Two More 'Shrek' Movies In The Works

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

The fourth Shrek instalment is in train, scheduled for release in 2010. The fifth, [Shrek producer Jeffrey Katzenberg] says, will be the last. "It's a finite story, has been from the beginning and I think that's part of its integrity, part of its strength, that we're not thinking this up as we go," he says. "Ultimately we will come back to understand how Shrek arrived in that swamp. We will reveal his story."

While the animation in the new Shrek is extraordinary, and the film has retained much of its charm and humour, some reviewers have noted the sparkle is gone. The Hollywood Reporter thought "much of the bite and a good deal of the wit of the first two films are missing here . . . DreamWorks Animation has clearly gone to the well one time too many in Shrek the Third."

Worse, it went on, the green ogre's "manners and disposition have improved to the point (where) he is threatened by middle-class respectability".

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Carla Chavez
I think Shrek's movies have been all a great success and I'am a great huge fan of it and I'll like it to keep on going because these are the best movies that I've feel in love with wink <3 Shrek
I feel the third Shrek was definately lacking, Not to mention the plot was totally random.. they clearly just continue to make these movies for the profit and not the entertainment like they should..
Nothing could be worse than my 5-year-old rendition of Grand Old Flag at my first tanlet show! Just give it your all, and really get into it. If you act embarrased up there it will not be a good performance! I would remove your wikipedia link, and replace it with the YouTube link you mentioned. Hyperlink a word, don't put in the whole link.

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