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Star Wars Versus StoryTime!
Started by: Jack Daniels

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Jack Daniels

Gender: Male
Location: I know where I would like to be

Smile Star Wars Versus StoryTime!

This is the thread that if you find a star wars versus story written by one of our members please repost it in here, to save searching around etc... wasting time trying to find the short stories etc......Or just go ahead and write and add an unposted one....this has become nightly entertainment for me reading these its like free short comics if you use your imagination for the Darth Nefarus' work! But I enjoy reading please start reposting the stories here so we can have them all together and do feel free to comment on all writers like pleasant constructive critisms..... If you dont like the outcome of a story...please feel free to write one of your own showing the outcome you desire...the more reading the better! I have been thinking about actually paying for a website(name yet to be determined ideas welcome) using volunteers....who in there spare time could write these stories and possibly if one of the custom sig builders wanted to volunteer also to make image headers for each blending in a picture of the versus characters for the icon of each story...(click the picture of Maul versus Luke etc...then it links to the story)....would be an excellent place for be noticed(costs to maintain and advertise the site would easily be made with ads etc..many $ making things to do with a website).... but we will see how many talents there are here first.....until then we have KMC! I've viewed many starwars threads from other forums...sites...but I enjoy KMC the why I only spend my time on this one.... So bring on the stories! Thanks to all writers!


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A Darth Nefarus masterpiece:

Setting: Jedi Temple council room. Just assume this is some crazy parallel dimension where Mace was alive and could meet Luke. Also, pretend that the Mace vs. Dooku duel I created happened. Oh, and just pretend sabers can be set to stun, I mean, there are practice sabers.

"So you are the son of the chosen one?"

Luke turned around to see a bald man with dark skin and eyes. He was wearing Jedi robes and garb, with a lightsaber attached to his belt. His presence was powerful, even though he wasn't that much taller or muscular than Luke.

"Chosen One?" Luke asked, not sure what the Jedi was referring to. "My father was Anakin Skywalker. I'm not familiar with him being a chosen one."

"Yoda must not have told you about the prophecy," the Jedi said, sitting in one of the empty chairs. "I remember sitting in this very chair along side master Yoda when we determined your father would not be trained. That rejection, especially from me, may not have been good for him."

Luke came and began to sit, but then moved over a chair in respect of Master Yoda, to which the Jedi nodded.

"You sat on the council with Yoda? What is your name?"

"I am Mace Windu, I'm sure that there aren't any details on my exploits in the archives anymore."

"No, but when I was first training with Yoda he told me many stories of powerful Jedi, including you. He told me that you used a dangerous and unique form of saber techniques."

Mace stood, leaving the robe behind him, bringing his saber to his hand. "Ahh yes, Vaapad, I invented it when I was only 12. I believed that a Jedi needed to be aggressive enough to win a battle, but with a level head to not slip into the darkside. It is not just a style, but a state of mind that uses both sides of the force to completely channel it's flow and make you more effective, especially against evil."

"Then you were the best?" Luke asked, not sure if Mace was hinting at it, or just waiting for a response.

"No," he replied quickly. "Master Yoda was by far superior to me with a saber, and before his turn to the darkside, Count Dooku defeated me as well. However, once he aligned himself with the darkness, it gave me the edge, despite his incredible skill with form 2."

"Form 2, that is the more saber to saber oriented form is it not?" Luke asked, hungry for the knowledge.

"Yes, form 2 was based on defensive manuevers and carious styles of fencing. While it was less effective against a blaster, it was most effective against a saber."

"Could you show me Vaapad?" Luke asked.

"I can spar with you, if that is what you are asking," Mace said, twisting a knob on his saber. "If you would care for a lesson, in Vaapad that is."

Luke smiled and adjusted his saber as well, and removed the extra clothing he did not need. He bowed when he stood and walked several feet away from Mace, bowing once more and saluting him with the saber. Mace nodded, readying his saber and his mind as the force began to fill him. Not only was he using the force, but the darkside was attempting to call upon him, but he knew how to control his thoughts, and focuses on his task.

Mace sprung at Luke with incredible speed, attacking low then overhead, mixing it up as he went. Luke stayed on the defensive, taking notes on Mace' movements. Although it was certainly aggressive like Luke fought, it left less openings. Mace and Luke locked their sabers, and Mace pushed Luke back with a force push, but Luke merely skidded across the floor as he crossed his arms, protecting himself with the force.

Luke came on the attacks now, adapting his style to more fit Mace and his movements. Luke could already see why his techniques were inferior to Master Windu's. He made his swings less broad and kept constant focus on where his feet where in conjunction to his blade.

Mace was in awe of the power from each attack, yet there was no anger channeling throug Mace from Luke. Luke was calm, relaxed and allowing the force to guide him. Mace realized that his powers were not as mighty as Luke's, but then realized he wasn't thinking clearly. Clearly for him anyway. He started to feel the rush of excitement combat gave a person, the spoils of victory and how good it felt to defeat someone with his saber.

Luke was back on the defensive now, as with each swing they came at stranger angles, with more power each time. Luke was worried, and why should he be? This is sparring, and it is between fellow Jedi, there should be no worry in his mind. That was not only a path to the darkside, but it seemed to make Mace more powerful as he did that.

Luke locked sabers again and used his strength to push it to the ground. Mace broke free and brought his saber under Luke's and forward to Luke's stomach. Luke was in the air immediately, flipping overhead Mace and parrying the swing as he went past the Jedi Master.

Luke landed on one of the empty chairs and was quickly followed by Mace. Mace began to drive Luke backward, as they each skipped from chair to chair during the duel. They completed nearly four revolutions around the circle when Luke started to notice the pattern they were in. He concentrated on the force around the next two chairs in the sequence and skipped to the next, focusing on that one specifically. When Mace made it to the particular chair Luke was focusing on, Luke used the force to let it out from under him.

Mace rolled forward, twisting his body to the right, allowing the chair to fall under him, but when he was on his feet again he quickly met sabers with Luke again.

"Resourceful," Mace complimented. "You use a form like your father, but you also fight like Obi-Wan."

Luke was touched by a comment like that. Obi-Wan was like a second father he had, third counting uncle Owen. Mace noticed Luke's concentration break and used a similar trick. He used the force to tip Luke's chair backward, but Luke went to the side, and srung from his free hand, and thrusted forward with his saber. Mace parried, but barely in time as the green glow of Luke's saber nearly struck the tip of his nose.

Luke was in control again, keeping his pace slow, but fast enough to counter Mace's attacks. When Luke blocked a downward swing, he pushed Mace's arms upward and began another leap, twist flipping like he did before, but using the force to propell him into a quick roll when he landed.

Mace through the saber behind his back, not seeing Luke's attack, but expecting it; although he blocked the swing, Luke's saber poked him in the chest a second later. Luke's strike at Mace's back was not an actual strike, but the saber coming forward as Luke rolled, bouncing off of Mace's saber. When Luke completed his somersault, he stabbed backward, over his left shoulder, surprising Mace and himself.

"Indeed you are the son of the chosen one," Mace replied, letting his grip of Vaapad go, despite the minor notions of jelousy and still wanting to win, but they left once Mace's saber was turned off. "Form of your father, the resourcefulness of Obi-Wan, and you use manuevers similar to Master Yoda, whom would be most proud of your skills."

Luke and Mace shared a nod, then turned their attention to the chairs they had knocked over. Each grabbed a chair and carried it back to it's place, then sat in their original spots.

