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Kang the Conqueror shall be respected!
Started by: Bentley

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Kang the Conqueror shall be respected!

Respect Kang the Conqueror

More than a tousand empires have fallen against him in different times, in different dimensions... His name is feared and respected, his tech and his genuis are among the best in the multiverse. He has many names, many guises, but one of them has been perpetually kept among the most powerful and dangerous foes the Avengers ever faced. Of course, it can be no other than...

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Kang the Conqueror!!!

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the very first Avengers run, this time-traveller is among the few characters to be born in an alternate Earth (6311) but to be a mainstay trouble for 616 Earth, going as far as conquering the planet because, well, he's a conqueror, that's what he does.

With his armor and future tech he's truly a force to be reckoned with, a legitimate team wrecker; but the man behind the mask is more dangerous by his own right: a highly trained warrior, an adept inventor, a master strategist, unmatched when it comes to time-physics... Kang has several life-times worth of experience and has honed his skills to be the ultimate conqueror. For Nathaniel Richards, war is both a hobbie and a lifestyle, he could just kill the Avengers but that wouldn't be a challenge, it wouldn't be fun.

So let's meet the conqueror in question. There's an issue in Avengers forever that passes through the highlights of Kang's life, and it also establishes most of its continuity, so its highly recommended Here, I present you with Kang's history:

Kang's backstory:

Here you have a bio (thanks to Galan!):

Now... There is one annoying thing about Kang: Continuity. He's both from an alternate earth AND a time-traveller, that rhymes with "retcon". Also, there are about five versions of Kang running around going by different names and using different armors, which are canon to Kang at least for now. Also there are divergent Kangs who have done different things, died, survived and fought the Avengers on ocasion. To make things worse, there are also non-Kang characters who have stolen his tech or his empire at different points of time, so deciding which tech can be used for Kang Prime its a pretty complex task. So in this thread I'm doing two things: I'm giving you the best Kang feats I can find, and I'm giving you the argument that makes such feats valid (as of 2010, that is, Busiek's retcon). If you trust my judgement or you don't care to get into a complex discussion on the character, just skip the first part labelled as "canon map".


Thread Index:

1.1- Introduction/Background Story.
1.2- Personal Abilities.
1.3- Canon Map.
2.1- Armor.
2.2- Offensive Tech.
2.3- Time Tech.
2.4- Robotics.
2.5- Miscellaneous Tech.
3.- Combat Feats.
4.- Scale.
5.- Histrionics.


Old Post Jun 18th, 2010 11:02 PM
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Personal Abilities.

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Despite being human, Kang posseses a few inherent abilities that could be considered super-human by regular standards. The first one would be his longevity, in the 30th on Earth 6311 humans have a slower aging rate.

Ouch, this guy went toe to toe against Cap at seventy. It would be a first if not for that aging ray that affected Steve and Redskull. Yeah, comics are weird like that.

Also, he posseses the seldomly used ability of having limited inmunity against radiation. It has been referred at least twice, so there is that:

(I guess that in the 30th century people can use cellphones as much as they want)

More importantly: After facing Immortus in Limbo, Kang is tricked into downloading the knowledge of every alternate Kang into his brain, to survive the shock he splits in two alternate Kangs. Because of this, he has the knowledge and abilities from his divergent selves:

His willpower is also pretty uber, since he beats destiny by splitting himself from his future-self Immortus, making him effectively a divergent self:

Some people think that Kang is uber because he steals tech, but actually he's quite the genius himself. For instance, he creates a stimuloid when he's very young:

He also knows very complex time-physics according to Hank Pym:

He is also a self-declared expert in robotics (Kang talks alone... A LOT):

Going as far as introducing modern robotics at the beginning of the 20th century:

Just using ancient egyptian resources he manages to put himself in suspended animation:

He also created a machine that stops time from diverting when he travels into a time-line:

He also created Chronopolis, a city that's in several timelines at the same time, and is the center of Kang's empire:

Just throwing a few feats so people don't go around dissing Kang's genius, he's also a highly trained warrior, but that will be evident when we get to the combat feats. I'll just throw a random training session showing some skill:


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Canon Map.

Oh my.

