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DarkSaint's Teleportation 3 12.50%
Digi's City Control 4 16.67%
Carver's Weather Manipulation 1 4.17%
Leo's Size Manipulation 1 4.17%
Smurph's Animal Mimicry 3 12.50%
Scoobless' Gravity Control 7 29.17%
Reflasshh's Tactile TK 1 4.17%
Krisblaze's Radiation Control 2 8.33%
Martian's Mirrorworld Control 0 0%
StyleTime's Telepathy 2 8.33%
Total: 24 votes 100%
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Started by: Blair Wind

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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower


Based on the popular Choose ONE Power thread.



The Blair Wind Project

While scrolling through KMC, you are suddenly approached by God Blair willing to grant you one super power. You are told that everyone who has ever been on KMC will be granted the same opportunity and you will all be transported to a battleground world. Only the victor of the KMC Tournament will be allowed to keep his/her power, everyone else will simply revert to being normal (even if they died, they will come back to life as they were before).


  1. It must be low herald or below (ie: no green lantern ring, no power cosmic, no reality warping, no time). Pick something interesting that doesn't make you god.
  2. By choosing one power, you'll get all the passive powers it takes to make the first power work (ie: Superspeed won't kill you, you can breath shallow air fine while flying, etc).
  3. There will be other people who have super powers, but you cannot choose a power like Peter Petrelli's, Rogues, Mimics, etc
  4. You fight in a real world analogue and start where you live.
  5. You are each outfitted with a tracker (subdermal, irremovable, and if you're a telepath attached to your mental energy) that provides all other contestants with your location within a radius of 50 miles.

What do you choose and which KMCer comes out on top??

The Contestants

  • DarkSaint: Darkforce Dimension Portal Teleportation

  • Digi: City Control

  • Carver: Weather Manipulation

  • Leo: Size Manipulation

  • Smurph: Ability to mimic animal powers

  • Scoobs: Gravity Control

  • Reflasshh: Tactile TK

  • Krisblaze: Radiation Production/Control

  • Martian: Mirrorworld manipulation

  • StyleTime: Telepathy

  • Time: Magnetism

  • Spawning: Electric

  • Abhi and celeyhyga17: Super Speed

  • Sin: Adaptive Evolution

  • Max: Hazardous material production/control

  • Delph: Technopath



Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:10 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower

DarkSaint Post 1

Darkforce Dimension Portal Teleportation

*DING*, the bell rings. I IMMEDIATELY open a portal under me, and close it behind me. If by chance a telepath is gunning for me, the closure of the portal will cut his control off.

My next issue is a speedster hitting me. I'm in the UK, and live in London. I highly doubt a speedster will be able to get me before then. Even if they do find me, my spots will shift to protect me. A serious Spiderman, giving his best shot, was unable to outreact me:

Safe in the SpotWorld, I will wait. There is ZERO reason for me to show my head. No one can detect me, I have zero interaction with the outside world. The main thing I will wait for, is for the telepath to die. Once he is dead, I will then pop into the world to scout the area out. Invisible, and intangible, plus with the ability to fly - no one would even think to be looking for me. I will be like Deadman, although unable to possess people:

The perfect spy, I will be able to study my opponents without them ever noticing me. Then, I will strike, when it's safe. Speedsters need to sleep (Flash had 300 sleep cycles a day). Even Martian Mind will need to pop out of the Mirror World.

For most of the list, I use my blood drain attack. Note the speed - one second, the guy was at his PC, then, without even having the chance to call for help or cry out, he's dead. At the same time, losing that much blood will definitely affect your decision making abilities, especially those that control your powers:

Note, Iím not even in the room. I merely opened a portal into their bloodstream, and drained it all out. Arguably, I don't even need to scope the area out, but for arguments' sake, I can study my opponents using my 'spirit'. Bad weather? Won't affect me. Magnetism? Gravity? Won't affect me. They won't even know they're being studied. I can open the portals from the Spot World.

Incidentally, Delph and the others may make a show about building a detector for me. Considering Pym/Reed/Tony were unable to track Cloak during Civil War, these guys aren't either. Delph may talk about Daredevil detecting the Spot, but I've only ever shown him half the scan. This is the full event:

'Strikes like a cobra through holes in space he can open up at will, like that one, thank you radar sense, because his body's riddled with teleportation energy'.

Daredevil senses him because of a half-decibel shift in the acoustics. NOT because he can sense the teleportation energy. As seen here:

And here:

Is it possible to build something THAT sensitive? Sure. It needs quiet, however, and even DD is unable to predict WHERE (as seen in the scan directly above this paragraph, where he gets ported at the bottom of the page). Usable on a battlefield, where potentially others are attacking you? Highly unlikely.

In summary, I cannot be detected.

For those I guess have no blood, I will send them elsewhere. I can study them beforehand, seeing them fight others, to see if they need blood to survive. I can also test various ways of killing them - Kris, for example, I can port carbon control rods into him, to soak up his radiation (like in a power plant).

Digi gets ported into the Sahara. And I beat the snot out of him.

Locating him will be no issue - I can float around in his city until I find him, and then port him out. Being intangible and a flier, I can easily hunt for him in the city. It'll take time, sure, but I am patient.

That takes care of Digi (Sahara), Carver (blood rip), Smurph (blood rip), Scoob (rip), Reflasshh (rip), Kris (CCR, otherwise port into space), Martian (rip when he steps out), Time (rip), Spawning (rip, otherwise I will copy Spiderman's tactic with Electro, and port him into water; i.e., the Atlantic), Abhi (rip) and celey (rip).

Smurph I am assuming will copy bacteria, and attempt to replicate. I will keep sending his clones into the Earth's core if needed. No animal life can live there, not even bacteria.

Which leaves Delph and Leo. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but will need similar tactics. Delph is way too large to attack, especially if I am attacking late on. Leo has the opposite problem, obviously.

ASSUMING they haven't already been killed, then I will bombard the Earth with Sunbusters.

A 0.5 metre cubed piece of the Sun's core is under TREMENDOUS pressure; once it escapes into Earth, it would explode with the force of 3.5 Megatons.

In WW2, ALL of the explosives used in the entire war (including the Hiroshima/Nagasaki atom bombs) was 3 megatons.

That was ONE bomb. I could port more. Or just keep the portal open. As the Sun's core is under tremendous pressure, suddenly opening a portal would be equivalent to opening a pressure valve - it would just shoot through. Like squeezing an orange in your hands. Besides, my portals can suck things through them, negating the need to push (note the assassins):

And I don't even need to be present for them to be used (as when Spot evacuated ALL of Mr. Negative's forces, without him being physically present:

Incidentally, that first panel? Spot is breaking into Avengers Tower. Undetected.

So in summary:

Bell rings, I hide in Spot World. From there, I wait until the telepath is dead, then make my forays undetected into the world. Killing people when their guard is down. Undetectable, untouchable. For those who are too big/small, or anyone still alive at the end, I simply open portals into the Sun.