"Wait," Mace said, just before Luke sat again. "Sit in Yoda's former seat. It was meant for the master."

Luke nodded and obeyed, despite the fact he was being called master. They each began to meditate and fell through the force a familiar precense, one who's wisdom could never leave them, even after his death.

Master Yoda.

"Proud indeed, I am, Luke," Yoda's voice echoed in Luke's mind. "A very powerful Jedi you have become, like your father."

Luke smiled, remembering when he first met Yoda and how hard the old Jedi was on him. He thought back to those days and realized how far he had come, not just as a Jedi, but as a person in general. He remembered how he was afraid to become like his father, afraid of the darkside. But as he proved above Endor's moon, his father still existed in the dark shell of Darth Vader, and Luke was able to return him to the light.

Luke was now glad to be like his father. A good pilot, able to fix things, and above all, the affinity for the power and knowledge to protect the universe from evil.

This pride was unlike other pride; it was something only a Jedi could ever know.


"Nothing is ever as good as you can imagine it."

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A story from Jackstain:

As obi wan exited his ship, he noticed an erie silence he wasn't accustumed to. He had been told by his master, Qui Gon, that this was the place in which he was to meet him for their most current mission.
After 3 hours of meditation, he had grown too familiar with his surroundings. He realized, then, his master was not coming.......

Who had fooled him into making this trip? More importantly....why? and how?!
He stood and was turning to retreat to his ship and be on his way back to the Jedi temple, when he sensed it....a darkness he hadn't felt before. Twisted, evil, damn right disturbing.
He palmed his lightsaber and stood for a moment, sweating, trying to figure out this unsettling and dark aura he was now surrounded by.

Asajj looked upon her prey from above in the tree-tops. She could feel her anger, hate, and rage flowing. She was almost overjoyed by the sight of the young jedi apprentice...standing, waiting to die. She gazed, waited. Watched the perspiration drip from his forehead. Watched as his hand hovered over and touched his jedi weapon.She had been skilled in tricking him into finding his way out here, and now she knew. It was now, or never.

Obi Wan had just nearly had his head severed from his shoulders, as he tucked and rolled up into a battle-ready, stance of defense. The dark woman with white skin charged him with swinging rage. Her blue and green blades twirling, humming, and flashing with excitement. Obi Wan deflected her two fast-as-lighting attacks to his left side, then to his right. Asajj followed immediately with a spinning attack towards the young jedi's legs. Obi Wan countered with a backflip, and stiff boot to the back of the dark stalker's cleanly shaven head. As she somersaulted on to her feet, she grew enraged, but before she had a chance to attack, the young man was covering her with a flurry of his own..She had underestimated him emensely, and was now paying for it. The form IV skills of the man were more than what she had expected, but not too overwhelming.They fought and fought. She blocked and attacked again, and followed by swinging both sabers from a cross position outward towards his neck. He bent backwards, arching his back, and kicking her right hand. Her blue blade blinked out and the handle flew into the air. Even before its decent, she was in the air, and the saber back in her hand. Igniting it on her way down, and kicking her prey square in the face. Obi Wan had nearly hit the ground, when he felt the dark side of the force lift him from it, and hurl him towrds a tree. His back slammed into it hard, and his lightsaber fell from his hands and rolled into the brush. Asajj had the man, no, boy, right where she wanted him. She lifted and slammed him over and over, cackaling while she did it. This was the end, she would finish it.

Obi Wan stood up slowly, bloddy and broken. He now felt it, something he had never felt but knew what it was as soon as he felt it. He was .angry.......
As she approached him, she lifted one arm in the air above his head, and one horizontal, parallel to the ground near his waist...before she could execute the final blow, hereached out with the force and grabbed his weapon. He tunred as fast as he could and did a running backsault off of the tree his body was beaten against. This entire transaction took no more than 3 seconds.....Flipping over her head, Obi Wan landed behind Asajj, and went for a slash to the way of chance, or luck, she deflected the blow, and the went at it..faster than ever. Flash, crash, clam, slice, blue, green, hum, slam........she tried to defend herself, but time and the jedi's patience, were running low. She knew he was mad. Obi Wan was furiously attacking her, he sliced her blue saber from her hand, and now his blue was wearing down and weakening her green......she swung at his head, and he quickly ducked and slammed his pointed elbow into her chest as hard as he could. She stumbled backward and fell. He then realized.....what was he doing? calling upon hate? Taking out his anger....these were not the way of the jedi. He slowly calmed himself, and backed up, waiting for her advancement. He would kill her, but he would do it the way he was supposed to...the way he was taught.

Asajj rose to her feet, and glared at OBi wan. Why did he hesitate...why not kill her? Why was he just standing there?! Stupid Jedi!

She ran towards him angrier than ever...swung hard at him...with a move as quick as lightning, obi wan deflected her blade,ducked under her, followed through with a roundhouse kick to the back of her....and spun towards her, slicing the top of her scalp clean off.

He de-activated his blade, hung it from his belt, and slowly walked back to his ship. Breathing somewhat heavily, and knowing that he would never reach to that side he had reached toward that night ever again. He would not become what he had just destroyed.

He was better than that.

He was a Jedi.


"Nothing is ever as good as you can imagine it."

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The Truest Sith Lord

Gender: Male
Location: Korriban

By: Exanda Kane

4000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, on a remote planet . . .

The place was dark, unmoving with a stale stench that weighed down Caste’s eyes.
‘Anything they’re my padawan?’ a voice called from his left.
‘No, just more Sith hieroglyphics on the wall. Anything you’re way master.’ He replied.
‘No, my padawan. I’m becoming concerned, we’ve no reply from Master Dorus for the last three hours.’ The voice drew closer and the tall, slight form of Master Akcalade came into view.
‘However we must be mindful padawan.’ Ackalade’s arm touched his shoulder. They withdrew from the dark tomb, steeping vigilantly towards the sun soaked plaza outside.

‘I don’t like this place master, it makes me uncomfortable.’ Caste’s looked towards his master.
‘Were not supposed to Caste, It was made by the ancient sith and it was made for their empire.’ The reassurance came back after a brief pause of anxiety.
Caste was no longer paying attention. He felt it, a dark presence and a cry in the force.
‘Master, I sense . . .’ Caste let his words ring.
‘I felt it too. It’s Dorus, he’s gone.’ Akcalade grasped his comlink.
‘Master Siesas, something’s happened out to Dorus’ He called tentatively into the device, yet still clam as ever.
‘We know, it was a bad idea for him to search alone. We must rendezvous at the landing pattern.’ Returned the elegant voice of the female Twi’lek master. Caste looked around anxiously, the ruins of temples wrought in the shadow under the dying sun.
‘I agree, our task was reconnaissance, there is something here, whether this is who were searching for or not, Akcalade out.’ He placed the comlink back under his robe. He looked about the smoulder of ruins for a second.
‘We must go padawan, it seems that we have interrupted our quarry’s study of the temples, now he will surely make check our numbers.’
‘You’re certain that he is here Master,’ Caste looked around uneasily, studying the temples again, ‘I don’t sense him.’
‘He is here padawan, and his study has been interrupted. We need to make haste. Run’ and Akcalade sprang away, Caste fast behind.