These are the different versions of Nathaniel Richards we will use: Rama Tut, Iron-lad, Scarlett Centurion I and Kang the Conqueror. Current Kang has already lived through his Rama Tut era and his Scarlett Centurion one, however, I'm considering that the Scarlett Centurion that stayed in the Squadron Supreme universe is a divergent character whose feats don't count for Kang, simply because his experiences has never been mentioned for Kang's canon, while the Scarlett Centurion who faced the Avengers has. Iron-lad's existence as his own character or a divergent version of Kang is still up in the air, but considering that it was Kang Prime who gave him his armor, we can consider that every feat from Iron-lad's armor could be accomplished by Kang's.

Then we have the divergent Kangs. I already explained that the time-sphere gave Kang the knowledge and experiences of every divergent Kang, and then he splitted that knowledge in half. As it is, its a cointoss. This is not much of a problem really, since most of the feats and abilities I tracked are common to Kang and his alternate selves. When a feat has not been shown by Kang Prime, or comes from a divergent future that splits very far away from 616, I'm using italics to introduce the feat. I'll consider Heroes Reborn Kang as such simply because this version of the character is not a joke, but you should consider it a separate character. It will be marked in itallics too with its few feats (check fight section).

When the feats come from alternate earths that are just too stupid, obviously jokes or very distinct to what Kang uses as regular methods, I'm using pink to mark such feats. You'll probably get it anyways, but I don't want you to go around thinking I didn't notice them.

Because I did .

The Cross-time Kangs are not even Nathaniel Richards, and as such, personal feats are not cannon for him. However, they stole his tech and tactics, so its feasible for Kang to replicate the use of tech shown by the Cross-time Kangs. As in with Kang from one showing to another -divergent or not-, I consider that he would be able to use their abilities in combat, thanks to his ability to pull weaponry from the timestream:

We don't really know how that works, but its safe to assume that if Kang has used a weapon, he could feasibly fetch it with that method. As such, I'm not using any particular mark for them.

I'm making an exception on this: "Cross-time Kang" Nebula. She simply seemed too skillful compared with the other Kangs, and he would be admittedly clever enough to go further than just copying Nathaniel's act -same for Terminatrix-. Tech-wise she's not all that different, sexing up Doctor Druid aside.

That was not a very Kangish thing to do anyways.

There is also Immortus. Since we already know Kang splitted from Immortus, feats after Avengers Forever are not canon for Immortus while every feat before counts for him -I'm not sure if the current Avenger arc retconned this, or if Immortus's status as a divergent self wasn't fixed, but to be honest, nothing should change here-. None of his feats count for his Kang persona though.

Keep in mind that Busiek retconned Avengers the Crossing so the Kang shown there is really Immortus. As such, I didn't put any of those feats here.

I'm also using Scarlett Centurion II, who is Marcus, Kang's son -an entirely different character-. My logic is that his tech mimics his father tech, so its safe to say that if Kang handed him such technology, he wouldn't have problems to add to his own. At worse, you can consider such feats for prep.

So well, those are the feats I'm considering and the logic I followed, if you need further clarification I'm entirely capable of explaining which feats and weapons are related with Kang in first degree and which have passed through other means.

And that's that.

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Kang's armor is equiped with weapons, time mechanisms and other features such as increasing his sensorial input. It responds to his thoughs, even at subconsious level, and provides some defense against physical harm, although that's hardly its first use.

Like other characters such as Doctor Doom and Iron-man, his armor differs from one showing to another, there are at least a number of abilities that seem to be constant: His personal forcefield, the ability to time-travel and being able to fetch weapons from the time-stream. Its common knowledge that he's able to stop time with it too, but he seldomly uses that ability in combat.

Of course he likes to keep it clean and neat.

(please log in to view the image)

Let's see what this purple-green baby can do!

First let's see some non-shielded durability feats:

The armor is, of course, bullet proof:

Takes a hit from Thor, no shields:

Marcus uses a similar armor that protects him against Ms. Marvel fists:

It has several time-related mechanisms built in too.

Gets weaponry from the time-stream:

Has automatic systems to return to his time-line in case of danger:

He's able to project other time-lines inside his helmet:

Its implied that he can freeze time at will:

Stops time:

Freezing Wolverine:

Makes a time portal:

Effortlessly summons a dinosaur:

Here some other miscellaneous abilities:

It can shapeshift:

Uses magnetism:

His armor prevents telepathy:

It's capable of flight:

Equipped with sensors to detect life-forms (here, he detects a time-shifted opponent):

It can control his other tech at distance:

He can hack Iron-man defenses just using his armor -this is Iron-lad, so he's much less experienced-.