IF distance is an issue, I have a backup plan. Spiderman: TAS, where the Spot first appeared, had a portal created by the Spot growing until it threatened to destroy the Earth (S03E12, The Spot). I simply open a portal at the Earth's core, and leave it there to grow. Eventually, the Earth is destroyed. All this done from the safety of my world. I do not ever have portals like how the Spot usually opens them, i.e. opening from the Spot world into our world. This way, nothing can ever get into my dimension.

P.S: Note the Spot's look:

No eyes. No reflective surfaces, for Mirror world people to attack. But the instance I see Martian attempting to kill someone, I drain his blood.



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Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:26 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower

DarkSaint Post 2

Darkforce Dimension Portal Teleportation

Further to my Sunbuster attack, I would like to reiterate. I am NOT the Spot, although I have used his attacks. Instead, my power is control of Darkforce Dimension portals. We all saw how Cloak was able to transport masses of people from the N-Zone to NYC; proof that the Darkforce transcends distances. What is far for us, in this dimension, is nothing when you use the DF Dimension.

The Earth will be destroyed, and I will dance in its ashes.

Before all this, however, I wish to neutralise Sin. I know her power is adaptive evolution; I would be a fool to expose her to attacks that make her powerful.

I port her to the bottom of the deepest ocean. There, unlike comic biology, she will adapt to the conditions like in RL. Hence:

Scroll to the table. I pop her in the deep, in the bathypelagic region. This will be done early on, before she gets any powers. There, she will adapt and survive - as the creatures adapt and survive. She is NOT becoming Aquaman, with superdense skin and muscles. No. She will have poorly developed, flabby muscles. Weak bones. Small, non-functional eyes. A small heart. And her size will shrink, to cope with the pressures. Due to the pressures, she wouldn't even develop a swim bladder. Thus, no ability to travel upwards towards the surface.

And I will leave her there.

Oh, she'd LOVE to develop teleportation/swimming abilities, but what she wants, she doesn't get - see below, when Darwin WANTED to kill himself, but his abilities had different ideas:

Maxivitopowe, who generates toxins and radiation - it is in my best interests to never interact with him. I port him to the centre of the Earth, where Smurph will also be. There, the extreme heat and pressures will kill him - assuming I don't just blood rip him. Hazmat still had bodily fluids, after all.

All of my plans assume that they haven't already been killed; using my image projection, I can safely observe and study. The device that I have would also show me who is still alive, and who is dead. But the large scale abilities (i.e. the Sunbusters) will be left till last, for the survivors. I will not show my face, or even physically peep out of the Darkforce Dimension, until it is safe for me to do so. IF I need to, it would only be for a split second. NOBODY should even have me on their threat radar, as all they'd know of me is that I'm like that lovable loser, Spot.

For my BFR portals, the way I will utilise them would be to hold them stationary in space, whilst the Earth continues to move through space. Earth moves at ~69,000mph; with my portals stationary, THAT is the speed at which my targets would be rushing towards them. Assuming of course, I can't just open the portals underneath them.

I have other methods of attack. A portal at the bottom of the ocean would send water jets shooting through at 16,000PSI; a bullet only has 3,000PSI

I can bury people in sand; a portal opened at the bottom of the desert would force it through. Ditto portals opened at the bottom of grain silos. I can open portals from LNG tanks, spilling highly flammable liquid fuel which rapidly becomes a gas, which I can then ignite into a fireball. Portals can be opened in acid storage tanks, and dumped on people, or even ported directly into them. I could even pull (small) satellites from the sky and let gravity do the rest - after all, the ones near the earth are constantly having to fire their thrusters to maintain orbit (otherwise they fall to earth). Underneath missile silos, to drop nukes over people. From germ warfare labs. Chemical warfare labs. All these can be stolen, then airbursted over cities in general 50 mile zones.

And I will be able to open portals wherever I want. Without stepping out myself.

By the end of this, the world would be a toxic wasteland.



Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:33 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower

Welcome to Digiopolis, Population: Pain (Part 1)

Hey all, and apologies to the poor bastards who have to judge this. I'll make this as short and simple as possible.

Power: Jack Hawksmoor's link with cities
Starting Location: Where I live, which is a major city in the US
Notes: There's a nuclear reactor not directly on, but incredibly close to my city. I'm going to have that be the Iron-Man-esque chest beam in my city-sized Voltron.

Basic Strategy

My basic strategy is to make an unkillable city-mech the size of a mid-sized country, in which I am akin to a god, by combining numerous cities into one unimaginably massive mech suit.

Jack has worn cities as battle suits twice. And once was a future version of Tokyo that was much more massive, and much more advanced, than anything in the modern world.

So my plan is neither outlandish nor without scans to support it.

Second, I have an empathic link with cities, and can "talk" with them to discover my enemies.

I'll do this by having my city analyze the GPS tracker Blair has fitted us all with. I'll then have every city on the planet scan for the same frequency. The GPS gives a 50 mile radius, but if anyone comes into a city, I'll know exactly where they are, and the city will be under instructions to kill them on site.

A bit more on Jack. He can heal nigh-instantaneously in city environments from massive damage.

And I'll be encased in billions of tons of metal and concrete. I may be the hardest person to kill in the whole match.

It's not the size, it's what you do with it

In this case, I have both size AND function (ladies...)

If anyone dares to try to come into my city-suit, they'll quickly find their brain phased into concrete: (one example among many)

That should really kill anyone in the field.

It's a fairly simple plan. But effective. And there's no reason it can't win just because I'm going for brute force, and just making sure Iím the strongest, biggest, most invulnerable SOB on the block.

Fists of Fury

Our GPS signals give us a 50-mile radius. For someone who's now in a suit larger than a Death Star, this is nothing. I'm literally going to create a city-bubble around the 50-mile radius. At this point, you're trapped in a metal and concrete bubble where I'm akin to a god. For most, I'll simply squeeze, and smash the life out of them with billions of tons of city-fist.

Once trapped, the aforementioned "merge their brain with concrete" tactic will also be in play. And I can also channel the city's electrical energy into them if I need to.

And as previously shown (see the "talking with cities" scan), my senses are nigh-omniscient within the city, in what amounts to something like precognition. So nothing will escape my notice.



Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:38 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower

Digiopolis, Part 2

Rebuttal Roulette

I can't possibly account for everyone's plans. Or predict how they'll interact. No one can. Hell, some of the people I rebut below may not even show up for this thread. But here's a brief grab-bag of rebuttals, all of which I think hold true.

DarkSaint: Darkforce Dimension Portal Teleportation
Spot is overmatched, but DS has been persistent with him. Judges, just hold him accountable for providing proof on whatever he tries. He's previously attempted to teleport chunks of the sun, something that has numerous problems with it, not the least of which is the lack of feats supporting such usage. This is a B-list Spider-Man villain. DS is a smart guy, and enamored with the unique power set Spot brings, but heís out of his element.