They leapt over inconceivably large fissures in the dry ground, a blur of motion. They made their way up the darkening valley, trying to reach the landing pad, where they would meet the other groups.
They made good progress and were nearly to the top when –
‘Akcalade, Akcalade, my padawan, he is gone …’
‘Master Terun, what happened?’ Akcalade said into his comlink as they stopped.
‘My padawan is gone, I don’t know where … I’m near the pad and …’ the panicking master stopped.
Akcalade’s expression changed to a dark foreboding one.
‘Padawan, we must reach the summit now, but remember the Force is your ally, and you must trust in it. Now let’s go.’ And he leapt on, drawing on the mystical energy that held all life together, passing up steep rock formations with ease. Caste followed silently.

‘We’re here master, but no sign of the others.’ Caste called, finding his feet on flat ground for the first time in hours, wiping sweat from his forehead.
‘Indeed so, keep your mind here padawan.’ Akcalade reassured, stroking his beard softly.
The sun had drained away entirely now and the horizon was now a picture of jagged blackness etched into an orange sky.

‘Master Akcalade, We made it.’ An elegant voice called from the other side of the landing pad. The Twi’lek Jedi Siesas and her padawan Ira paced across the platform, the padawan glancing behind her awkwardly.
‘We must go, were being followed.’ She said.
‘The others?’ Akcalade asked.
‘Gone, Akcalade it’s him. But he’s toying with us, we must leave now!’ She said painfully, her face stricken with grave panic.
‘Agreed.’ Said Akcalade quickly and ushered Caste to prepare the Republic shuttle on the landing platform.

‘Master, are you okay?’ Siesas’ padawan asked as her master began to cough, clutching her throat. Akcalade grabbed for his lightsaber, igniting the cobalt blade while trying to hold Siesas steady.
All of a sudden Siesas’ padawan was flung up from the platform and spat back down, her neck breaking instantly as she tumbled down.
Akcalade quickly looked back towards the ready shuttle, Caste waiting at the controls.
Akcalade slowly let the form of Siesas float to the floor as life was choked out of her and turned to the shuttle cockpit.
‘Go!’ he shouted at Caste, raising his lightsaber, grey beard floating in the winds.
But Caste would not move. At the edge of a platform a dark shape had risen up, the shape of a cloaked human rising slowly.
‘Revan!’ he gasped. His master stood there, sabre ready and waited. The dark knight stood their, drenched in shadow until a gauntleted hand reached under the robes and returned holding the hilt of a lightsaber. A jet of red light rose from his hand and he began a slow walk towards an awaiting Akcalade. Yet Caste still stood there, about to witness his fatherly masters death.

Akcalade made the first move. He was a strong duellist, past his prime but still great and unyielding and he methodically slashed and turned into his opponent. Revan hardly seemed to care; he was toying with the great Jedi like a doll, effortlessly blocking the attacks. Then Revan flashed into life, powerfully bringing his sabre into Akcalade’s, the Jedi weapon less. Revan brought his blade into Akcalade’s chest with little remorse. Caste stared hard. His master was no more. In his moment of anger he swept out of the shuttle and ignited his own cobalt lightsaber, ready for his own death. He began to lunge at his master’s killer. But he stopped. Revan was merely standing there, lightsaber gone. He looked at Caste, the faceless mask holding it’s own stare. Caste realised he could not compete with the Dark Lord of the Sith, his fate was already laid before him. He would join Revan and follow him until the galaxies end. He laid his lightsaber down before him and kneeled. The warrior walked slowly to him. Caste could feel the power of the Dark Lord and could taste it, this was what he wanted. Power . . .

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The Truest Sith Lord

Gender: Male
Location: Korriban

By: SnakeEyes

Darth Maul versus ROTS Anakin (dark):

Anakin’s mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. He had to defeat his former Master. He not only had too, he wanted too. Anakin was not the same. Darkness filled every part of his twisted soul. Every human emotion; every feeling had been replaced by pure hatred.

As he approached the fiery planet of Mustafar, he thought about Obi-wan. How had his closest friend done this to him? He soon cast aside these feelings, deeming them unimportant. It doesn’t matter anymore.
Nothing mattered. He would do what must be done.

Soon after the landing, Anakin felt something. Something out of the ordinary. He drew his lightsaber, preparing himself for anything. Anakin reached into the Force, sensing all around him. He could feel another presence and at that moment, he knew it was not Obi-wan. A figure approached him from the shadows and Anakin could feel the Dark energies flowing through the robed man.

“Who are you!” demanded Anakin.

The figure was silent.

“Tell me…Now!” Anakin felt hatred again.

Finally, the man removed his hood, revealing a decrepit visage. “You are despicable. Why would my master even believe you to be worthy… You even bear the blade of a tainted Jedi.”

Anakin had heard enough. He raised his saber as he charged the figure. Maul rapidly emitted both blades of his saber and deflected the first oncoming blows. Anakin was much quicker than he had thought. He had potential indeed, Maul thought as he redirected another stab from Anakin.

Darth Maul swiftly dodged another swipe as he leapt onto a nearby cliff. Anakin followed, getting more annoyed each moment the Sith Lord was still breathing. He called upon the Dark Side to aid him.

“I can feel the rage within you, but I am afraid it won't be enough,” taunted Maul.

Anakin disregarded the words and pressed on. Soon, Maul was striving to parry every slice that Anakin was dispensing. Maul soon realized how much power Anakin really had as the blue blade slashed more rapidly than anything the Sith Lord had seen in his previous battles.

He knew that if he had any chance of coming out alive, he would need to trick his enemy into defeat. Maul evaded a slash only to be battered in the face by his opponent’s boot. Anakin let Maul recover. He wanted him to die slowly.

Maul realized that Anakin was toying with him and was deeply insulted… even irritated. He called upon the Force to hurl a series of rocks in Anakin’s direction. Without even raising a single finger, Anakin redirected the path of the stones and easily kept them away from him. Anakin approached slowly, causing Maul to panic. Maul utilized his extraordinary abilities and attempted to slay the former Jedi. Anakin blocked each swing, stab, slash and swipe with ease.

Anakin leapt into the air, dodged a blow that would have taken off both of his legs, and hacked the handle of Maul’s saber in half. Maul looked down at his sizzling handles with trepidation; unsure of what the outcome of this encounter might be.

Maul raised both of his blades and looked up to meet his adversary. Anakin could feel the fear that now surged through Maul’s veins; and he could see a glimpse of it in his sinister yellow eyes.

Anakin moved faster than conceivable, as he approached Lord Maul. He ducked under a swing effortlessly and brought his saber up towards Maul’s midsection, piercing his torso. Maul sank to his knees as Anakin deactivated his saber.

Using his last degree of energy, Maul attempted to make one final stab at Anakin. Anakin seized Maul’s hands and constricted until the sabers fell to the ground. Using his mechanical hand, Anakin clutched Darth Maul’s esophagus, compressing his neck… and enjoying it.

__________________ Go Jawa's!!

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The Truest Sith Lord

Gender: Male
Location: Korriban

By: Darth_Nefarus

Darth Maul vs. Count Dooku

"Count Dooku," a dry voice called from the shadows. "I'm so glad you could meet me here."

Count Dooku studied the emerging figure from the shadows. It was a man, that much he could see from the face hidden by the hood. He was shorter than Dooku, and he sounded roughly the same age, but something was very off about this man.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Dooku asked.

"I understand that you have resigned from your duties as a Jedi Knight," the voice croaked.

