Jennifer Garner Talks 'Elektra' Dark Role

Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner, who plays Elektra in the 'Daredevil'-spinoff, says that the movie will remain true to Frank Miller's graphic novels, on which the movie is based.

"Elektra is lethal," Garner told Sci-Fi Wire. "In Daredevil, [she] was somebody who was on the verge of being lethal who was surprised to find herself vulnerable to someone. Once her father's killed—and this is true in the comic books, and it is in the films as well— ... there is no light for her in the world anymore."

"She goes to such an incredibly dark place: ... almost dies, is resurrected, and, when Stick kicks her out of the only home she believes she has left in the world, she uses her skills to become an assassin," Garner said. "She's a mercenary. She is out for blood. She could care less who you are, what you do, where you come from. And I have to say I love that about her, because I feel she has been driven to it, and she is hiding behind her own soullessness. And she uses it to isolate her completely and emotionally from the world and physically from the world. ... This particular story is about her not being able to deny her need for her own redemption, and it comes up and smacks her in the face, much like falling for Matt Murdock did. Except I think this is much more of a surprise, and it's more of a twist, and it's something she fights a lot harder than she fought falling for Matt."

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