Blocks the Vision's phasing:

Can absorb energy attacks to make his armor recover:

Marcus's armor also can self-repair (safe to assume Kang's does too):

Its also capable of shorting out other techs:


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Armor (offense and shields).

Now let's see some offensive abilities:

One-shots Spider-man with a kick:

Easily disposes of Iron-man:

One-shots Iron-man and Spider-man (IM was not at his best here):

Turns its armor into a bomb that doesn't touch him nor Iron-lad:

The mask allows him to use eye beams:

Equiped with nerve gas:

He's able to send Growing man without prep:

Beats Tempus in two shots finishing with a finger blast:

To gauge Tempus here we have Hawkeye talking about some trickarrows he got from Kang's armory:

Look at how effective are such arrows against Tempus:

Using a stun beam:

Many other weapons can be found in the fight section, particularly in his first battle against the Avengers (anti-matter shields, sub-space transporting among others).

This battle is really about Marcus, Kang's son, but since he uses similar technology you can get an idea of how strong is the armor without even rising shields against the Avengers:

Now, Kang's durability is greatly boosted by his personal forcefield so much that its one of his main staples. Let's see some feats shall we?

(please log in to view the image)

Uh... That was rethorical.

Takes hits from Thor:

His shields take a pounding from Thor:

Survives entering the atmosphere when his base is destroyed:

Takes a pounding from Warrior Madness Thor:

Have you noticed that Kang gets hit by Thor pretty damn often?

Now, we've seen the fancy suit, let's see the guns evil face


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Offensive tech.

(please log in to view the image)

Kang likes guns. This may be an understatement. To be as succesful as he is at conquering time-lines, Kang needs to pack some serious firepower. This are just some of his weapons, you may see other tricks at the fight sections.

With his control over the Cobalt force he can make Thor weight half a planet:

Uses a Darkmatter beam to own Photon in her energy form:

This one, called Delta ray, passes through 40th century energy shields:

His guns can be fixed to deharmonize forcefield, here, he uses the Supreme Intelligence to compute and destroy the Time-keeper shields, who have god-like tech:

Kills Cap and Iron-man easily:

Kang bobby traps a gun his alternate self holds:

This beam is able to depower the likes of Wonderman:

One-shotting the Avengers with his Ultradiode Ray, notice he takes Wonderman and Iron-man with it:

The good old Ultra diode ray against the FF:

Desintegrates Cyclone because no one really cares about him:

Kills the Avengers and others with a bomb:

Tech capable of numbing even the Hulk:

Uses gas to handicap the Avengers (so Spider-bot is able to outfight them):

Kang has a number of paralysis rays. This one stops Herc, Namor and an alternate Kang in one-shot:

A vibration ray destroying some tanks:

A gun able to hurt Surfer himself:

And there is Damocles base. This sword-shaped ship is the one he used when he conquered Earth, its pretty capable of combat and pretty damn impressive:

It also has an hologram projector which allowed Kang to own Washington DC, and it can project blasts:

Its shields are capable of detect people tampering them:

It can use a selective beam that destroys buildings but spares people:

During his attack against Earth we will see another kind of attack that spares the buildings and kills people evil face

This is how much it took to breach its shields:

Kang's future tech is more than just weapons, for instance his time-tech is unmatched by none in 616 earth, and it has the feats to back it up.


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Time Tech.

Kang is one of the time super powers by himself, and while conquering its his passion he also has an undying love for time itself -we can see it through his alternate self Immortus-. Since he first rebuilt Doctor Doom's time machine, he has become one of the most adept time-travellers of the Marvel Universe, doing almost every feat there is to do when it comes to time manipulation.