"Yes, but how did..." Dooku began to say before he was cut off.

"I know because it is my business to know. That is what a Sith does."

"A Sith?" Dooku asked. He had read about them in the archives when he was a teenager. "How is it possible that you are a Sith and the Jedi are unaware of your presence?"

"The Jedi are blinded by the corruption of their bickering senate," the hooded one said. "They foolishly serve a body of fools who want nothing more than to fulfill their own desires. You know this."

Dooku did know it. In fact, it was one of the contributing reasons as to why he left the Jedi order. The Jedi had a profound knowledge and power, that wasted away at the demands of lesser beings that could only argue, never actually solve anything.

"I admit that the senate is weak, and change is in order, but what do you propose?" Dooku asked, still attempting to see under the hood.

"Join me. Together, we will create an army so grand the republic will have no choice but to bow to our demands and we will gain control over the galaxy. It will all be ours."

"The Jedi would never allow such a thing," Dooku said.

"The Jedi do not have the power to stop a Sith Lord, if they did, would your former apprentice not still be alive?"

Dooku was struck very personally by those words. He and Qui-Gonn were very close, almost as close as family. The death of his former apprentice was one of the final straws in his decision to leave the order. Had the Jedi been more outspoken, and adhered to their own philosphies, Qui-Gonn may have lived.

"Were you the one who killed Qui-Gonn?" Dooku asked, as his fingers were anxiously waiting to grab his lightsaber.

"No. I am Darth Sidious, Darth Maul was responsible for that. He is useful, but not for what I have in mind. You, you on the other hand are wealthy, powerful, wise, and your exploits as a negotiator are well documented. Star systems would be most eager to serve under a man like you."

"Tell me then, where is this Darth Maul?" Dooku asked, as the anxiety increased.

"He will be here any moment, eager to tell me of the Jedi he killed I am sure. The Jedi order is failing Count, and you know this. As long as they use the force to serve a senate that doesn't even care for them, they will eventually be destroyed. Join me, and I will show you things the Jedi could only dream of. Powers far beyond those of all the Jedi you knew, even Master Yoda."

Dooku was skeptical, at first. Master Yoda, over 800 years old. The wisest Jedi he had ever known, yet with all his power he was still foolish enough to serve the corrupt senate. Yes, this offer might be what was for the good of all in the galaxy.

"What must I do?" Dooku asked as the alluring power of the darkside began to sink into him.

"There can only be two Sith at a time. You must face Darth Maul, and take his place at my side. But don't do it for me, do it for yourself. You know you want revenge for Qui-Gonn's death, and you know that the Jedi would never allow an act of vengeance to occur. Would they?"

Dooku shook his head, "No, you're right. Tell me more of these powers and how I can acquire them."

"First things first. You must kill Darth Maul. Focus your rage, and your need for revenge, then take it. Only with the darkside of the force will you attain the power necessary to defeat him, and rule the galaxy with me."

"Very well, I will kill Darth Maul," Dooku said.

Darth Sidious smiled. he could feel the darkside enveloping the Count. He could feel the anger at the Jedi and the hatred for losing Qui-Gonn. The smile grew wider as he felt more of the darkside, but from a different source.

Darth Maul had returned.

"He is here," Sidious said. "Waste no time and show no mercy, for he showed none when he killed Qui-Gonn, I assure you."

Darth Maul came into the room with his hood over his face. He could feel the awesome power from his master, but at the same time, another source of power was nearby. He rushed into the main hangar where his master was standing with... a Jedi?

"Master," Darth Maul said, rushing forward and dropping to a knee at his master's side. "I bring good news, I..." he was forced to stop as he rolled to the side to dodge the blue blade that nearly split him in half.

"Darth Maul, I hereby relinquish you from your position as a Sith Lord," Dooku said confidantly, saluting his opponent with his saber.

Maul looked to Sidious' evil grin with pure hatred. "So, he's trying to replace me," Maul thought. "Then I shall have to kill him when I am finished with this Jedi," the word almost burned his insides when he thought about it.

Maul readied his saber and came forward, swinging with all of his might at the old Jedi's head. Quicker than Maul expected, came a parry from the right hand, only the right hand. Maul began to notice as they traded blows that this Jedi was far superior to the ones he had met earlier. He was poised, controlled, and would not make mistakes.

Dooku was noting the way Maul moved as well. It reminded him of his sparring sessions with Master Windu. Though Windu was an intense fighter, this Darth Maul seemed to be more so. But then again, he was of the darkside.

Dooku parried Maul's blade to the side and struck him with a left hook. Maul went with the hook and spun his leg around, kicking Dooku in the chest. Dooku had not been struck in combat in some time, which sent him into further rage. Calling upon all of his hatred Dooku shot a hand forward and sent Maul flying backward across the room.

Maul landed hard on his back, but rolled backward to his feet again. He glanced over to Sidious, who was still grinning maliciously.

"Is that the best you can do?" Sidious' voice spoke to Maul. "You are a Sith, he is a Jedi, I shouldn't have to council you!" the voice roared.

Maul pictured that Dooku was Sidious and came forward with a renewed fury. He blocked a downward swing, and sent another kick into the Count's chest, but Dooku was ready for it, and dodged to the side. Maul blocked upward again, only this time he flipped backward, kicking the Count square in the face, knocking him backward.

Maul smiled as Dooku's eyes pierced into his. Maul came forward and began forcing Dooku on the retreat, using all of his dark powers in his attacks. Dooku parried continuously, keeping his feet balanced, and noting Maul's cockiness.

"So sure of victory are you," Dooku said, parrying a swing aside with ease.

"You're not the first Jedi I killed today," Maul replied with delight.

Now there was no turning back for Dooku. His hate along with his classical combat style were completely controlling him. Maul's intensity would increase every time Dooku parried a swing. Maul was becoming frustrated, and Dooku knew this.

Dooku stored the hatred inside him for the perfect moment, as Maul's saber relentlessly clashed into his own. Finally the moment came as Dooku parried to the right, then unleashed all of his fury.

Dooku moved faster than Maul could believe, parrying another swing, then using both hands to wind the saber behind him, then bring it crashing down into Maul's left hand.

Maul dropped to the ground as the pain surged through him, his saber falling to the side. Dooku stood above him, fully entrenched by the dark energies that were now taking control of him.


Maul's ignored the pain and called his lightsaber to his right hand with the force, hoping for one final stand. The saber never made it to him.

Dooku, swung down to the left, severing both Maul's hand and the saber that was flying toward it. Maul dropped further to the ground, cupping his newest wounded hand and watched in horror as Dooku brought his saber down without remorse into Maul's chest.

"For Qui-Gonn," Dooku told himself as he not only stabbed into Maul, but worked the blade around in Maul's insides, making sure it was over.

Dooku was breathing heavily as Sidious came forward, clapping in delight. Dooku deactivated his lightsaber and bowed his head in respect. He was now a tool of the darkside.

"Kneel Count Dooku," Sidious said, then using his hand to almost lift Dooku himself, he said, "Rise, Darth Tyrannus."

Dooku stood and bowed again, completely fulfilled by the darkside in a way he never thought possible. Visions of conquering the republic and destroying the senate and the Jedi ran wildly through his head. Then, he saw himself standing over Sidious himself, and becoming the master, and he couldn't have been happier.

