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Started by: Ushgarak

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Just to make my spending official. I'm going to be taking Awareness and bumping Leadership up to 2
That should be 10 xp, so I'll bank the other 3


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Ushgarak
Sorry there, folks- meant to do this yesterday but my timing got all knackered by a friend dropping in.


So! Sections for this story:

1. Tracking down Lennah

1 xp you played this section at all and another if you made a reasonable contribution all the way through (I am sure you can judge this for yourself but I think, for example, Roan could not clam all of the 'all the way through' bonuses n this game in all good conscience)

1 xp for finding Lennah, but there are bonuses here for anyone who contributed towards doing this faster. It wasn't that quick so no 2xp bonus but everyone who contributed skills or contacts towards tracking him down scores an extra xp.

1 xp available for meaningful interaction with Saar. Scored for all that exchanged words with him (or described in detail why they refused). Gosh, RPing xp... that's starting to stretch things...


2. Secret Sith Base of Doom

The same participation score- 1 for turning up, another 1 for making a reasonable contribution throughout the section.

If you made a contribution towards discovering Darth Kazan's base, score an xp

If you made any contribution to the fight, score another 2 xp. If you dropped out you still score this so long as you did a reasonable amount before dropping. If you were still standing at the end of the fight, score another xp. This fight also ended successfully- despite you guys doing it the hard way by completing both objectives (stealing the data and shutting down the base) when only one was needed. That scores a bonus xp, but that one I am afraid you can't score if you dropped out from the fight (being downed is fine- only stopping playing removes the bonus)


3. Shooting Sith in a barrel and the Robine investigation

3 xp straight for everyone who was there for the Dark Side shoot-up, even if you couldn't actually do anything. It was all dramatic and fun enough.

1 xp for being present on Robine; another xp for anyone who made a useful skill contribution. No extra xp for finding bonus info I am afraid.

Count it up and no cheating!
Apologies for my extended absence... So... That Robine stuff must have went on a bit.

Now I was present and contributed for the space battle near Robine before the Sith hyperspaced their hiding, and a little of tracking them down after but I dunno what has happened since as we have been without internet on and off, did we go to see the Saar guy again in the "Imperial" detainment facility or was Robine our final stop?

I was also at the Sith Base of Doom (working backwards here) and think I contributed as much as I could there but I went down. I also tried to help figure out where Darth Kazan's base was. I was still playing pretty much right to the end of that but my presence was less often because Denz was downed but I was glad to get out of there.

I did interact with Saar I believe or at least RPed some in character stuff with other Jedi while discussing with Saar. To be fair here this was the longest time ago now. I don't remember if I made a resonable contribution all the way through. Besides some interesting stuff there wasn't a lot for me to do besides ideas etc. but I was present.

So any ideas what I would have scored, and Ush I'd like your ruling here as I have been a bit in and out late game (the last few months).

13... maybe? But I don't want to cheat here...


A long time have I waited for this, my little green friend!

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Home » Role Playing » Star Wars: Role Playing » USH'S STAR WARS GAME- CAMPAIGN II EPISODE VI (LIGHT SIDE)- Missing Links

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