(please log in to view the image)

He's capable of fighting in the timestream:

Casually sends the Avengers to their timeline:

Stops time:

Creates a time containment zone:

Creates a time-neutral zone where divergences cannot happen:

Travels through time to make temporal dupes to fight the Avengers:

Freezes Wolverine (yep, I put it twice):

When he arrives late, he goes back a few minutes to evade being late:

Using a time loop he makes adictive mind-controlling potatoe chips:

Possesses technology to timeshift and trap the Avengers:

Is able to see several timelines:

Pulls a dinosaur from the timestream:

By previously participating in creating early robotics, Kang manages to create a safe-code to control sentinels (good prep):

Restores the Guardian to their relative times after they were messed up by time-travel:

Sees alternate timelines:

Cannot be harmed thanks to being time-shifted:

Gets information from the timestream from a captured Time-keeper:

A time stopping tech called protonic arc:

Alters time to get rid of the Avengers:

Marcus says that they cheat in combat by using time-travel and returning in full strength when defeat is near. Kang has never used this on panel, but Marcus certainly should know its possible:

Bullies Iron-man with his own future weapon. Kang says he can get any weapon -not just his- from the time-stream:

Pulls Hulk out of his time:

Can travel without causing divergences thanks to the Heart of Forever:

The same tech can be used to erase entire time-lines:

Now let's see that other scientific speciality of Kang's: Robots.


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It only makes sense that a warfare oriented character has the ability to build soldiers and make them fight for him. But Kang doesn't really use his robots that way because fighting is something he likes, and for him there is a... Human side on fighting? I guess someone who became a pharaoh to be revered and loved cares to have the loyality of real soldiers. And while Kang uses his robots as weapons, they have another very sensible use for him:

(please log in to view the image)

Yep, that's a robot. Only them can act like Kang and listen to Kang with his endless ramblings. The character just loves his own voice. Some of this machines kick some major ass though.

Some robots posing as Kang:

Another one:

And yet another one:

And while robot copycats are Doom's thing, Kang adds his own twist to them:

While Kang does the battling, the machines keep his growing empire in line. So instead of sending robots to the battles he may lose, Kang mostly use them in battles he already won.

Here some random robot punks Iron-man:

By using his ability to see through time, Kang gathers information to make a robot that mimics Spider-man powers and fighting style:

Yep, making a Spidey robot may be a little underwhelming powerwise, but it sells books! (you might see a Wolvie robot or a Deadpool robot nowadays)

The cool think about the robot is how creative and flexible it is when facing the Avengers, you can see the AI quality right there (it even has thought bubbles!):

Then, the Spiderbot fights the real Spider-man:

You gotta love Spidey and his "machines will never beat human spirit", when he wins by turning the robot off eek!

Next we're going to review the Macrobots, they pack some serious punch, as they show by beating the Avengers (and a good rooster! Mantis, Scarlett Witch, Iron-man, Vision and freaking Thor!):

Kang then puts Vision, Iron-man and Thor inside them, and those powers are added to the trio.

And when they add those abilities to their own, they are a force to be reckoned with (they one copying Thor gets hit by everyone and an asteroid, and is trying to get up when Tut interferes):

And I think thats pretty much... Huh?

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Welcome to Growing Man's mini respect thread!!

Kang created this guy:

(please log in to view the image)

Often described as a stimuloid, nicknamed the Growing Man, this good old robot launched his career as a comic character fighting Thor in the only appearance of Kang in a Thor comic outside a crossover. Since then, he has become an adept fighting teams as a team-softener of sorts -he has never wrecked anyone as far as I've seen, but he's quite resilant for the traditional robot-jobber position-. Most of the time he's shown fighting, so I will point out the interesting abilities mentioned during those bouts for those just passing through this thread.

Now... Growing Man's main power is to absorb kinetic energy in order to become bigger, this makes him effectively stronger and seemingly faster. GM is capable of independant thought, changing his voice and sending information through time. Recently we've seen stimuloids with distinct abilities, such as breaking into several bodies when physically harmed (I'll call this one, Growing Man piņata version). As of Young Avengers, we learn that Kang has been building stimuloids since he was a teenager, but in some showings, Growing Man is not entirely built by Kang, but rebuilt from his original body by HYDRA or others.

Let's see this doll to giant character in action!