And if he tries to port me out of my mech, good luck finding me. I'd use the needle in a haystack analogy, but that would be an insult to probability. If he does try that, just consider my rebuttal to be that I'll send about a dozen city blocks through the portal to seek him out and crush him:

Delph: Technopath
Delph has made himself a target. And he also has probably the most ambitious prep strategy in this match. But it's also the most likely to fail. Beyond his "I can do anything that any technopath has ever done" claim, which will almost tautologically lack supporting evidence, he thinks he can hide indefinitely from me. A few have imagined a gigantic Voltron-style mech battle between Delph and I. While romantic, and while I'd certainly win that battle on feats, it won't come to that. See "Fists of Fury" above for how I bring this to a swift conclusion. In the meager time he has before I come calling, he'll hardly be creating doomsday scenarios.

I'd also like the judges to consider how much (or little) he could actually accomplish toward his grand plans. With the global chaos taking places Ė and me making him a priority target Ė the amount of time he'll have is nowhere near what will be needed to do anything of note. And he has no way of escaping me once I'm in range.

Carver: Weather Manipulation
Cute but ineffectual. No feat of Storm's is going to be more than a minor hindrance, and I'll be tall enough to be in space, so there will be nowhere to run or hide.

Leo: Size Manipulation
If Leo decides to just hide from me, I technically can't find him. But he certainly can't shrink something that's my size. His growth powers won't hold a candle to what I'm doing. And as soon as he comes into my territory, heís toast.

Remember this scan?

Jack can hear whispers, he can feel dust rustling, miles away in a city. He has limited precognition. And Ray Palmer (leo's shrinking template) would need to ride energy currents to come anywhere near me. Even if he could remain undetectable to me, his GPS tracker is going to give him away. And Palmer has been pushed away by a laser pointer. I'll have a whole city's electrical and energy arsenal at my disposal.

Smurph: Ability to mimic animal powers
Gonna be honest, I don't know enough here to comment. I'll just ask judges to remember that the winner of the match doesn't necessarily need to be the one who takes everyone else out. And my previous scans/points may in fact be enough to destroy Smurph.

Scoobs: Gravity Control
I've got my own gravity control. Hereís an example:
And while I'm not hanging my hat on it like Scoob is, once he's near me, I can use it to dull some of his powers. At that point, he's just a bug waiting to be squished.

Reflasshh: Tactile TK
I don't actually know how much of Superboy's power set is attributable to tactile TK. Suffice it to say, I'm not too worried. Even given his best feats, Reflasshh is bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Krisblaze: Radiation Production/Control
Jack feeds on pollution and radiation. This could actually be a powerup for me.

Martian: Mirrorworld manipulation
This is very similar to Spot, except that I have my own access to things like windows (which also allow Jack to teleport in cities, but Iíve lost the scan).

So this is all very speculative, but I'll instruct my city-suit to block any attempts to port through the mirrors, alert me if they do, or I can simply remove all the mirrors in the city. I may actually be able to see into Mirror World, and manipulate it when it touches my city.

Or maybe not. I don't really know. What I do know is that I'm not going to be dumb enough to give him a way to remove me from my city, and he's powerless to stop me otherwise.

Time: Magnetism
I don't have a specific rebuttal here. Just a general assertion that Jack's control over the city will trump a Magneto-like control over metal, so long as it takes place on my turf in a city (and it will). This would be a messy battle, but Jackís control over cities is downright Biblical.

Spawning: Electric
Same deal as Magneto. How is going to hurt me with the lifeblood of my city suit? I'm literally breathing this stuff in, and it's supposed to take me down? No.

Abhi and celeyhyga17: Super Speed
As previously mentioned, Jack can affect gravity in cities:
Or another example: (the jumps are via gravity manipulation)
And I may have my own gravitational field because Iíll be so massive. So I increase gravity and pin them to the ground (or at least greatly slow them), then kill them easily. Or heck, decrease gravity, and watch them float up, unable to run away.

As with anyone else, if they come close to me, they're toast. And there's absolutely no way they could touch me or even get within 10 miles of Jackís body, as I'll be merged with the city the entire time.

He's also tracked down and killed speedsters in cities before:
So it's well within my power set.

Further, if they so much as set foot in a city, or allow me to come close, I can give the instruction "Don't let him leave" and theyíll be trying to survive an angry, sentient city.

So I donít actually need to be fighting them hand-to-hand for this to work.

StyleTime: Telepathy
I'm merged with the consciousness of at least one city at a time, and likely several. Good luck deciphering that nonsense.

The city-suit feat posted earlier also talks about human beings themselves being the lifeblood of the city, so they're part of the techno-organic mass Iím in control of. Lots to handle for a telepath.

The Authority has an odd history with telepathy, but Jack's never shown a specific weakness to it. Only Jenny and the Doctor (before he throws up his mental defenses) have been taken over telepathically.

Otherwise, "Fists of Fury" will scoop & smash any telepath before they even locate my consciousness.

Parting Shots

I've weaponized every meaningful area of the planet. Everyone in the field is literally fighting an angry, sentient network of billion+ ton cities that are doing my bidding.

Ask yourself if anyone's attack strategy can truly kill me. Take out billions of tons of city? But not just that, but a city thatís actively healing itself and fighting back. Or manage to reach me as I'm merged in the city, protected and godlike in my senses, speed, and strength? 90% of the attacks that will be mentioned are pipe dreams, and easily refuted with the level of power and control I have at my disposal.

It's popular in the vs. forum to put Jack on places like Cybertron or Coruscant, and see where his limits are. The consensus usually falls somewhere around high herald. While Iím not quite on those planets, the ability to turn off morals and CIS allows me to come damn close. Iíll be so tall, my "head" could be in space if I wanted to be. My footsteps will level entire counties. My stomps and punches will push my enemies into the Earth's core. Iíve found a power that, when used to its fullest extent, really does put the other characters in the battle to shame.

Don't be a fool; wrap your tool. Also, Vote for Digi!

(please log in to view the image)



Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:39 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower


Weather Manipulation

My plan is to take to the skies first. Basically use the planet against everyone on the battle field. Attack everyone at once. First I will attack the major cities with Hurricanes like this.

(please log in to view the image)

Make this ongoing. Along with hail the size of basketballs...etc, etc.

I was originally basing my powers off of Storms abilities and as we know, Storm when hindered has limitations which would probably make my above comment not possible but as shown here, when she let's go, she does not have any limitations. Her powers doesn't have any bounderies.

So I should be capable of such things. This doesn't include the fact that I would also amp off of other planets and stars as well which has also been shown for Storm as well.

I would attack the planet for hrs. Freezing life on Earth...causing Earthquakes, tornadoes? Etc...

This tactic should take out all telepaths, speedsters...anyone without flight or the ability to hide themselves from such an attack.

