione resumed her talk of why supporting S.P.E.W. was very important and that she expected them to help her in her future efforts.

Harry could not help thinking that her presentation of her speech was similar to Dolores Umbridge’s in Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts. Harry dozed off somewhere walking on the stairs between the ground floor and the first floor. Harry also felt some magic around him. Like in the apparition building, Harry started egging his feeling on. Instead of the feeling becoming stronger, Harry’s conscience became fainter just as he arrived at the landing.

Neither Ron nor Hermione heard Harry hit the floor softly as they were too busy bickering. They also didn’t see Harry being dragged out of the hall.

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last part of chap 5


Harry woke up dizzy. He didn’t remember much about what happened to him.

The only thing he recalled was walking down the stairs and then hitting the floor.

Harry reached for his wand. But he found that it wasn’t there. Harry quickly regained his senses and started analyzing his situation.

It didn’t do him any good, because it was too dark for him to see his hand in front of his face. Harry focused on listening to his surroundings to get a grasp on his location. There was a moment when Harry thought that he had heard a soft clinking to his left. Upon listening harder Harry realized that it was nothing other than his imagination.

“Harry Potter, sir?” Harry heard a quivering voice say.

“Dobby? Dobby, is that you? Give me some light, Dobby,” Harry said in relief. A light went on and Harry saw a small creature with eyes the size of tennis balls. Harry immediately recognized him as the house-elf, Dobby.

Harry also noticed the room and how dusty it was. It seemed like a basement that had never been used. The only difference between a basement and the room Harry was in was the room was made of wood and in the shape of a pyramid.

“I am really glad to see you Dobby. Did you bring me here?” Harry asked. He tried to stand up but his legs were too weak.

“Oh no, Harry Potter, sir. Dobby was just going to look for you. I heard Kreacher muttering about Harry Potter and Dobby must protect Harry Potter, Harry Potter, sir,” Dobby said in a fake squeaky voice. Harry thought that Dobby’s voice was higher pitched than usual. Something in his gut made Harry suspicious.

“Your free, right Dobby?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Harry Potter, sir.”

“And your old masters were the Malfoys right?”

“Yes Mr. Harry Potter, sir.”

“Please tell me of what Lucius Malfoy did after Lord Voldemort fell,” Harry said in a commanding voice.

“Harry Potter, sir? Dobby doesn’t know that he could do that. In fact, Dobby refuses.”

“But why? I command you to tell me who you really are.”

Harry could see the elf struggling with itself. Harry already knew who it was before the elf answered. Dobby had the power to refuse but this elf did not. Actually, Harry thought, Dobby would tell me anyway, he likes me so much.

“It is Kreacher,” the elf said, and then he added in a mutter, “Stupid master always so suspicious.”

Harry just stared at his house-elf. He was amazed that Kreacher could make himself look like someone else. He did not know that house-elves had that power in their magic.

“Kreacher, how did you manage to look like that?”

“Master must be mistaken, Kreacher is not looking like anything,” Kreacher said slyly. Harry realized that his question had been to general.

“Kreacher, how did you manage to look like Dobby?”

“Master always asks questions. Never a ‘Hello, Kreacher. Good job.’”

“Don’t try to act innocent; I know you are up to something. Tell me how and why you look like Dobby. Actually, first change back to yourself. It is weird looking at the image of Dobby with knowing that I am speaking to scum like you, Kreacher.”

Kreacher’s skin started to crawl and he slowly transformed back to his own visage.

“That’s better. I see now. You must have used Polyjuice potion. Well that just raises more questions. Who gave you the Polyjuice potion Kreacher?”

“A person who is not fond of Harry Potter gave Kreacher the potion,” Kreacher said in a fake obedient voice.

“I realized that Kreacher. Tell me the name.”

Kreacher seemed to fight his instincts to obey but then he relented and said, “It was Miss Malfoy.”

“Malfoy? Narcissa Malfoy made you do this?” Harry said raising his voice.

“Kreacher was given the order by Narcissa Malfoy.”

“Why did you accept it? I am your master. You are only supposed to take orders from me,” Harry said, verging on panic. Then Harry remembered what Sirius had said in Grimmauld Place almost two years ago. Sirius had said that Kreacher is supposed to take orders from anyone in the family. “What did she want you to do Kreacher?”

“Miss Malfoy ordered Kreacher to change into Dobby the house-elf. Kreacher despised this very much. Then Kreacher was to lead you away from company and convince you to come with me on an urgent mission.”

“What were you really going to do?” Harry could see the spirit inside of Kreacher dying with every word he spoke.

“Kreacher was to lead you to Azkaban.”