__________________ Go Jawa's!!

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By Me:

Mace deflected the incoming blaster shots andused a force push to dispose of his attackers as they were sent through the air, crashing into the wall and into several pieces. As he turned back he met Dooku's humming red blade and his ever confidant eyes.

"Master Windu, are you surprised that you still cannot defeat me?"

Dooku teased as he easily twisted the Jedi's blade around harmlessly, using only one hand and keeping his feet firmly in the ground.

With a very cold stare shadowed by anger, Mace replied, "You've joined the darkside, you are already defeated."
Dooku's smile dropped to seriousness as Mace rushed forward and flipped over the Sith, slicing downward as he twisted over the top of Dooku's head. Dooku's feet were still planted, but as time increased, and Mace's energy never seemed to decrease, Dooku parried his opponent's blade aside and force pushed his former Jedi brother backward.

Mace brought his elbows to his chest as his fists clenched near his mouth. His eyes were shut and his lightsabre was in front of him. Dooku was an oppurtunist and thrusted forward, using the full extent of his powers to pierce through Master Windu's heart.

Mace did not need to see the blow now, he could feel it, completely attuned to the force he felt the incoming attacks, and the increasing anger inside Dooku.

Dooku began hacking madly, losing his composure which was essential to his stance. Mace was counting on that, he was hoping for that, and he was waiting for...

"Look at me when I am killing you!" the Sith screamed as he raised his other hand and fired a volley of force lightning at Mace, who stood firm, allowing his blade to absorb the dark energy.

Dooku increased the power from his anger and continuously fired volley after volley, until Mace finally opened his eyes.

Dooku's eyes revealed worry and that was when Mace made his move. Ducking, and rolling underneath Dooku's blade and lightning. As he came up he allowed Dooku to block the swing so he could plant a solid side kick into the Sith Lord's stomach.

Dooku immediately fired another current of lightning toward his former ally, but this time it was Mace's hand that was blocking the lightning, infuriating the count as to why his powers were failing him. Mace began slashing forward from several upward angles, crossing back with swings to the side. Dooku continuously parried aside the shots, using every ounce the darkside could fill his body, and soul. His eyes began glowing in a dark and strange yellow-orange blend, burning through his own pupils and into Mace's face.

Mace was now on the defensive, having to block swings from his upper left, while darting or blocking the lightning on his right. Dooku halted long enough to take his stance, his right foot forward, his left behind him and turned to the side. Mace locked his blade to Dooku's and planted his feet similarly, using all of his force abilities to keep Dooku locked in the stalemate with him.

The struggle was continuing for several moments, the blades being pushed back between the combatants faces repeatedly as Dooku could feel his opponent begin to weaken.

The lightning was now becoming too much for Mace, and he knew it. He moved his right hand slowly toward his sabre as Dooku's lightning followed. Dooku was unsure what he was doing, and immediately swithed the lightning to attack the sabre hand, hitting the blade, but still managing to course into his arm. Mace's other hand reached his hilt as his blade managed to hold off both Dooku's sabre and force lightning, long enough for the lightning to travel down Dooku's own sabre.

Before Dooku realized it, he was being scorched by his own dark powers and propelled though the air by an incredible force push from master Windu released.

Dooku was against the wall and leaning against it, trying to get up when Mace jumped forward bringing his sabre into a colossal downward swing aimed for the Count's head. Dooku attempted a parry as Mace knew he would. Which is why at the last moment he changed his focus and when he landed on the ground the two halves that once made Dooku's lightsabre were lying next to the fallen Sith.
Mace's blade rested an inch away from Dooku's chin as Dooku stared up in awe.

"It is over, Count," Mace said as he went backward half of a step, singaling for Dooku to rise, which he did obediently.
Before the glory would be his, Master Windu reacted to the oncoming blaster shots from a vessel floating above them. Several droids along with a dark cloaked figure watched on.

"Come Lord Tyrannus," the figure said as Dooku immediately used his last bit of strength to hover to the ship.
Mace attempted to grab Dooku, but the shadowy figure waved his hand and suddenly Mace could not use his legs.

"Your time will come soon enough, Master Windu," a dried out, yet strangely familiar voice echoed in the Jedi Master's mind.

Mace struggled to free his legs as the ship began to fly away, but it was no use.

"The Dark Lord of the Sith, no doubt," Mace thought outloud as the ship dissapeared from sight, along with the grip over his legs.
"The Sith Master is nearly in our reach. I hope the chosen one is ready."

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of the force."

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And this one:

Obi-Wan picked up Anakin's lightsaber, admiring the quality and the similarities to his own. Anakin was like his brother, and now he was gone, forever.

Obi-Wan did his best to wipe the tears from his face, but for every tear he removed two more poured from his eyes. He and Anakin had been like brothers, like father and son, until Palpatine entered the picture.

For the first time since watching Qui-Gonn die, Obi-Wan felt hatred. He thought about how Sidious, rather, Emperor Palpatine had been deceving everyone all these years. How the Jedi order were wiped out on account of his lies. How his apprentice killed Obi-Wan's master, how his next apprentice had started the clone wars, and how Palpatine caused Obi-Wan's own apprentice to betray him and the Jedi.

"I hope Master Yoda defeated Sidious," Obi-Wan thought, as he could finally stop the river of tears from flowing from his eyes. "It is not like a Jedi to act this way, but what is there left now?"

Obi-Wan suddenly felt his emotions take hold of him once more as a dark and distubring ray of pure evil cast it's eye over him. He looked upward to see a ship landing, and with every passing second the evil, the malic intensified, until he saw the embodiement of the darkside.


Though he was hooded and walking slowly, Obi-Wan could sense it was him. Not just through the force, but the foul stench that came with his decaying body. Obi-Wan did his best to let go of his feelings, but after everything Sidious had caused, it was proving to be too difficult.

"Master Kenobi?" Sidious asked, almost surpsrised. "Are you STILL alive?" his voice croaked out with more venom.

"It will take more than a droid general and one of YOUR apprentices to destroy me, your highness," Obi-Wan said, mocking Sidious' grasp of power over the galaxy.

"General Grievous was expendable. But Darth Vader..." Sidious paused as his eyes began to glow a brighter yellow through the shadow of his hood. "He was PERFECT! He was MINE! And YOU stole him from me, just like Darth Maul."

"Darth Maul should have been more aware of his surroundings," Obi-Wan replied. "If only he had a better teacher."

Sidious cackled with delight at Obi-Wan's attempt to insult him.

"A better teacher? Like Qui-Gonn Jinn? Was he not your master that Darth Maul killed? Or maybe you refer to Master Yoda? another fallen Jedi."

Obi-Wan's heart began to skip every other beat. Fallen? Master Yoda? Defeated? No, it couldn't be.

"You lie, just like all the other Sith scum."

"You know Master Yoda came to face me, but here I stand, not him."

Obi-Wan's heart sank. This was becoming too much now. He had to destroy Anakin just moments ago. Padme was likely dead, along with all of the Jedi that this "Emperor" betrayed. And if what Sidious said was true, and Yoda was defeated, then Obi-Wan vowed to all of the spirits of the fallen Jedi that the order would not go down without a fight.

"As much of a thorn in my side as you have been all these years Kenobi, you have proven your worth countless times over. Defeating Darth Maul when you were merely a padawan, and now, defeating Darth Vader, whom I believed was invincible. There are two ways the Jedi order will end today Kenobi, either with you at my side, or my saber inside you. Make your choice."