The telepaths would probably try to attack. Won't work. I would create a lightning field around myself to prevent this while attacking earth.

This tactic should make the speedsters useless. They can't attack me because I'm above the clouds. They can't run from me because I'm everywhere. More than likely,they will be frozen to death or battered in minutes.

Let's move on. My next target would be Digi. He has the entire city on his side and if he sense me coming, he will most Def attack. I will come shielded up before even attempting to approach the city he is in.

I would then create an electromagnetic pulse to take out his weaponry.

And proceed at attacking him...Digi himself. DIGI is deep in the city...hard to find for most...not me though. I have the ability to see through matter as shown here...

I would be able to spot Digi immediately and hit at that spot with ongoing high volts of lightning. Digi is smart, me knowing him, he will probably have lots of concrete and metal protecting him. Will it be enough protection to protect him from attacks that has nearly dropped the bests of Heralds.

Can't see that happening. I would then proceed to attack Delph and I will use the same tactics since he have basically the same powers as Digi except on a lower scale. A good emp should take Delph out.

So I have taken out the speedsters, attacked and defeated Digi, emp Delph to sleep. Leo probably froze to death. Same with style since he is limited to the planet and I attacked globally. Martian is limited to the ground as well, so he will probably get taken out by a hurricane as well. With that said...I thought on how to take out the others and I couldn't think of an offense for them and I really didn't have enough time to gather anything other than what I wrote. With that said, I will probably get taken out by someone slick like Dark or time. I'm happy with the group I've taken out and this was fun. Can't wait to see the winner.



Old Post Jan 27th, 2015 04:41 PM
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Blair Wind
The Iron Avenger

Gender: Male
Location: Stark Tower

Leonidas Post 1

Size Manipulation

the game is afoot.... smile

okay, so this isn't gonna be very long i hope. the overall idea is pretty simple--i plan to ride the transmission signal given off by each of your trackers, straight to each of you. my own tracker cannot decrypt the INCOMING signal from each of you within less than 50 miles--god blair has so decreed. however, the OUTGOING signal from each tracker definitely reaches each of the other trackers--it must in order for each to be aware of the other. the outgoing signal may pass through a hub of some sort--server or satellite, etc.,--but the trackers are certainly sharing information. and that's a highway i plan to ride....

because it always pays to be careful when you have speedsters and telepaths hunting you, i give my daughter a quick instruction, the shrink to about the size of a dust most (my phone with me) and i'm ready to go.

now, in order to enact my plan, i only need to do one thing--find the location of any ONE of you. i kept asking myself how would i do that? well, it's pretty simple really. bw has said we can't use kmc to learn about any of the plans each of us may have. that's cool. not that anyone could really learn anything about anyone anyway..... but.....he never said anything about using kmc in other ways. namely--via pm's. once a pm is sent, it is delivered to a specific IP address as most of you know. so, i have one of my kids PM me to....carver. lol

now, a couple things can happen at this point. once i reach the IP address , nestled among one of the several packets of electrons that serve to make up any electronic message, i will emerge in either of a couple locations--(1) i emerge from carver's cell phone (SURPRISE!!) or, (2) i emerge from one of his home computers. either way, i emerge and grow very slightly, (still riding the momentum of the electron flow) until i'm able to make out the surroundings using visual information. (NOTE: the brain finds ways to interpret things differently at extreme size changes, a passive ability granted by my power. similarly, i don't need to breath oxygen either.) anyway, i emerge bigger than microscopic, but still almost impossible to see. i think carv is a family man, after all, one family guy to another, i wouldn't want to scare his family to death! unless i had to..... heh let's look at the scenarios:

(A) if i end up exiting his computer and find him there (maybe checking tracking stats?) or somewhere in the house, things are simple. equally simple if he checks his phone (i've seen him say he is on his phone often, so chances are at least pretty good i'd exit his phone....) i shrink and enter him at molecular size. being so small, i should pretty easily be able to see the unique energy flows from the tracker being emitted and sent to each of the others.

(B) i exit his computer and he is NOT home. in this case, i have a couple options. i could go all evil leo, grow, and with my axe and frighten someone in the house into calling carver and transport myself to him via the transmission, (don't worry carv, if they called my bluff i'd never ACTUALLY hurt any of them) or i could just wait in the house until carv comes home, or wait til someone DOES call him. i think you all get the message--there are several ways to arrange to reach him if he was really so inconsiderate as to NOT be home! (btw, i could have sent a pm to anyone, but i knew that by reaching out to carv, i kill 2 birds with 1 stone--darksaint will be sent reeling at carv's passing......)

when i do find him (and one way or another i DO), i shrink and enter his bloodstream, following the flow towards his heart. when i near it, (pressure will continue to increase) i simply enlarge a passing blood cell then let it go on its way. it won't take long to reach his heart. before it does though, i hop aboard one of the radio waves being emitted by the tracker. there will be several (think if each as a train station where i hop a train) but it doesn't matter which path i follow. each tracker is subdermal so by following any of them, i end up being within whomever it leads me to.

once i'm inside, i simply repeat the procedure person by person. if i sense something is off (i'm under the assumption we are our ACTUAL selves here, with real bodies and everything, i will bypass that person briefly and go on to someone else. the only ones who i can see being able to fundamentally ALTER their human bodies would be digi (maybe by phasing into the city) or delph (transhumanizing via tech). even ds will have a subdermal implant on a solid part of his body, and even if said body is in the spot world, i can follow it. same goes for martian's mirror powers. if both digi and delph retain a human form, (and this whole process will take less time than it has taken for you to read about it--i'm moving at the speed of light through the computer and trackers) they are both easy as anyone to kill. if digi is phased somehow, harming the city will likely shock him. crushing it underfoot by growing to the size of a US state should pretty much kill him. lol what i would do is once inside (the tracker STILL takes me right to him) i'd rapidly grow until i could wtfstomp a mudhole in his entire city. if his body isn't ripped apart by my emergence, crushing his city should do it. if delph has evolved already, shrinking powers (a human virus as ray has said) can play a lot of havoc with tech. but the tracker would still take me to him, and even jefferies needs a physical brain. once i get into his bloodstream and follow it into his brain, he'd be just as dead as anyone else. if his mind is elsewhere, the tracker shows me that too and i find him just the same. expanding out of his body into a georgia state-sized giant should put an end to him if all else fails. Also, darwin--his adaptation isn't instantaneous. by being inside him and expanding outward very quickly, i SHOULD be able to kill or incapacitate him. i could then try to shrink him to nothingness. if i can't kill him by expanding and shrinking, not sure how anyone can get rid of him....

