'Toy Story 3' To Be Released In IMAX

Friday, December 18th, 2009

"Toy Story 3," which opens June 18, will be released on Imax 3D screens as part of its wide release, Imax said Friday.

The Pixar film, directed by Lee Unkrich, will be remastered for its Imax engagements with the proprietary Imax DMR technology.

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St.Pat the Musi
Time is ticking,and im wating!
Actually skeptic I do not work for Warner Bros. My name comes from an artclie around the time WB absorbed New LIne and were pointing their steel talons in the direction of MGM. I thought it was a really fitting play on words. Especially since Time Warner are still sitting on a war chest of over $7 billion (?) and 2011 could see Bewkes splashing that cash'. If the price is right of course. Resistance is futile? My issue' with Sony's film and TV division isn't that they are superfluous but that they aren't what Sony needs at the moment. I can see the benefit of Sony having a NBC-Universal type company with a portfolio of great cable channels, but the foreign media ownership laws means their hands are tied in that regard. Sony's media operation isn't bad, it just seems out of step with their needs. How many shows do Sony have on prime time network television at the moment, two? I know they've had great success in the cable space' but starting the season with just Community (which I adore) and Rules of Engagement feels a little anemic. I know Sony Pictures TV is investing heavily in prime time development for this coming season but they've done that in the past with mixed results. Does the world need yet another reboot of Charlie's Angels? I have to ask, in this new digital media landscape of Internet enabled TVs and VOD what does it benefit Sony to have a film studio that lies FIFTH in market share when they are being beaten soundly in the home TV market by Samsung? I don't want to sound like I'm beating the drum for Sony to burn Columbia etc to the ground, but Sony has become far too bloated and sprawling a company over the years and could do with some pruning'. Whether they actually do it or not is another question entirely.
Hi Alain,Of note: while the massing model shows the same SDL as the leekad site plan, both ToyStoryLand and the Soarin ride are not present on the model. This makes me think these two areas were cut from Phase I as part of the budgeting process - the massing model being the more recent representation of the park. Maybe since the popular Toy Story franchise was dropped from the park, it was transferred to the hotel.

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