Scott Rudin Closes Book On 'The Reader'

Friday, October 10th, 2008

In another curious twist to an already bizarre case, Scott Rudin has walked away from "The Reader" and will no longer be involved with The Weinstein Co.'s December release.

It also looks as if he will not be credited as a producer on the Stephen Daldry period romantic-drama starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, though there was no official word at press time.

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How can Eric Roth add anything to this?Regardless of his tanelt and Oscar to back it up.He's not the director or the box office star, or even Rudin.In this day and age which has go on in a bad way for almost 20 years now;IRREGARDLESS of the box office numbers which are juggled as much as thestudio books stars and producers and directors are going to have the last word.Right off to the side of the studio uppers.If any of us had any idea of much Roth himself and his writing have been screwed with over the years and many other good to great writers like him we'd knowwhy so many movies with great potential just bomb.Because everyone in Hollywood knows how to write and knows more than the writers.BLIND SIDE made a lot of money because powers that be created a specific cookiefor a growing, specific audience. The same that idolizes the shit that washes up on the JERSEY SHORE.And a few years from now hopefully the smarted audiences will look back at BLINDSIDEand this upcoming crap and once again wonder, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING ABOUT?There's room for really good popcorn entertainment called a movie.This just isn't going to be it.Ask Scott R. how many great ideas he'll shove in Eric's script.Write on, right on.MARK11

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