Here, its original fight against Thor. During the battle is implied that Growing Man A) Cannot become small at will, B) can become big enough to destroy the Earth:

Growing Man is sent to kidnap Tony Stark, which he manages to do despite the Avengers opposing him. Here we learn that Growing Man grows bigger by the impact of his own punches:

His fight against Iron-man. The armored Avengers finds a plot devicey way out of the battle, again GM is implied ot be a danger to Earth itself:

Growing Man defeats -totally off panel-, rebels loyal to Baltag who rose against Kang:

Growing Man is send by Kang to draw the reformed Avengers to Franklin Richards, he trashes a demon, he disguises himself and he dodges Thor's hammer:

The next two fights are rebuilt versions of the Growing man, apparently, HYDRA got their hands into this good stimuloid while Kang was dead, and their version fought some heroes, for a while. This could explain why he got overwhelmed by stategies that previously failed against the original one:

HYDRA Growing man against the Thunderbolts:

HYDRA Growing Man against Sentinels, at some point he rips an arm off one of them as if it was a toy:


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Growing Man battles (continues)

Growing Man piņata version fights the Young Avengers, Cap and Iron-man. They are resitant to lightning and can time-travel to inform Kang of their position:

Fighting the New Avengers and the Agents of Atlas. Once again he grows bigger absorbing energy and he manages to rip Spider-man's web in "base levels". A passing mention of his increase on speed by becoming bigger. The New Avengers were lucky of having with them the bane of all robots: a clawed furry canadian ("don't compromise my structure!").

The beheaded Growing Man can still talk!

Always talking and talking, just like the master.

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Miscellaneous Tech.

(please log in to view the image)

It has been established that being from the 40th century makes Kang very uber in the tech department, so here I'm going to put tech used to different effects that back up and prove that notion of power.

Doom envies Kang's technology:

He posseses tech capable of cloaking his presence and his ship from Surfer, Doctor Strange and Galactus:

Hacks the Fantastic Four shield and bypases its uber probability field:

(this very probability shield passed through the Black Celestial Arc time-bubble, when nobody else could do it)

Some of his shields are capable of traping astral energy:

Shows that his future tech is not limited to physics by using genetics to make a monster-coyote:

Uses time-shifting in his helmet to keep the Crosstime Kangs from learning his plans:

Doctor Strange has a hard time to predict where Magus is, Kang's tech manages to fix it before the magician:

Strips Wonderman from his powers:

Makes a Vampire using old egyptian tech:

Here we see what the vampire is capable of:

Kang can detect his own tech:

He uses the grabber to... Well, its hard to explain, look it yourself:

Counters mind control by hacking on the fly:

Hacks every tech on Earth to send a message:

A passing mention about how he mind-controled the X-men:

More silver agish mind-control:

His ship's shields block a nova blast:

His tech is capable of overloading a human brain by accident:

This personal cloaking units let him and Doom, reach Magus's control room undetected:

Shows some teleporting:

His ship transmutes the soil to land:


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Combat Feats.

Kang loves the thrill of the battle, and his passion is so big that he has trained most of his life and honored his skills to be as dangerous as he could possibly be. So without any further ado, I'll present you some of Kang's most formidable combats:

(please log in to view the image)

Trained for years to become a conqueror, Kang is quite dangerous even without his tech. I'll start with some "unarmored" feats.

Fight against Steve Rogers, does quite well for an old guy:

Kang faces Young Avengers without his armor and does quite well:

Fight against Captain America as holograms, as Kang explains, Cap adapts pretty fast to it. Kang can use beams in this form, but most of the battle is physical:

This is Tut facing Cable in unarmed combat, as such, he hasn't trained yet to become Kang. We can see some good natural skill:

Now let's get into fully equipped battles against just a few opponents.

Fights Cap and Iron-man at the same time, he catches Cap's shield!:

Fights Captain America and Quicksilver:

Kang bests Merlin:

Beats Prester John:

Kang goes against Magus while Doom faces Warlock, he puts up a fight before going down:

Fights Terminatrix while she tries to kill him, he shows good moves and skill using melee weapons:

Fights a Crosstime Kang who attempts a sneak attack:

Fight against Silver Surfer:

Fights Warrior Madness Thor:

Pretty good for a guy on a funky suit, right? In the next post, more fights and way more opponents!


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Combat Feats (against teams).

Being a main adversary of a team of superhero, Kang needed to be a legitimate team-wrecker. Hopefully the feats on the next section will be enough to prove him so.