“Azkaban? Why Azkaban?”

“The Dark Lord has plans for someone in Azkaban. Master was to be the scapegoat,” Kreacher said in a final tone. Harry noticed that this was all that Kreacher knew. But he heard Kreacher say under his breath, “How Kreacher wishes it was so.”

“Well no harm done. Actually, where are we Kreacher?”

“Kreacher and master is in the attic.”

“Oh, well, I would ask you to punish yourself but I don’t think that Hermione would like that. So…Kreacher, I forbid you to take any orders from anyone else except me, Harry James Potter, unless I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?” Harry now saw no signs of life in Kreacher’s eyes as he replied his affirmation.

Harry took one last look at Kreacher before he Apparated back to his room. Harry was about to climb into bed and fall asleep when he realized what Ron and Hermione were probably doing.

Harry had no sooner gotten out of bed when Ron walked briskly into the room.

“Oh, that is where you were. Hermione and I were already looking through Kreacher’s room before we realized that you weren’t with us. That’s a real bad joke you pulled on us. We… I mean Hermione was really worried,” Ron said.

Harry sighed and then filled Ron in on what had happened. Ron stood gaping at Harry when Hermione walked into the room. Harry had to repeat his story to her and she took on the expression Ron had.

“It’s alright though, because it didn’t work. Listen, I am really tired, so can we talk more in the morning?” Harry climbed into bed before they could reply.

“I think I will walk Hermione to her room,” Ron said as he and Hermione turned.

Harry heard their footsteps fade as he fell asleep in anticipation of three things the next morning. If Ron and Hermione had found the horcrux; Bill and Fleur’s wedding; news on a break in (and possibly a break out) on Azkaban.


a little different secret than i was leading you to believe...

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Chapter 6: The Ruse at the Wedding

“Man, you are lucky! Mom definitely likes you more than she does her us,” Ron Weasley said late in the morning the next day. The wedding was to be in a few hours and Harry was just getting out of bed,

“What time is it?” Harry asked.

“11:30. Mom woke us up at six thirty to get over to Erminefoot Rise. We have been setting it up for the wedding. Mom wants it perfect for Bill and Fleur. She said that you should be allowed to sleep in because you were going to be doing something important today. Funny thing though, Mom was ‘too busy for tedious work.’ She took Fleur and went to her room so she could get dressed. She said that you should be allowed to sleep going to in because you were be doing something important today,” Ron said in an exasperated voice. Hermione looked at Ron like he was a child and then turned to Harry.

“Harry, you should get up. We’re going to eat and then we need to get dressed. Ginny has already started. She is a bridesmaid so she has a really extravagant dress. I am going to straighten my hair for this occasion so I should start right away…” she dragged. With a blank but convinced expression she walked out of the room and Ron and Harry heard her heading down the steps.

“You know, you two are perfect for each other,” Harry said to Ron almost laughing.

“Oh shut up. We… We’re just… She is….” Ron said slowly.

“Never mind. I want to know something while no one is around. Did you guys find the horcrux?” Harry said eagerly. He felt weird however. At the end of last term at Hogwarts he did not feel eager about his next adventure, but rather it was like the tedious job Mrs. Weasley was too busy to do.

“No, we didn’t. We looked for a while but then we noticed that you weren’t there. We looked a little more, but we were too worried to look properly so we headed back to the room,” Ron said scratching his head in an apologetic voice.

“Don’t worry about it. I knew I would have to find it because I had the dreams. Well do we know of anyone breaking out of Azkaban?”

“I heard dad talking to Lupin this morning before we set out. A few Death Eaters broke into Azkaban with some dementors. They tried to break out all of the imprisoned Death Eaters but only managed a few after reinforcements from the Ministry arrived. One of them was Lucius Malfoy.”

Harry did not like the sound of more Death Eaters out in the world but he was not entirely fazed. He knew that the Order was a match for them and the Ministry was more prepared than the time they broke into the Ministry.

He did not feel like talking about the Death Eaters any longer so he got Ron to drop the subject (Ron was clenching his fists at the thought of Lucius Malfoy on the streets). “Let’s go get something to eat,” Harry said. He wasn’t disappointed but he did feel like he had too much on his plate. He had one foot out the door when he had an idea. “You go on, I want to talk to Phineas.”

Harry watched Ron head eagerly out the door. Harry knew that he hurried so he could get some private time with Hermione.

“Phineas? Phineas I know you heard me!” Harry said raising his voice. Phineas appeared, not at all surprised.


“Does Dumbledore have any messages for me that pertain to the wedding? Did he know of something that I am supposed to do today?” Harry asked thinking of Ron’s comment.