in short, once i'm able to ride the tracking signal to the subdermal source, you're all f'd. no one in this thing has a way to detect me. via comic book application of powers, i can become smaller than magnetic waves, smaller than photons, massless (smaller than even gravitons as ray and pym can both enter other universes--ray called the NANOVERSE home, and of course pym has entered UNDERSPACE, maybe even smaller) smaller than....anything. ray's even taken a ride on mental/psy energy and been in the head of a powerful tp user (brainwave) unnoticed. conversely, i can grow larger than the fictional macroverse, though for the sake of this i can basically grow at LEAST as large as anyone else could POSSIBLY grow. i can shrink hearts, or lungs, grow blood cells or virus's within each of you. i could expand outward and kill each of you like ray killed a black lantern then continue to grow until i'm larger than everest and stomp you all into nothingness. i can alter the mass in my fists mentally. imagine how hard a 500 miles tall pym could hit if he could shift his mass into his fists. he could absolutely shatter a continent. i can LITERALLY disappear and become undetectable one second, and become as physically powerful as WBH the next. the signals travel AT light speed, so not even the speedsters are safe. none of you can block or change your tracker, not even delph. just so happens i'm the only one able to really and truly take advantage of it which leaves all of you defenseless. smile



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Leonidas Post 2

Size Manipulation


here are some scans to show the important points:

use of momentum from mass:

plays havoc with someone's nervous system:

plays in someone's eardrum:

cool feat--shuts down the fusion punch and bursts from inside (imagine that, but imagine me being able to grow MORE than large enough to explode through digi's city armor....):

rides a fiber optic cable:

inside tech NOTE: this clearly only happens when he mucks about--or he couldn't ride through cell phones or computers:

mass in his fists:

this is sweet if i had to and given loads of experience i could have learned it:

rides photons through darkseid's shield into his brain:

rides cap comet's mental energy into the mind of jean loring:

rides microwave energy. if it came to it, i could ride the microwave field around the globe in search of y'all.

slips between magnetic waves:

cell phone travel:

a whisper to a telepath as he is INSIDE brainwave:

there are other scans, (one important one i couldn't get but i have a hard copy of is from morrison's JLA run, #27--in it ray travel through a computer and follows a radio signal to the flash, and emerges from flash's radio wing antenna on the sides of his head. ray has always ridden radio signals from a computer to the jla satellite). i might be able to find it digitally. ask if needed. but i think these should prove everything i need. the pym stuff should be common knowledge by now, but i can show it. this whole thing was a good idea and loads of fun. thanks for the invite bw. thumb up



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Smurph Write-Up

Power: Animal Mimicry

Iíve chosen the power to mimic animal abilities, using Animal Man as a template. Iíve made my choice and based my strategy off of Buddy Bakerís power as per the comics, and because his power is very conceptual, and the way it works is not always intuitive, Iím going to clarify some key points before I get into the meat of my plan.

  • Abilities are not always proportionate

    I can choose to capitalize on the abilities of insects and smaller animals by mimicking their abilities proportionately. So, I can choose to run as fast as a human-sized ant, or to mimic the pistol shrimpís clap, at a human size, with even more power behind it.
    Conversely, I can copy, say, the strength of an Elephant or a T-Rex, without strength scaling down to my size.

    I get to choose whether I get the proportionate abilities, or the actual abilities.

  • Abilities can be stacked

    Pretty simple: I can choose to stack abilities if I want. This includes stacking the same trait, to combine the invulnerabilities of a Rhino and a Stegosaurus, or combining separate traits, to dive with a Peregrine Falconís speed and a Triceratopís weight [1][2].

  • Distance from animals doesnít matter

    Early in his career, Animal Manís power worked by mimicking animals nearby. He later lost that limitation, and could mimic the abilities of any animal that lives, or has lived on Earth.

    This is why he was able to stack a Stegosaurusí abilities with a Rhinoís in the scan above, and this is the version of the power that I am using for this fight.

    (This point may have been unnecessary, but I wonít get a chance to clarify any misunderstandings in a follow-up post, so Iím trying to catch any judge confusion here).

Plan: Animal Nation: Attack of the Clones

(please log in to view the image)

Iím going to start the match in Calgary, Canada. Iím going to immediately burrow [1][2] deep into the ground, over 50 miles below the earth.

While burrowing, Iím going to grab a few abilities:

  • The healing of an earthworm [1][2]. It allowed Buddy to regrow an arm in a single panel.

  • The damage resistance of a cockroach [1][2][3] that allowed Buddy to shrug off an assault by a pre-crisis Superman clone.

  • The underground senses of a mole, so I will know if anything comes close to me.

When I get sufficiently far underground, maybe in a particular cave of sorts, Iím going to copy bacteriaís ability to self-replicate [1][2][3], and Iím going to start cloning myself like crazy.

In the scans, Buddy uses this ability to make dozens of clones in seconds. Iím going to do the same thing, and just not stop. Weíre going to communicate with the powers of an ant colony. Every clone will be my worker ant, and I will command them.

Each clone is going to also take up cloning, and Iím going to create a legion.

The plan from this point is pretty simple: build an army of millions, and wipe out everything. At the speed that Buddy clones in the scans, this should be a relatively quick process.

I'm going to dispatch clones to create clone factories in the most hostile environments on earth, including ocean trenches, thermal vents, etc. I can survive there, my opponents cannot.

After my army has reached the size of a small city, Iíll start dispatching strike forces to destroy my opponents.

While theyíre searching, weíll continue to clone, with the intention to create a new global population.

Each member of Animal Nation will have equal powers to the original. Theyíll each be able to pick from any of the abilities that Iíve already shown, including:

  • Rapid healing, Earthworm
  • Super strength, T-Rex
  • Invulnerability, Rhino, Stegosaurus, Cockroach
  • Super speed, Ant, Peregrine Falcon
  • Cloning, Bacteria

Theyíll also have access to every other animal, so Iíve compiled a brainstorm list of go-to methods to take down some of my opponents:

  • Sting of a box jellyfish should kill anybody with a human body

  • The survivability of a Tardigrade (or Waterbear). These little guys can survive absolute zero, pressure equal to six times greater than the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than lethal doses for humans, and the vacuum of outer space.

  • If the Tardigrade didnít cover it, Animal Nation can pull from the abilities of every extremophile animal to live and thrive in any condition, including extreme temperatures, radiation, or pressure.

  • A Hercules Beetleís strength, with the capacity to lift 850 times their own weight. For 150 pound man, thatís about 127,000 pounds.

  • An electric eelís ability to channel electric currents. Animal Man was in a mascot costume in the scans, itís still him. This ability is particular to battling Carver.

  • The tracking abilities of a minnow/moth hybrid .

  • Perception of a Fly, multiplying reaction speed by 10.

  • Remember the pistol shrimp scan? Well, snapping shrimp can also use their clapping to create noises at 218 decibels, and create cavitation bubbles that reach temperatures comparable to the surface level of the sun.

  • A snakeís ability to see in infrared, for invisible opponents. Also echolocation of a bat.

  • A chameleonís camouflage, in order to be invisible to opponents.