(please log in to view the image)

First fight against the Avengers:

Second round against the Avengers:

Again the second round against Avengers but prettier:

Fights the Avengers and Powerpack:

As the Scarlett Centurion, fight against the Avengers:

Defeats some Iron-man villains off-panel -as they deserve to be beaten-:

Fight against the Avengers several years in the future:

Heroes reborn Kang fights a HR Avengers team:

He also time-stops Nick Fury:

Second round vs HR Avengers:


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Kang the Conqueror is capable of big things. He has toppled galactic empires, he has saved the multiverse a number of times and finally got to defeat the Avengers if only for a time. As its often for villains, his losses are not very reliable to gauge their entire potential; I want to talk now about Kang and his nearly boundless potential, his conquests and the repercussion he's had in the Marvel Universe as a whole.

All that and he's still having the time of his life.

(please log in to view the image)

On his timeline he defeated the badoon empire:

Beats the insectoid of Kosmos:

He also conquered the Sh'iar empire:

Probably the best conquering feat he has, provided is on-panel and against some serious opposition. Kang conquers 616 Earth.

Kang taunts his opponents telling them exactly what he's gonna do and he manages to pull it off despite their resistance.

Kang joins Doctor Doom on the selected club of people who have conquered 616 Earth:

(please log in to view the image)

According to Scarlett Witch this conquest lasted several weeks:

After Chronopolis is destroyed, we find out that Kang has secondary bases in other timeless realms such as this one:

Kang's temporal empire represents one of the big colliding forces when it comes to controling the time-stream as shown here by revelation:

Kang previously defeated Alioth, who's a primordial temporal force, by forcing him to battle Tempus for the eternity:

When he decides to beat the Time-keepers he's so pissed off that he sets the other big powers against one another, and he doesn't mind releasing Alioth himself against his enemies:

After waging war against them and Immortus, Kang finally bests the Timekeepers who planned to erase humanity from every time-line:

Kang manages to stop Magus from polluting every future with his empire, by getting a cosmic cube and sending the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop him:

So there you go, when Kang is not totally owning empires, he's saving the timestream from becoming some sort of stupid redundance by fighting multiversal powers. And as weird as it sounds, he does so, in his own terms.


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(please log in to view the image)

Chaplin would be proud.

I decided to make a small contribution to Kang's mythos by condensing and discussing one of his most defining features as a character that can be overlooked when you first encounter him: Kang is an actor.

It could be argued that this intention appeared and faded in certain points of his history, and that several writers deemed such features inconsecuential and tried different approachs which never quite suceeded. They cannot be blamed, Kang's histrionism is hard to see given the media in which characterization tends to be weak and writers aren't invested enough to look at the characters closely.

So we have this misunderstood character that has never managed to be very popular since every bit of its complexity is hidden, his stories always involve an absurd time-puzzle and at first sight acts as the most stereotypical villain. To help him a little I'm going to explain what the character does, why it works and what's so cool about him.

First of all, no matter which version of Kang you pick, he's essentially this dude:

He wears a hat when he goes to the ruins, it may seem inconsecuential but it actually isn't.

In his first appearance he's pretending to be a pharaoh, in the second one he changed costumes and has become a time-conqueror. You could even think he's some sort of clown by the way he dresses and the color he uses; there is certainly some victorian age thing going on in those futurist robes.

The second great theater break we get is when Kang falls in love with Ravonna, the princess of a kingdom he must conquer. She sacrifices her life to save him, he lives to suffer his own failure. A Conqueror is one of those characters played in the big tragedies, think Othello going to war, or Julius Cesar. He used to play a pharaoh and now he's a conqueror? How can it be more obvious? Nathaniel Richards is an actor, Kang is his character; even his storylines are filled with theatrics.

Next arc: He plays against the Grandmaster, he wants power over life and death and if he loses his world dies; this is to save her loved Ravonna.

Given the stakes one should think he's serious, that he cares about Ravonna. He doesn't save her.

At this point most readers probably dismissed Kang already as the stereotypical villain who is just evil and cannot do otherwise. This is actually one of the bumpy roads of the characters, Kang is a conqueror, he kills before he loves, its part of his persona. Kang will mourn Ravonna for years to come.

Another important point of the character appears: His future as Immortus, his alternate future as the Scarlett Centurion, his past/future as Rama-tut or as Victor Timely. Those are other roles Nathaniel Richards will play and since time is the canvas there is already an ending. Kang's destiny is written, just like a tragedy.

Most of what makes it possible to understand the character is already in play: his future as Immortus, his acting, his love for Ravonna and the Conquering. Other stories will come with inferior caracterization, such as the Cross-time Kangs and Avengers the Crossing (gladly retconned).