Obi-Wan needed no time to choose. It was simple. The last of the Jedi and the last of the Sith. Activating both his and Anakin's sabers, he readied himself for his final stand. He kept Anakin's saber low, and used his own to beckon Sidious forward.

"So, you choose death," Sidious said, as the hum of his red lightsaber ignited.

"I choose the force," Obi-Wan retorted.

Obi-Wan had seen many battles, in the clone wars alone, during his years. He had fought many enemies, some with blasters, and some with lightsabers. But nothing he had ever done before had prepared him for this.

Within less than a second Obi-Wan found himself using both sabers to furiously, and barely keep at pace with Sidious. He had never seen such control, such technique, even when he fought Grievous. Grievous may have had four arms, but they were nothing compared to the whirling blur that was Sidious right arm.

Sidious began to think he was premature to invite Kenobi to join him. He was a skilled warrior yes, but he was only able to barely keep himself alive. He lacked the spirit of his past apprentices, the eagerness, the will to win. That was what made a Sith great, and that was fueling Sidious to destroy Kenobi once and for all.

Obi-Wan was forced to use both sabers to parry and block each swing from Sidious' blade. Not only was Sidious clearly faster than he, but with one arm alone he had more power than both of Obi-Wan's. Finally Obi-Wan caught a break in Sidious relentless offense, as he scissored Sidious blade to the ground, locking it there.

Obi-Wan was too busy trying to stay alive to even realize that Sidious other hand was free. But he had no choice but to realize it as a wave of lightning, filled with the power of the darkside, wrenched through his already tired body. As if he were a children's you, Obi-Wan was propelled back nearly ten meters.

Obi-Wan was severely weakened from the blast, but unlike what Sidious had thought, there was much will left in the Jedi. He wouldn't let it end this way, he couldn't, not after everything he had seen and been through. Mustering all of the strength of the force he could, Obi-Wan slowly started to climb to his feet, both sabers still ready.

Sidious was laughing maniacally, as he deactivated his saber, slowly coming forward. Obi-Wan cared little for what Sidious' intentions were and once the Sith was close enough he stabbed forward from the left.

Sidious bobbed, weaved, darted, ducked, and occasionally lept out of the way of every swing Obi-Wan made. Obi-Wan realized that not only was he completely outmatched, but that Sidious was enjoying the fight. He could have ended it already, but he was prolonging Obi-Wan's suffering.

"You don't know how much damage you have caused Kenobi," Sidious said as he ducked and contorted his body to dodge the oncoming swings. "Darth Vader was one of the keys to my empire, and now he's gone, all because you were jealous of his power."

"I was never jealous of Anakin," Obi-Wan said, failing several more swings from each blade. " Anakin and I cared for one another, something you could never do."

"Then why did he join ME? Why did he turn his back on YOU?" Sidious said, stepping back a few feet and resting his hands at his sides. "Because you are a FAILURE of a Jedi!"

Obi-Wan could feel the darkside calling to him now, and in hte midst of his anger he took both sabers and sliced at Sidious' head, like a pair of scissors cutting a finger.

Sidious didn't move, he didn't flinch, he merely stood there, calling upon more of his dark sorcery. Obi-Wan's blades were inches away from Sidious' deformed face now, but Obi-Wan could feel the darkness spreading througout his insides now. Slowly, it began to control his thoughts, making him feel the fear and anger over Anakin, and the more these thoughts continued, the closer his own blades were coming at his head.

"Young fool!" Sidious screamed with a venomous smile. "Your pathetic skills cannot save you from the darkside!"

Obi-Wan struggled with all of his physical and spiritual strength to keep the blades back, but it was doing no good. They were coming closer, and closer, and closer. It seemed the more he focused on stopping them, the more Sidious' powers intensified. Sidious was right, the force could not save him now.

With their concentration levels locked so tightly in their duel, neither Jedi nor Sith managed to notice the approaching starship. It was low to the ground, too low, and slightly off balance, and heading straight for them.

One of the wings of the ship nearly took Sidious' head off, causing the Sith Lord to break his concentration long enough to look at the ship, giving Obi-Wan the only oppurtunity he had.

Calling upon the last ounce of the force in his body, Obi-Wan leaped forward, propelling himself off of Sidious' shoulders and launching in the air toward the ship. This knocked Sidious back, but not long enough to not make an attempt to stop Kenobi.

Obi-Wan landed in the open doorway of the ship and turned around as both of his sabers, and majority of his body intercepted another blast of that deadly lightning Sidious loved so much. He flung back violently into the wall of the ship, dissapearing from Sidious' sight as the ship began to fly into the distance.

Sidious would have been able to stop the ship, but a clone trooper came from behind him.

"Your highness, we've found him!"

Sidious turned to the clone trooper, then back to the ship, now leaving the atmosphere of the planet. Sidious couldn't believe it, Obi-Wan had escaped his grasp once again! There was too much rage inside of him now, as he spun around and flung all of his furious lightning into the unsuspecting clone, who had no choice but to join the afterlife.

Sidious marched forward back to his ship where he could see Anakin's mangled form inside a glass tube. As badly as the boy was injured, Sidious could still feel his presence, somewhere in the madness that is the darkside.

Boarding the ship and following the capsule, Sidious' anger turned into hope. If Vader could live still, then he would still have an apprentice. But what he hoped more for, was vengeance on Kenobi, and he knew that it was only a matter of time before Darth Vader finally put an end to that miserable Kenobi.

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of the force."

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By: Darth Nefarus

"Master Yoda" Qui-Gonn said, bowing his head in respect, along with a salute with his saber.

"Master Qui-Gonn," Yoda replied, returning a similar nod and salute.

Qui-Gonn circled around Yoda keeping his saber poised and ready. Master Yoda was incredibly skilled at leaping in at an opponent when they least expected it, but Qui-Gonn knew he what to expect.

Or so he thought.

Yoda leaped forward, not to strike with his saber, but with his hand. The slap came across Qui-Gonn's face as he parried Yoda's saber to the side. Qui-Gonn was angered at first, but he understood Yoda's intentions.

Yoda tried again, but Qui-Gonn dodged backward, and sent a kick flying upward. The kick caught Yoda in the back of his foot and it sent the small Jedi flipping to the ground.

"Uh-Oh," Qui-Gonn thought.

Yoda use his mistake and began twisting and darting above and around Qui-Gonn, making his saber work much hard than he had ever had to against Count Dooku.

Yoda admired Qui-Gonn's ability to keep his feet planted as he parried the attacks. It was unorthodox for Qui-Gonn as he was usually a form 4 practitioner, and his movements were reflecting his former teacher, Count Dooku.

Qui-Gonn started to move his feet now, letting the living force guide his actions. As if he were dancing Qui-Gonn began to flip over the much smaller Yoda with carefully aimed swings at his master's chest. Yoda was ready for them, but was unable to counter while Qui-Gonn was in the air.

Although Yoda was not worried about outlasting Qui-Gonn, he was determined to win this sparring session. Yoda flipped backward into the wall, springing off of it, flying into Qui-Gonn's chest. Qui-Gonn attempted to parry and disarm Yoda, but he was striking and leaping past him too fast for that to work. He needed a new strategy...

Yoda was bouncing between the wall, Qui-Gonn's saber and the next wall and back and forth. Qui-Gonn was doing well, but he was gaining no advantages this way.

Suddenly as Yoda sprung off of a wall, Qui-Gonn flipped toward his Master, twisting his body with the flip, throwing off Yoda's attack and putting his master on the defensive.