  • The wing speed of a hummingbird, to punch with Hercules Beetle strength, at 200 times/second

  • Animal instincts, to shut out telepathy. You remember the scenes where Wolverine goes full feral mode, and is immune to the X-Men, Mr X, Psylocke etc? Same idea, shut out telepathy by not thinking and following instincts.

The list goes on and on, obviously. The point is, Vixen on her own took out Amazo, and combining the dive of a falcon with the weight of a triceratops is just skimming the surface of what we can do. Via this power, I can survive in any environment, and thrive through anything my opponents can throw at me, and I have a myriad of options to kill any of them.

Sin, with Darwin, has the ability to evolve against her opponent, with no choice over how she does it. I have the same ability, but I have full reign over my evolutions, and there are millions of me, and counting. I am the OMACs and the Nimrods. I am millions of self-replicating, evolving-on-the-fly, super predators.

As my army efficiently hunts down and kills my opponents, Iíll continue to run my cloning factories in the earthís most extreme environments. Ocean trenches, volcanoes, thermal vents, etc. Iím going to create an Animal Nation of billions, and just overrun the globe.

Against opponents like Digi, in a city-sized mecha, the plan is to overrun him with sheer numbers, keeping in mind that each member of my army is an invulnerable, healing, Cl. 100 with superspeed. The bigger opponents will be overwhelmed by my ocean of Animal Nation.

Good game, everybody.



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Scoobless Post 1

Why Gravity is awesome

By Professor Hubert J Scoobsworth

Gravity, just thinking about it can really bring a guy down to earth. Where would we be without gravity? Zipping unprotected through space, that's where! Lungs popping, hearts bursting, faces exploding in a harmonious spray of confusion, regret and eye goop. So be thankful for your gravity, you never know when it might be taken away.

(enter evil smiling emoticon here)

So, battle starts, everyone rushes to their scanner, checks out the competition and decides who to target first. Some people may initiate defenses before this, I'll personally have some top notch shielding and place myself high above the battlefield.
You like Thor's expression? You like the fact that Lightning had zero effect and then the energy attack was sent back to it's source? Yeah, you liked that, You filthy b!tches!

After checking my scanner, I've gotta quickly consider threat levels in terms of power and distance from myself. (but I am not actually sure where you guys really live, so I'm guessing most of you are in the USA)

No f**cking around here, I'm instantly increasing the gravity in ALL of your 50 mile zones by, let's say, 2,000%

Picture this (but in reverse)

Anyone without super durability will be crushed (almost all of you) telepathic body jumpers still need bodies to jump into, you're not gonna find any. And just in case some of you guys are thinking "Ill be fine because I am in the Astral Plane/Microverse/Mirrorverse/Darkforce Dimension!!® I'm pretty sure none of those places actually exist, so should really be ignored if attempted to be utilised.

Yeah, BW is often lenient to rule bending (No offense dude! He's awesome and the only guy with a winning record against me in tournaments stick out tongue) but those extra dimensions aren't necessary for TP, teleportation, shrinking, shaving (WTF does mirror powers even mean?) so opening and passing through portals is fine, but there really shouldn't be anyplace to stop and rest on the way.

Anyway, back to the action. I'm chillin' in the upper atmosphere (above China) watching all your little green dots fade out on my scanner. If any remain, I'll simply reverse the trick, and rocket your land masses, along with your squished a$$es into space.

Leo, you may be Tiny, but like the man says:

"Any mass"
B1tch just doesn't listen!

As far as our electric competitor goes, if he has survived thusfar (prob killed by our Magneto wannabe) he might want to stay back:
going by that description, I guess I could cancel out Magneto powers as well, doesn't matter though, he got crushed and discarded with the rest of the rabble at the outset.

Miss anyone?

DarkSaint: Darkforce Dimension Portal Teleportation - probably crushed by his own weight
Digi: City Control - city is in pieces, floating in space now, bye bye
Delph: Technopath °V never had time to construct anything = crushed
Carver: Weather Manipulation - crushed
Leo: Size Manipulation - crushed
Smurph: Ability to mimic animal powers °V crushed / BFRd
Reflasshh: Tactile TK - crushed
Krisblaze: Radiation Production/Control - crushed
Martian: Mirrorworld manipulation - crushed
Time: Magnetism - crushed
Spawning: Electric - dispersed
Abhi and celeyhyga17: Super Speed - crushed
StyleTime: Telepathy °V crushed/BFRd
Sin: Adaptive Evolution °V crushed/BFRd
Max: Hazardous material production/control °V crushed

If the TP managed to survive, I'll dump his area through a black hole before he gets his thoughts together.
Those holes are pretty small, I°¶ll make a bigger one just for you, dump you through, close the hole, maybe your mind survives (doubt it) but that°¶s the ultimate BFR

On the off chance those entirely separate universe are Okd, I can sense the gravimetric field:
Any portals opening in my vicinity will not surprise me, and will be met with crushing force, I may even yank you through the portal completely and do this:

Fork it, I spin the iron core of the world around to mess with the magnetic field. Should cause headaches for the magnet, electric, weather and TP users. evil face

Ok, that's pretty much everyone.

Promised myself I wouldn't use so many scans.



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Scoobless Post 2


Scoobert J Farnsworth, Huber J Scoobsworthís sidekick here to fill in any gaps.

Hereís some extra stuffÖ in case anyone survives being crushed and immediately going on a star trek, sans Enterprise:

Found these rewritten scans when trolling the net:

Had a chuckle, on a more tourney related note, that second scan is ďsupposed toĒ depict Graviton pulling a solar flare to earth, which would be a last resort to be sure, but an effective last resort! (especially if no-one knew it was coming)

Sure, Blackbolt saved the world by intercepting the flare, but he was warned about it beforehand.

Random dickishness feats:
Spidey happened to snag onto a jet airliner (lucky [email protected]) otherwise he was toast.
Mr. Immortal becomes Mr. Pancake

Not so trivial
Teleportation to sun when he needs a breather
Shields holding against heat/radiation
Surviving the Vacuum of space
Not blinded by light

Anything can be used as a weapon:

But yeah, simplest use of Gravity seems to be cancelling it out, sending peple hurtling upwards, never to be seen again.

Did I forget about Darwin? Meh, BFRÖ if he manages to evolve space flight (doubtful) or teleports back (small chance) Iíll just build him a prison that wonít physically harm him, to avoid future evolutions, just keep him nice and safe and successfully incapacitated (then maybe throw the prison into the sun/a black hole, just for fun.



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Reflassshh Post 1

Tactile TK

Power: Tactile telekinesis, an invisible field of telekinetic force that gives me limited invulnerability, super-speed, super-strength and flight. I can also manipulate everything I touch.

Ok, you just got a kryptonian-lite flying around in this world. First target clearly would be delph, as I know how dangerous a technopath would be in a world like ours.

Delph: My plan is simple; I will beat him phisically. I just storm his base and bust out his armor with TK. Yes, I can disassemble his armor just by touching it, here's an example with Black Zero doing it to a mother-box (technology lightyears above earth's)

Digi: Steal some bombs and nuke him should be enough.

