Sharon Lea To Lead 'Soul Men'

Monday, January 14th, 2008

"Dreamgirls" co-star Sharon Leal has landed the female lead in another musically themed feature, the Dimension Films comedy "Soul Men."

The film, directed by Malcolm D. Lee, stars Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac as Louis and Floyd, two estranged former backup soul singers for a famed group who reluctantly agree to travel together for a memorial concert at the Apollo Theatre in honor of their recently deceased frontman.

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I've just finished wanihctg the new club house coming together again! I really pray that someday I get to see in in person. Right now, I know that my place is here taking care of my mom. She will have her 91st birthday in about a week! She doesn't remember a lot of things. Last night she asked me what her last name was, and then how it came to be that. But she still knows me, and her grandsons, so she still has something to make her days not all run together. She can be rather trying, but I don't know how I'll feel at 91 if I make it there! Her health is, in some ways, better than mine. And she still knits! So on we go on this path until the next cross roads. Until then I would love to win the Soul Restoration tuition! I live on a fixed income, and can't afford to take the class otherwise.So until things change, this is where you'll find me.I am grateful for your Brave Girls Club, and the daily emails. Some times readng them is all that keeps me together. Thanks Melody and Kathy and Mr Ross and all the other people, family and friends, who help to make it a success. And how long will it last .as long as there are women who need it!Thanks again, Jessica

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