Samuel L. Jackson In 'The Spirit' Talks

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Samuel L. Jackson is in negotiations to star as a mysterious supervillain in the Frank Miller-helmed comic book adaptation "The Spirit" for Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment.

The story centers on Denny Colt, an ambitious young cop murdered in the line of duty who under mysterious circumstances is reborn as the masked mystery man known as the Spirit.

Jackson would play the Spirit's nemesis, the Octopus, a meek lab assistant who reinvents himself as a psychotic nightmare that kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face. The Octopus' tentacles reach into every aspect of crime in fictitious Central City, a city he plans to wipe out.

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one of the songs reminded her of ciurcs music. There is one song which is kind of frentic (I called this one the crazy song ). The music is very electronic sounding, not soothing. This toy is definitely designed for play time. My son is almost 2 now and we still have the Octoplush. Here are my observations after having this thing for so long:1) The toy will go crazy when the batteries are low. Before they stop working, they seem to make the toy act bizarre and work in weird ways. If your Octoplush is acting up, it may be the batteries need to be changed. 2) The songs are long (as one reviewer pointed out). But you can stop the music at any time by pushing one of the buttons on the feet. It'll say blue (or whatever color you push) and then be quiet. 3) My son can barely get the feet buttons to work even now. I can get them to work just fine (it's not broken), but even a young child (not a baby) has trouble with it. 4) It's true that you can choose English, French, or Spanish for the color words. That's great, but I can speak enough French and Spanish to tell that some of these words are pronounced so poorly that it's hard to make out what the little electronic voice is saying (some of them make me laugh). Don't expect your child to pick up all these words while blithely playing with the Octoplush. The quality is not good enough for that. If the recordings were better (which would be easy for the company to do), then maybe so. This is the main reason why I don't give this toy a 5-star rating. I think this is its biggest fault the poor quality of the recordings for the words (including the English too). But that being said, this toy only costs about $12 so I think it's well worth the price.

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