Carv: Speed-blitz him and break his neck shouldn't be a problem, even if that somehow didn't work I'm pretty sure I can beat him 1 on 1. I'm far faster, phisically stronger, durable and skilled than he is.

Leo: See Carv.

Sin: Bfr her into space like this
with the difference that she would be thrown further and won't be able to come back right away like PC Krypto did.

Kriz and Max: From afar with HV.
Kon uses his TK to simulate heat vision. Basically moving molecules so fast that they start burning.

Spawningpool: Beat him phisically.

Scoobs: with my superior strength and speed? Not much he can do.



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Reflassshh Post 2

Tactile TK
Abhi and Celey: I'm an speedster myself, in both travel and reaction speed regards, and they cannot hurt me at all.

'Telekinetic hyper-acceleration'

Superboy stops an speedblitz from an enraged Supergirl
I stomp them.

Styletime: Superboy was among the only three individuals resisting brainiac's TP. Besides, this is what happened to some telepath that tried to mind rape him:

It's not that impressive, but it's still worth mentioning. So if I approach him, it won't be an instant MP, and that resistence would buy me enough time to pummel him.

Scoobs: Attacking from the distance using TTK blasts, and throwing objects at him with TK as a distraction, using my speed to get closer and closer so I can break his neck may prove to be an effective strategy.

Dark: Well, If superboy could time warps created by the destruction of Hel's Star chamber, I assume I could do the same to Dark's portals, anyway it's purely speculative.

Other strategy I can use is simply do what spidey did when he first beat spot: Make him use all his spots so he doesn't have any left in his body to defend himself

MartiandMind: Same as Dark.

My defensive strategy consist in having a TTK field around my body at anytime while constantly moving at super-speed around the world between each attack in order to be a hard target for any attack.



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Radiation Manipulation

The power of Radioactive Man (Marvel), Radiation Boy (DC), X-Ray (Marvel) and so on. Essentially it is the ability to control all forms of radiation. This lets me project radioactive energy-blasts, create radioactive forcefields, absorb radiation and so on. Manipulating the various wavelengths of radiation let's me do all sorts of fancy stuff like hypnosis, EMPs, invisibility and flight. Not that any of these will be necessary for me to secure the win. My plan is going to be simple and effective.

As we all know, radiation is dangerous a mother****er. I'm not going to get into the science of it, but it alters/breaks down stuff on a molecular level. There's very little defense against it and it lingers for a long time.

Credit to ODG for some of these scans btw.

Offensive Strategy:

My offensive strategy is just to radiate the whole planet to shits. Depending on where I start out, Norway or Japan, I make my way to either the Gardermoen Airport by Oslo or the Narita Airport by Tokyo. While I move there I will infect everybody with radioactive smart-bombs, like the Radioactive Man has created. These will detonate at the connecting airports, spreading radiation sickness among the populace. After that I make my way to either Chernobyl or Fukushima, simply because these areas are more radiated than most. While I do not need a lot radiation to work my powers (it is everywhere after all), it helps speed up the process.

Once I've reached my destination I start pumping radiation into the ground, air and water. The area around me should turn into a dead-zone in very short time. I will simply move and spread radioactive death as my smart-bombs detonate internationally:

I will kill anyone without special radiation resistance using the passive energy field around me. As you can see in the scans below my radioactive attacks harms everyone, regardless of whether they have a human's durability, or that of the Hulk, Iron Man or Thor. If I choose to actively engage someone I can dispose of them through using energy blasts, offensive draining, heat or hypnotism/blinding light. Note that I can directly control the radiation in them and that the hypnosis does not need to be targeted, but happens in an AoE.

There is no equipment that I can not destroy, as radioactive flames are enough to melt even the strongest metal on earth. In fact my heat can even grow hot enough to melt adamantium, which does not exist on earth, but should prove that it's more than enough to make it through whatever defenses the tech-heads will think of.

I can generate intense heat:

Drain energy:

Energy blasts:

AoE blasts:

Negative Radiation to reverse radioactive powerups:

Turn invisible:

Can effect pure energy beings:

Blinding light:

Which also has concussive properties:

Powerful hypnosis:

Defensive Strategy:

My defenses are quite simply impenetrable. My shields can repel any kind of concussive force, energy and so on. They do not require me to actively counter-act energy, though I can do so if I wish to actively drain or manipulate said energies. Scans below will validate the level and power of my shields, and please note that these are all from areas where the characters have had nothing but dormant radioactive energies that are in the ground, rocks, etc. With the exception of the initial onslaught (should I be targeted) I will be working with copious amounts of radiation and heat.

Shields, which can repel concussive force, heat, gas and energy:

Absorb and redirect energy:

The speedsters will not be able to take me out before I activate my shields. This happens instantly and the two will not be able to reach Japan by the time I think a single thought, not at sub-lightspeed. Should they engage me they would not be able to penetrate my shields. They do not have the concussive force greater than Thor's Mjolnir-strikes, and radiation also effects intangible beings as can be seen from these two scans:

So even if they should get close enough to touch my shields, which they should not due to the massive immediate-acting radiation, they will not be able to avoid anything by vibrating away.

Teleportation: Teleportation will not be able to effectively attack me as I can sense and control energy around me and the only teleporter we have on the field uses the darkforce, which I can override. I am not aware that DS has that particular brand of teleportation, but I can detect the energy when it happens and prevent it from happening:

Can detect tachyons and the unique signature of people:

Telepathy: Telepathy is another form of energy, one that operates on the EMP spectrum. This means that it will not penetrate my shields. If that is not enough, then also consider the fact that it has been susceptible to disruption. My ability to manipulate energies along that spectrum should be enough to prevent any kind of telepathic attack. I should be able to reach the particular EMP frequency that Magneto has used to disrupt telepathic attacks. Finally there is the sort of ďimplied defenseĒ in me being able to mind-control people myself using radioactive hypnosis. Not that these will be needed, as telepathic attacks will not make it through my shields.


I will win because my of both my superior offense and superior defense. My victory could take time, but it is inevitable.

My offensive abilities are such that they can be constant, spread themselves and kill people regardless of whether they have a human's durability or Namor's durability. There is no defense on earth I can make it through. My offense does not have to be targeted. It is constant and spreads on its own. I will always have access to my abilities due to the radiation in earth and all of these feats are without any sort of external empowerment, like power-plants, nuclear attacks, etc. There is no place on earth to hide from me. It might take time, but sooner or later all cities will fall, everything will die and the entire planet will be irradiated and bathed in glorious radioactive energy.

My defensive abilities are impenetrable. There is no concussive force or energy-blast that can match the power of Thor. There is no way to BFR me as I can sense energy fluctuations and disrupt them. There is no place on earth to put me that I cannot escape.

Simply put, my defenses cannot be breached and there is no escape from my slow, inevitable offense.



