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Star Wars universe vs Transformers universe
Started by: Hewhoknowsall

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Onyx Prime

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How about pulling things out from the past and into the present.


Old Post Jul 23rd, 2013 12:47 PM
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Transformers universe stomps.


Old Post Jul 24th, 2013 02:39 AM
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Ok, since I'm familiar with both universes, here are my 2 cents

Cybertronians are indeed millions of years older than the civilized galactic governments in the SW universe, (the original uprising to throw the Quintessons off Cybertron was 8 million years ago) but they spent many of those millions of years killing each other since then to the point that there are only millions of cybertronians vs billions of beings across thousands of star systems in the SW universe.

The SW universe has access to nearly unlimited resources, again thanks to those thousands of star systems. cybertronians have nearly DEPLETED their resources in their millions of years of warfare.

The technology in the SW universe seems to have standardized despite the thousands of years of history, ships, weapons, etc. don't seem to have evolved much over the millenia, whereas cybertronians can scan and adapt to any tech level and use it on themselves. Presumably, because they have spent millions of years in constant war, they have developed tech the SW universe has yet to master exept in a few isolated cases, some of which have been alluded to earlier in this thread.

Force-users may not be able to sense the life energy (spark) of a cybertronian but they can use the force to tear a cybertronian's body apart. They do that with your garden variety droid army, why should cybertronians be any different? Having said that, force-users are not so numerous as to pose as much of a threat as a regular standing army, which cybertronians would have no trouble in defeating.

A Cybertronian's lifeforce (spark) cannot be hacked or influenced by mind-altering effects that affect organic lifeforms. Even those cybertronians with organic structures (Pretenders, Transmetals, etc) would be inmune. Their computerized core and general computeried systems are another story. There is a G1 TV episode in which Teletran 1 was able to hack into one of the Decepticon Jets (Sjywarp, specifically) and make him attack his Decepticon comrades while he was holding Megatron in gun mode, thanks to a remote modem one human attached to the robot's leg. If one human in a wheelchair was able to do that to a 29-foot tall robot, imagine what a halfway-decent SW slicer can do. Heck, have R2-D2 hack into thei Decepticon systems and watch hilarity ensue.

Cybertronians can scan any vehicle, device or piece of tech and integrate them. This way, they can travel the lengh of the SW galaxy undetected as any number of starships, speeders, etc or even as things as mundane as blasters or commlinks, even lightsabers. Presumably they can infiltrate any stronghold, fortification or superweapon and either destroy it from within or scan it and become said installation or superweapon themselfes.

As far as the Death Star/Unicron deal, the Matrix isn't ehe ONLY way to destroy Unicron. There are several ways this has been done, depending on what TF continuity you go by. (the Armada/Energon continuity being excamples) Unicron may be able to withstand one blast from the Death Star but I don't see him surviving more than two or three direct hits. Also, the Death Star needs time to recharge after each shot. A blast large enough to destroy a planet takes the Death Star a full day to build up (check the SW Technical Journal or the Essential Guide books) If the Death Star's crew fails to damage him in the first shot, their ass is toast.

Even if the Death Star does manage to blow Unicron apart with the first shot, the scattered body parts still contain the essence of Unicron. This means that those fragments can either reconstitute themselves in time or land on the Death Star as part of the explosion. And why destroy the Death Star when Unicron can presumably scan it and BECOME the Death Star, World Devastator, Galaxy Gun (insert superweapon name here)??? Again, depending on which TF continuity you go by, there are several ways this has been done.

Seems to me that there are enough checks and balances in each universe to keep this debate going for a looooong time

Old Post Dec 23rd, 2013 06:39 AM
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My thoughts: IDW is the militarily strongest TF universe (it has *many ships* that are 10+ miles long, and the most numbers, and pound-for-pound they're quite strong too), but lacks the cosmics. Also depends on when, lack of energy has been a problem to the transformers at many times.

I'd say that baring cosmic forces like Unicron and Primus, SW generally wins on raw resources and greater ability to replenish forces, though at high cost.

Naruto ranks One Piece ranks

Old Post Dec 25th, 2013 09:01 AM
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