“Yes. I knew you would ask me this. I knew that Mrs. Weasley could not keep her mouth shut,” he said degradingly. Normally, Harry would have told Phineas not to talk about Molly Weasley, but he was too eager upon realizing that Phineas might tell him of what he was supposed to do. “To put it simply, you are to act as the Bonder.”

“The…. What?” Harry once again was at a loss because he did not know enough about the wizarding world. Phineas realized that he would have to explain and he gave out a long, exasperated sigh.

“The Bonder. At a wizard and witches’ wedding there is a person called the Bonder. First there is the ceremony and the reverend pronounces the couple husband and wife. Then, before they kiss, the Bonder joins the couple’s wands and ignites them with a bright, powerful, white light. This light temporarily blinds everyone except the Bonder and the couple. It is supposed to stand for some rubbish like, ‘the power of light is too powerful to behold’ or something like that. Does that answer your question?”

“Yes, thank you,” Harry said. They parted company and Harry knew he would have to ask Hermione for the relation of the wizards’ wedding to the Muggles’ wedding.


Harry walked briskly out of Grimmauld Place a few hours later. Hermione had informed him that the only difference between a Muggles’ wedding and a wizards’ wedding was the Bonder. Mr. Weasley had told him of his part in the wedding and that he should not be noticed. It was lightly drizzling but nothing significant. Harry felt calmed when he felt the rain hit his face. Harry rounded the corner of the house, checked to see if anyone was around, then he turned on his heel and Disapparated.

Harry appeared a short walk away from what he was sure was the place was the ceremony. Erminefoot Rise was a very proper place to hold a wedding, Harry thought. The rise was fleeting and graceful. There was a flat area of land that proceeded to a gentle slope which peaked and became a small plateau.

After a decent bit of land, the plateau dipped and went down to a valley lower than the opposite side. The valley was filled with flowers which glistened with the small amount of rain on them. Harry saw that Ginny and Gabriel, Fleur’s sister, had already thrown flower down the aisle that was formed from the placing of chairs preceding the plateau.

Harry arrived at the beginning of the aisle and watched the procession. Bill and Fleur had already said their vows and the reverend was on task of pronouncing them man and wife. Ginny and Gabriel were both in dresses that were palest gold and resembled Fleur’s, only less extravagant. Hermione was in a light purple dress with her hair straightened and her bangs styled off to the side.

Ron was in his dress robes that Fred and George bought him. Everyone looked happy and content. Harry wished he could spend the rest of eternity watching his friends peacefully. However, Harry knew that he had a job to do and not just the one where he acted as the Bonder.

Harry was given a wink by the reverend to start his walk up the aisle. He noticed Charlie Weasley off to the side facing the crowd and realized that he was the best man. Harry heard the reverend finishing the ceremony as Harry took his last few steps up the gentle slope to the plateau.

“And do you, Fleur Delacour, daughter of Petru Delacour and Potcoava Vintila, take this man, Bill Weasley, son of Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?”

“I do,” Fleur said tearing up with joy. The reverend rose his hands and said,

“Then by the power vested in me by the Ministry of Magic, Department of Wizarding Bonds, and with the consent of the families present today, I pronounce you man and wife. Bonder?”

Harry stepped forward and gestured for Bill and Fleur to draw their wands. They did so and made their tips touch. Harry drew his own wand and tapped their united wands. A white light shone that was faded rather than bright. The white light grew steadily brighter and soon, even though Harry could see the look of joy on Bill’s and Fleur’s faces, Harry felt the confusion as the crowd behind him was temporarily blinded.

When the light faded, Bill and Fleur began to kiss and everyone started clapping and congratulating their neighbors. Harry slowly walked back off the plateau and put his wand back in his dress robes.

Then, Harry heard a voice that he knew all to well. The voice held distaste with every syllable.

“Oh, I wouldn’t put your wand away just yet, Potter,” Lucius Malfoy’s voice said from underneath a Death Eater’s mask. Soon Harry heard many Apparating hops and knew they were in trouble.


Rather short, but it was a set up scene...

wat u think?

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This is really Awesome!Keep it up!


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Amber9 happens

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are you still going to be writing in here? i twas really startin to be a good it has been over a month since your last post.


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i am not quite sure how to do this but i want this thread closed, so no more posting please try my other fic for post-DH drama:

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As Deathly Hallows has been released and we know the real story, it is hard for an author to continue based on their own ideas. I know the feeling; your ideas seem less grand and somewhat tainted by a blend with the ideas from the actual novel.

In any case, howdugetsougly has requested that I shut down the thread.


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