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X-Men Fic:Shocked!
Started by: Spiral Goddess

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Spiral Goddess
Eternal Omega Red

Gender: Female
Location: Mojo World

X-Men Fic:Shocked!


Beast's blue eyes narrowed at the metal collar in his hands.
He lost track of the time he spent creating it and it was finally complete.
He turned his head when his companions approached him from behind.

GAMBIT : You miss lunch. Gambit helped himself to your food.

Beast seemed to disregard him as he smiled and revealed the collar.

ROGUE : What is it?

BEAST : It's a collar that electrocutes the person wearing it.
I created it in case of intruders.

He found eight controllers and gave seven away while keeping the last one for
himself. There were 10 numbers above a red dial on each of them.

BEAST : The numbers indicate the pain levels. 1 is low and 10 is high.

He looked around his lab.

BEAST : Has anyone seen Wolverine?

He and his allies exited his lab while searching for him.

JEAN GREY : Logan?

She and her friends were surprised when they saw Wolverine arriving with
a blonde man in the livingroom.

STORM : Omega Red?!

WOLVERINE : He approached me in the frontyard and wanted to know where this
C-Synthesizer was. He ticked me off so I fought and brought him here.

Banshee, one of the former X-Men, scowled when he saw the blonde Russian.
He didn't expect to see him during his visit to the X-Mansion.

BANSHEE : Arkady!

ROGUE : You know him?

BANSHEE : He was a human killer a long time ago and was responsible for the death of
one of my companions. I turned him over to the Soviets who transformed him into a
living weapon.

Omega Red's smile angered him every second. It vanished when Beast approached him
and put the collar around his neck.

BEAST : You may release him now, Wolverine.

As soon as he was out of Wolverine's grip, the red Russian released a coil from
his wrist and was about to use it as a whip until he was electrocuted!


Jubilee held her controller behind her back while looking up at the ceiling and


He cried out as more electricity consumed him.

OMEGA RED : What am I wearing?

BEAST : It's a collar that will shock you whenever you do or say something wrong.
It cancels your abilities and will electrocute you if you attempt to remove it or

STORM : We could use some help around the mansion since we are constantly fighting
evil mutants like you.

Omega Red just scowled until he cried out when he was electrocuted again.

WOLVERINE : I just don't like you.

Jean looked thoughtful.

JEAN GREY : Perhaps I can create a maid outfit for you.

OMEGA RED : I am a living weapon and not a maid!

His screams echoed through the mansion when the dial on Jean's controller was at

JEAN GREY : You're going to wear it and you're going to like it!

She departed in order to work on the outfit.
Jubilee glanced at the clock on the wall and groaned.

JUBILEE : Homework!

She smiled at Omega Red who looked suspicious and gestured for him to follow her to
her room where there were papers and books scattered on her desk.

JUBILEE : I have to translate phrases from English to Russian and I was wondering if
you could help me.


Jubilee scowled while threatening to turn the dial.


Omega Red frowned as he spoke in Russian and was electrocuted after two minutes.


The blonde man was tempted to tear her apart with his hands yet did not wish to
endure more electricity. His red eyes decreased in size.

OMEGA RED : Do you need my help or not?

JUBILEE : No. I think I understand now.

He winced when he heard Jean's disembodied voice from downstairs.


She smiled the second he appeared and held a maid outfit in front of her body.
She saw him scowl while taking the clothes and entering the restroom.
Her smile increased when he appeared wearing the outfit with a small white cap,
black stockings, and dark heels. She couldn't help but notice how different he looked
without the red headband and armor.

Gambit appeared and whistled at Maid Arkady who was electrocuted by a jealous
Rogue. Wolverine frowned while he narrowed his eyes at him.

WOLVERINE : That maid outfit is enough to give ME nightmares!
Anyway, it's almost time for dinner so you get yer Russian rump into the kitchen!
Don't even think about making any of that Soviet slop!

Omega Red's anger increased every second.
He muttered something in Russian before he entered the kitchen and looked around.
He never saw Wolverine joining his allies in the livingroom.

CYCLOPS : The maid outfit is cute, but it's also a little disturbing.

WOLVERINE : A little disturbing?

He and his teammates waited until Maid Arkady appeared and followed him into the
kitchen where they saw several bowls on the table and sat in their chairs.

GAMBIT : Why is Gambit's soup red?

JUBILEE : Did you puke in my bowl?

OMEGA RED : It is borscht and the main ingredient is beetroot.
That's why it's red.

He scowled at Jubilee who tasted the soup and proceeded to spit it out along with
everyone else who tried it. He dodged the bowl that Wolverine threw at him.

WOLVERINE : I told you not to make Soviet slop!

OMEGA RED : What would you want me to make?


CYCLOPS : Hamburgers would be nice.

ROGUE : Catfish!

GAMBIT : Gumbo!

BEAST : I agree with Jubilee's choice.

He, Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, Banshee, Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, and Jean nodded.
They watched him get out the pizza ingredients and put everything together before
he placed them in the oven. He waited until they were done and put them on the
table. He made sure to place different toppings in various bowls.

JUBILEE : I want McDonalds instead.

STORM : What a wonderful idea.

GAMBIT : Let's go.

OMEGA RED : What about....?

ROGUE : You can put the pizzas in the fridge.

The poor man obeyed before he went with them to the small restaurant.
He scowled when everyone stared and laughed at him.
The smell of fast food caused him to feel a little ill.

OMEGA RED : Who is ordering?


They told him what they wanted before Cyclops gave him the money and
sat with them. He approached the counter and told the 16 year old boy what they

BOY : Sir? I'm sorry, but I can't understand you.

Omega Red attempted to control his anger as he told him what his masters wanted.
He observed the people eating hamburgers and fries while he waited for the food.

OMEGA RED : Americans! So unhealthy!

He took the food when it arrived and brought it to the X-Men before he sat with them.

STORM : I asked for a salad yet you gave me a Big Mac.

ROGUE : Ah wanted a McFlurry!

GAMBIT : No cajun spiced McChicken sandwich for Gambit?

WOLVERINE : Omega Red can program a nuclear missle yet he can't get simple orders
right at McDonalds?

He slowly shook his head back and forth while frowning.

Omega Red scowled at everyone as they switched their food with one another.
His angry expression remained even when they returned to the X-Mansion.
He made constant mistakes and endured more electricity.

Later that evening, he sat by the fireplace in the livingroom.
He turned his head when Banshee appeared and sat near him.

OMEGA RED : Does the sight of me still add salt to your wounds?

BANSHEE : Perhaps at first, but I've seen the way the X-Men have been treating you.
You may be a murderer, but not even you deserve this.

Omega Red didn't know what to say as he stared at the dancing fire.
He lost count of the multiple bullets that penetrated his body when Banshee shot his
human body so many years ago. The memories and current stress started to overwhelm
him. He turned his head so that Banshee couldn't see his angry tears.
His silent sobs caused his shoulders to move up and down.
His tears eventually vanished before he proceeded to rest his head on Banshee's

Banshee took the blanket that was on the sofa and placed it over the
exhausted Russian. He never saw the other X-Men arriving.

WOLVERINE : Forget the maid outfit. Omega Red resting his head on Banshee's shoulder
will give me nightmares for weeks!


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no expression


Do you even KMC???

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Um.....Well that was certainly interesting?


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I liked it! This made my day more then I could say! Keep writing!

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Had me laughing the whole time

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