New Writer Assigned To SWAT

David Ayer ('U-571') has been signed to write the Columbia Pictures movie 'SWAT', report Variety. Ayer will be paid nearly $1 million upfront, with a significant seven-figure payday if the film gets made.

Commercials helmer Zack Snyder remains on board to direct the screen version of the 1970s TV series, but Ayer will not rely on previous draft screenplays commissioned by the studio.

Ayer's new take on the material is: a grizzled SWAT officer is given a second chance to cobble together a new team to protect a high-profile criminal.

"I watched the show as a kid and had SWAT action figures," Ayer told Daily Variety. He said he will need to get cranking on the script as soon as possible, since the studio plans to release the picture next summer.

Ayer currently is penning 'Squids,' an original script for New Line. The project is loosely based on Ayer's experiences serving in the Navy on a nuclear sub. He hopes to deliver his script before the May 1 strike deadline.

He has previously written the script to 'Training Day', 'The Plague Season'.

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