Magnificent flashes of green on green sabers decorated the room as the Yoda continusouly sprung off the walls in the same pattern. Qui-Gonn was in his own pattern, flipping over Yoda continuously and attempting to mount an offense.

Qui-Gonn was getting closer with each flip to Yoda's exposed back, knowing that if he waited long enough, and timed it just right he could emerge victorious. After several more twists he was ready for his plan to unfold. Noe for the timing...

Qui-Gonn flipped over Yoda and made no attempts at an attack, which was risky, for if Yoda were to swing it would be over immediately. Yoda thrusted forward, much to Qui-Gonn's delight as he brought his saber toward Yoda's back as he was coming to the ground.

The force can do many things; things the average person cannot do, things no one believe possible, and Qui-Gonn understood this much more as Yoda blocked the swing he didn't even see coming.

Yoda was planning as well. After blocking the swing, he used the force to still fall straight to the ground, flipping to the ground and kicking Qui-Gonn in his main saber hand in the process. Yoda landed on the ground and spun around with a swing that knocked Qui-Gonn's saber aside.

Qui-Gonn immediately called through the force and brought his saber to him, but Yoda knew it was coming and completed the second part of his plan. He pointed the saber to Qui-Gonn's chin, two inches away as he flipped in the air, catching Qui-Gonn's saber before it could reach him.

Yoda's blade never moved during the maneuver and Qui-Gonn suddenly felt the energy from his own saber resting near his side.

"Well done Master," Qui-Gonn said. "It would seem that youth is no match for experience," he said with a smile.

Yoda deactivated Qui-Gonn's saber, nodded and handed the hilt to him.

"Much one learns, in 800 years, Master Qui-Gonn," "Things there are, you can teach me as well."

"If I could ever teach you anything Master, I would be honored, but I am merely a padawan compared to your insight."

"Flattering is not necessary, but certainly welcome," Yoda replied in that grand fatherly laugh Qui-Gonn remembered from his youth.

"Most welcome," Yoda said, reaching to his cane through the force as he begin to walk away.


For Fritos.

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And mine... which was so far back I spent ten minutes looking for it..

The door closed behind him, bolts clicking into place and the hiss of gas being released echoed in the large open chamber. Before him, in a half circle, were a series of elevated platforms, each home to tanks. These tanks were in turn homes to fallen warriors. Jedi who had been taken and all but slain by the Sith. They floated inside the tanks, eyes closed, looking like some sort of vile overgrown fetus. The sight of seeing so many in such a position did little for the observer's mood.

But these medical monstrosities were not the focus of his eyes. No, before him stood his old apprentice, Malak. His skin tinged pink and red from the glow of his ready lightsaber, the former apprentice turned betrayer gazed back at Revan, his expression reveiling nothing. If the taller Sith lord had had a lower visage, it might have been a smug grin. In any case, Revan was not here for sharing expressions. He was here to finish what he had started.

"I knew those droids would be unable to stop you." Malak began, his artificial voice echoing endlessly in the metal chamber. "Even my apprentices fell before your lightsaber. You are indeed stronger than ever." Was that a touch of fear in that raspy voice? Revan thought as much.

"Stronger than you have ever been, Malak. You were foolish to think you could usurp my title and control the Star Forge." Revan sneered. He had not yet drawn his lightsaber.

"You were weak, Revan. You have ever been weak. You surround yourself with pawns like this is some dejarik board, and you manipulate them to your whim, but you have always been weak. And it is by your teachings that I did as I did. The teachings of the Sith." Malak leaned forward, eyes aglow. "Do you understand the depth of the power you once possessed? Do you understand just how narrowly you escaped death at my hands?"

Revan's lightsaber flashed from nowhere, twirling in his hand as easily and coming about, pointed at Malak. The former master's eyes narrowed, his look one of determination. The determination that had turned the war against the Republic for the Republic. The same determination that had met death a hundred times and sent it packing each and every time.

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And the rest

I understand that you will die here, Malak. You have earned your death here, at my hands through your treachery and your ignorance."

Malak scoffed, the metallic echo suddenly being drowned out by the hum of his own blade as he spun it amazingly fast around in one hand. Then, they came together, blades hitting one another with full force. Though Malak was the bigger and the stronger, Revan's own strength came from the Force and flowed easily through his body. They remained locked there for a few moments until Malak pushed himself back. Revan came forward and then darted to one side, evading the deceptive slash of the taller sith lord. They went at it in earnest, blades flashing. The steady hum of the sabers moving and clashing reverberating throughout the metal chamber like some demented choir.

The battle raged on, with Malak seemingly having the advantages with his long arms and long blade, and his amazing agility for being so tall. But in truth he was only barely able to keep pace with Revan, who was seemingly dancing with blade in hand. The latter faught fluidly and without undo pause, creating a myriad dance of death. And though Malak laughed and taunted, it was he who was hard pressed. The dance finally died down when the apprentice found himself backed into a wall. Revan came at him with a swift thrust, but Malak batted the blow aside and flipped back, kicking off the wall and landing on the other platform, much higher. He turned to Revan and laughed his eerie, unnatural laugh.

"You presume to defeat me here? In the very heart of the Star Forge? I cannot be beaten."

Revan watched Malak and came closer with measured steps. "I have always been your better, Malak. Do not forget that so easily in the face of cheap power."

"You fool! I have tapped power you cannot even begin to imagine!" And with that Malak reached out his hand, pointed at one of the nearby tanks. Energy flashed, jumping from his hand to the floating Jedi husk, and then back. The waves crackled around Malak's tall frame, and he laughed moreso.

Seemingly rejuvenated, Malak leapt at his former master, saber flashing, a long red blur. But Revan was anticipating such a bold and arrogant attack, sidestepping and kicking the sith lord to the ground. He then came out Malak as the latter rose, his lightsaber nipping and biting at the other's defenses. The dance began again, with Malak more easily keeping up the rhythm. Several times Revan was forced to duck an uncomfortably close swing, or otherwise take to the defensive. Finally, Revan had Malak close to the edge, the apprentice batting furiosly to keep his balance.

"Your time is up, Malak." Revan spoke in between swings.

"Impossible. You cannot defeat me. I have the power here. I have the advantage!" But his sentence was cut short as Revan drew on the Force, launching Malak several meters into a nearby tank. Struggling to rise, Malak's hand came to touch the cool glass. With an artificially enhanced, yet still primal growl in his throat, Malak once again used that dark power, sapping the life force from this Jedi and regaining strength. He stood and turned to face Revan, eyes ablaze with hate.

"I should have properly killed you when I had the chance!" He fumed, coming forward with his blade a blur of red.

"You never have had the chance." Revan replied heatedly, and met the charge with one of his own. In that moment, they came at one another with full hate bared. Where there had been comraderie and friendship, even mentorship, only pure and flowing emotion remained in the form of mutual hate. It would have been a profound moment to a keen observer, but alas only the near-dead Jedi in the tanks could bear witness to the following display. The strikes, the parries, everything was nothing short of breathtaking. In this following few minutes, the two spoke with blades what words could never impart.

But it came to an end when Malak overextended himself for a downward swing, hoping to batter down his old friend or cleave him in twain. He knew immediately of his fatal mistake as Revan's own blade pierced his chest, the burn of the lightsaber a thousand times hotter than anything he had ever experienced. The wound was made and sealed instantly, and Malak fell back, his eyes staring up at the ceiling but he could not comprehend it, so great was his pain.

