Charlies Angels 2 Casting News

Fred Topal got to talk to Tyler Hoechlin (Tom Hanks' son in "Road to Perdition") said he is going up for a role in "Charlie's Angels 2: Halo."

Whether he gets the role or not, his description reveals significant points about the sequel's plot.

"I'd be Max," Hoechlin said. "He's a 15-year-old motocross champion and his dad is an FBI informant who gets killed by the mob. The Mafia is coming after me and Charlie's Angels protect my character."

Hoechlin is looking forward to getting into some of the sequel's crazy action should he land the role. "I like doing stunts. That's always been something cool that I like. I did gymnastics when I was little, so I hope eventually I get to do my own stunts."

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