We have four stories left which will shed light over Kang's histrionism: Citizen Kang, Terminatrix Objective, Avengers Forever and Kang's Dynasty.

Citizen Kang was the first attempt to make sense of Kang's whole story and motivations, funnily enough, it ends with Kang sacrificing himself to save Terminatrix.

Then Terminatrix Objective will come and undo every sense it tried to make, because suddenly Alioth is Kang's prime opponent, suddenly his fall and Citizen Kang was intentional. And this on time will be retconned into oblivion, because Kang's intention are never quite clear.

If anything these arcs marked again how over-the-top Kang tends to be, how his half-cooked ideas and motivations are worth dying for, how he can have everything he wants, but if he's not into it its not worth a dime.

By the way, its established that Kang doesn't give a sh*t about women:

But he still mourned Ravonna for years. By acting and investing himself Kang tries to inject some reality at everything he faces, he conquers because fighting for things make them valuable. Having power would be meaningless unless there is opposition.


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Histrionics (Busiek's take).

(please log in to view the image)

Probably no writer has made Kang as many favors as Kurt Busiek. Seriously, the guy went his way to retcon and order Kang's whole history in Avengers forever and gave him his best storyline on 616 in Kang Dynasty. Busiek understood that Kang is essentially an actor and that's way both Avengers Forever and Kang Dynasty are built as a tragedy.

In Kang Dynasty, the namesake character knows that his son betrayed him, but pretends he doesn't know it. This voluntary lapse eventually costs him the war, eventually exposed him to dangers and dead, but the Conqueror never cared at all about the war nor about dying. He knows what will happen if Marcus has to face his treason and walks directly into it old greek tragedy style.

Because Kang is deadly serious about his act. It's beyond Nathaniel Richards and his feelings. Remember, this guy is a genocidal warlord who travels through time and dimensions for the thrill of the fight; but he's not serious about it. That's his act, and its absurd. If it wasn't all a roleplay it would be unsustainable, but on its fakeness its consistent through time.

Young Avengers also joined the club of getting-Kang-right. There is this scene where Kang talks with his younger self:

In which you just get that for Kang he's just doing wonders, he's having the time of his life. Iron-lad then does the most logical thing: Flee and get his own costume and his own persona, because Kang is all about acting and doing roles. He plays the hero as Iron-lad in Young Avengers but he has something else inside himself.

He's willing to kill himself, as a symbol because he's becoming the killer. He couldn't stop himself from being Kang at the bitter end, yet another tragedy, another fake fight against destiny.

So I was telling you, why does it work for Kang being an actor? First of all you get him to be over-the-top, frankly evil, a braggard and silly at the same time without sacrificing his psychological dept. Secondly, you need a character that's able to lie, exaggerate and pretend when you handle time-travel stories; as a matter of facts most of the things Busiek retconned were deemed as "I was just playing, I did a mistake, I didn't care", Kang makes mistakes all the time and he doesn't care, you need that to tell time-travel stories without having to retcon them three issues later. Third, you need a guy who's so full of himself that can come all in his lonesome to conquer a planet and from one moment to another becomes a real threat (those who wrote Kang without aknowledging he's an actor never managed to make him seem really dangerous).

In the end you have a character that does whatever he wants, who actually looks like he's having a good time doing all that conquering. And he can talk a lot, spout nonesense and pull all those long monologues that serve as an exposition of what's happening because he's full of himself.

Its excesive, really, check this out:

He even makes robots that brag all the time:

Now that we talk again about the robots, remember what I said about Kang not using robots to wage war? Is it the bloodshed he loves? The passion he wants to share? The mindless twisting of human spirit when in danger?

Of course not. Kang needs an audience:

(please log in to view the image)

Age. Mortality. Destiny. Kang is a character that not only fails but is actually destined to fight. He's the perfect archtypical villain. Despite of himself.

And just not to end this section in such a sad note, let's put Kang using an actual acting feat. To save himself to face Captain America unarmed, he simply pretends he's totally NOT Kang:

Is he really wrong?

Anyways, thanks everyone for reading the thread, hope you liked it, now you can post some friendly posts of approval. See you around.


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Return of the King

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Phucking awesome, Bentley.

thumb up


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very good thread.

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This thread is disgusting (ie very very very good). I hate you.

Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.
- General George Patton Jr

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good job buddy...thumb up

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