Revan stood over his former apprentice and friend, looking down into those fading eyes. Malak moved slightly, but it was a mere twitch. Then, the voice came up to his ears, that enhanced, artificial voice.

"You... You were right. You are my superior, Revan. You... always have been." A cough. Malak's eyes fluttered, and one pale hand came up to clutch feebly at Revan's robes. "Tell me... If our roles had been reversed... If it had been me, and not you to be taken... Would you have hunted me? Would you have destroyed me?"

Revan's face was a mask, but his voice came readily enough. "No, you would have come for me. And I would have defeated you, as I have now."

Malak laughed, a weak gesture. "I do not think... that had I could have overcome so much... I have failed, haven't I? In everything?"

Revan only looked impassively. If he was bothered or hurt by the questions, the sight, he did not show it. "You have failed in your ambitions, Malak. You did not have the ability or the wisdom to see your own mistakes. And for that, you will die."

Malak closed his eyes. "Then I shall die as nothing..." This last word coming out as a metallic hiss.

The battle was ended. And Revan had overcome his wayward apprentice. He looked up, watching the battle rage on outside through the Star Forge's windows. Ships exploding in crimson balls, lasers both red and green crisscrossing the entire view... And then he turned away, cloak trailing behind him. There was still another battle to be fought and won...

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Jack Daniels

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This is so SWEET! I had no idea Darth Janus you wrote too....I like it! Thanks all and keep em coming!


I can't see straight will someone point me to the milkbar..?

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Janus Marius
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Thanks, man.

I am working on Mace versus Revan, but I need to finish Shatterpoint. I might do something else on the side... Any suggestions?

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Jack Daniels

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I will meditate on the do my best thinking when Im in full meditation.... laughing out loud


I can't see straight will someone point me to the milkbar..?

Old Post May 15th, 2005 05:18 AM
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The Truest Sith Lord

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Ulic vs. Malak would be cool.

__________________ Go Jawa's!!

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Emperor Palpatine had not been this uneasy in decades. His apprentice, Darth Vader, was sudenly different. Disoeying orders, failing to deliver Skywalker, and worst yet, feeling Skywalker when the Emperor could not. Could it be? Was it even possible for Vader to turn from the darkside. It seemed certain when Vader first learned of his wife's death that he would be a slave to the darkside forever, but now...

"Anakin will fulfill the prophecy," a voice said from behind.

Sidious spun his chair around to see the room empty, save for the guards in red armor near the elevator. They never spoke unless spoken to, so it couldn't have been them.

"He is the chosen one," the voice called again.

"Who's there?" Sidious asked, searching with his eyes and the force for a presence.

At first there was nothing, the room was still empty. Then, as impossible as it seemed, a robed figure began to take shape before Sidious' eyes. He had a blue aura around his body, not enough to change the colors of his appearance, merely enough to alter them slightly. Sidious had never heard of anything like this before, and he could feel the power of the force emanating from this figure, and it scared him.

"Who are you?" Sidious' dry and old voice screamed. "Tell me or I will kill you!"

"That would be interesting," the figure said, removing his hood with his hands. Sidious yellow eyes widened to try and understand if he really were seeing this person before him. He had been dead for years, killed by a former apprentice of Sidious, yet here he stood.

Qui-Gonn Jinn.

"You cannot avoid your destiny," Qui-Gonn said.

"My destiny?" Sidious scoffed. "I am destiny. The "chosen one" is mine, as will be his son! I am the greatest Sith ever!" Sidious realized he wasn't just trying to convince Qui-Gonn, but himself.

"Anakin is not yours, he belongs to the force. The force will reclaim the chosen one, and you will meet your end."

Sidious had had enough. His eyes began glowing brighter and he raised his hands, casting his deadly blast of force lightning. No one was immune to it's incredible power and tortuous effects. (Sorry if tortuous isn't a word lol)

Qui-Gonn looked down to see the lightning that was attempting to corrupt his skin, and let out an amused "hmph." The lightning was making contact with him, but there was no pain, there was nothing, merely the force defeating the darkness.

Sidious' powers were doing absolutely nothing against the Jedi before him, yet they had never failed him. More and more hatred surged through Sidious' deformed body before he finally stopped. With a flick of his wrist, Sidious' lightsaber was in his hand and he rushed forward, using hte full might of his dark powers to aid his swing.

With little effort, Qui-Gonn grabbed Sidious' hand at the wrist, and held it steady. Sidious was focusing in on bringing the saber to Qui-Gonn's head, but was stopped by the sudden burning of his wrist. Never had he felt such incredible pain. Such a pureness of the force was the complete opposite to everything he had come to know of the force.

Sidious brought his other hand to his wrist, and pumped more of his powers and hatred into his objective, to kill the Jedi before him. Slowly, the pain began to dissapear and he regained control of his saber. Somehow, he found more hatred in his soul than he knew existed and he forced the blade to cut through the top of Qui-Gonn's head, and all the way down to his body.

Qui-Gonn had no insides, just a blinding white light that was burning Sidious' eyes from staring into it. The two halves of Qui-Gonn were now absorbed into the light, causing it to grow in width. Sidious kept a hand over his eyes to shield himself, but he had to keep looking an another figure began coming out of the light.

Curly hair, Jedi robes, and a determined look were approaching from the door of light. Sidious began to back away in horror as the figure became recognizeable. This was impossible! He was destroyed years ago as well!

Anakin Skywalker stepped through the door and came forward. Sidious attempted to stop him, but his grip was mightier than his, and the illuminating skin of his burned far worse than Qui-Gonn's had. Anakin lifted Sidious above his head and through him into the glowing door, Sidious' screaming all the while.

Sidious was attempting to fire his lightning at Anakin, but it could not phase the young Jedi. Sidious' arms flailed around as he attempted to focus more and more of his hatred, all the while the burning continued.

He was falling, deeper and deeper into the glowing light. The pain increased with each fall, and he could feel his powers growing weaker as he went. Slowly, as his powers left him, his body began to dissolve into the light around him and after a few moments he was nothing but a sphere of darkness, falling deeper.

When the last bit of Sidious' conciousness thought the pain was too much it intensified as the spheres seemed to hit a surface. The blackness was fading, and Sidious was trapped, no where to go. He could feel the holy light closing hin around him, making him suffer, making him ill, and finally making him no longer exist.

Emperor Palpatine awoke from his meditation severely shaken and pouring with sweat. He looked around to notice he was still in his throne in the death star. The guards in red near the elevator, the stars out his window. Suddenly he felt two powerful tremors in the force as he heard the elevator open.

"Skywalker," Sidious thought to himself. "I will not relinquish my empire, merely expand it with a new apprentice."

Sidious turned to see Lord Vader, and his son, Luke Skywalker standing before him. The future of the Sith was now in the emperor's hands like it had been for many years, but he had never once been as terrified as he was at this moment.

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of the force."

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"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of the force."

Old Post May 15th, 2005 10:26 PM
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The Truest Sith Lord

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That was AWSOME!

__________________ Go Jawa's!!

Old Post May 15th, 2005 10:40 PM
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Janus Marius
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Yeah, that one rules.

Old Post May 16th, 2005 01:00 AM
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I like it too

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant, next to the power of the force."

Old Post May 16th, 2005 02:19 AM
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