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Martian Mind

Mirror Mastery
Basically, I chose Mirror Master's control over the Mirror dimension. This control appears in a variety of ways, which I will demonstrate throughout this post.

So, scenario begins, and we are dropped in Battleworld. I'd say I have a fair bit more time to prepare, being the combatant in the most remote location (Australia and no where near a city). Not that I need it, as my first act will be to dive into whatever reflective surface makes itself available to me.

(I can use a puddle)

(Or something as small as a side-mirror)

Once in the mirror world, I'm pretty much safe from any attack that anyone else can muster. I can travel anywhere in the world where there is a mirror-

Or, as was shown earlier, any reflective surface, such as a puddle.

Now, from here on in it's pretty much a waiting game for me. I can choose to sit back and watch where the chips fall, or take a more proactive approach. My first target will be Mr Delph, who, thanks to his choice in powers, will be surrounded by nice, shiny hunks of glass and metal. He won't see me coming, and by the time he does it's already too late. How will I kill him? Well, I have a range of options. I can either

A) Slit his reflections throat

B) Seal him permanently inside a mirror all of his own

Either way, Delph has no defence against this, nor do any other of the combatants bar maybe Darksaint (He could possibly teleport from the Mirrorverse, but I would know this, and go for the throat slash from the get-go.)

So, essentially, Unless I emerge from my Mirror world for any significant length of time (I won't) I'm in no real danger, while I'm positively lethal to any one I see. I can't be tracked, as I can be anywhere with a mirror. Basically, I am a shadow, slashing throats and sealing away anyone who might survive it. Sin gets BFR'ed to Mirrorverse, where I ensure she is nice and safe from any possible harm. If she's never in danger, she will never evolve. Smurf gets the same treatment, his animal powers being useless inside the mirrorverse, assuming he survives the slit throat before-hand.

Now, maybe there is a chance I get seen. It's slight, but it exists. This would be no problem however, as I can easily blind my assailant while I escape into the nearest mirror. (And rest assured, I will have acquired myself dozens of pocket-mirrors on ASAP.)

....So that's all I have to say really. I'm basically an untouchable killing machine, who can slaughter anyone the second they stroll past a window, or lean over a pool of water. The tracker gives me the ability to find my opponents with ease, while I can avoid them indefinitely. I can kill at will, and permanently BFR anyone that I can't. They have no defence, and can mount no offence. Since I can wait and observe with patience, if there is anyone who for some reason I cannot reach, I will simply consider who is capable of stopping them, and wait until they had done the deed for me. Then I will strike, and seal them away without any real effort on my part. I cannot be beaten.

Cheers for a fun thread!



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Firstly, I am a global level telepath. I am the only combatant that can reasonably claim to know the plans of everyone else. My first action is to scan the participants, which will be a brief moment. Xavier scanned the entire planet with a far more in depth search than the one I propose, and he did it nigh-instantaneously. From there, I will mind-control leonidas, smurph, and Martian in to working for me(or shut their minds down if I fail). I don't want leonidas running to the microverse or something, and Martian and Smurph's powers are unfamiliar enough that I'd rather not deal with them at all. I will psychically compel Delph to focus only on a fight with Digi. I will mind control the winner into fighting the others on my behalf. Once they are no longer needed, I will also shut their minds down.

The scans showing my global telepathy are here. A weakened Xavier scanned the planet in moments, selected several million people, and mind controlled them while weakened.

I'm controlling far less people, and I've actually access to telepaths greater in power than Xavier, like Shadow King(covered in Resistances section).

My assault is somewhat limited, as I desire to watch many of these matches play out on their own. This brings me to the crux of my argument: I don't need a body to carry out my plans, and no one here has the mental powers to defeat me in psychic combat. If my body dies, I will find a new one as Ultimate Psylocke demonstrates here. The first two scans show her death as Ultimate Colossus crushes her with a car. The third is the funeral held for her. The final two confirm that her consciousness remains after death, and it shows her new body.

The moment I die, I'll reappear in a new body, completely fine. It's not the only example of a telepath surviving bodily death either. Emma Frost's body has died multiple times, yet her mind remained functional. These first four pics document the survival of her astral form despite her body's death. The last three shows Emma's mind outliving the death of her shattered body, allowing Jean to reconstruct her original body for Emma to return to.

(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)

Of course, I don't actually need to inhabit a body at all. I have access to telepaths like Elias Bogan, who evolved beyond the need for a body. Ryland, a man possessed by Bogan, explains here in the first scan. The second scan shows his true form is that of a non-corporeal, telepathic being.

I also have the option of entering the Astral Plane, or taking someone with me, as Psylocke shows here.

No one can find me there, and I am completely capable of fighting from this world thanks to the Shadow King. Here, he psychically attacks all of humanity from the Astral Plane.

Anyone who may exist in another Dimension, like Spot, can be hunted by me. An alternate Xavier can use his telepathy to travel through dimensions. By concentrating information into a single point, he opens the barriers between worlds(comics amirite?). It will take a long time, but I've literally got forever since no one can kill my psyche.

As for Sin, I would avoid mentally attacking her. I could use Xavier's dimension crossing abilities to remove her from the battle. She would survive, but will not likely be able to return.

The Summary: Contrary to popular belief, I am not merely a mind reader. The simple truth is, I am a psychic consciousness that can fight this entire battle with or without a body. Furthermore, I can retreat to the Astral Plane if I absolutely need to. Unless someone can kill my psyche, which is not likely considering I am the strongest mind here by far, I have eternity to fight this match. Those resistant to me will die of old age, eventually succumb to my eternal assault, or will be killed by other participants.



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On Resistances.

I am in a unique spot because of my powerset. Most others needn't worry about everyone claiming immunity or resistance because of some one off feats. I'd like to remind everyone of the level of power I operate at. This isn't meant to be all inclusive. I just want to show that there is a difference between resisting scans and low level attacks from friends, and defending yourself against a high order telepath that wants to destroy you.

Elias Bogan, without trying, controls Emma Frost and Phoenix enhanced Rachel Grey, albeit on separate occasions. The 5th Rachel scan shows her face after she is freed, so you can confirm its her.

I also have Shadow King nearly killing Xavier

Even non-human, or computer brains(like Sage) are susceptible to my influence. The Cuckoos have actually overcome the digitized consciousness of Quentin Quire. The scans speak for themselves though. Resistances can certainly be overcome, and I have all the time in the world.

(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)-(please log in to view the image)



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God Blair saw all that had been made--and it was very good!

DQ's: Max and Sin never got their writeups in. If you guys want, I can include them later. If the group agrees, I can include them as part of the actual tournament, but my initial thought was to simply DQ them.

Delph PM'd me saying, "I'm not going to be posting a writeup. We all know I'd win anyway." So, you know, I can't judge that.

Judges are:
  • Galan
  • Darthgoober
  • Myself (possibly. I've been talking with some people to replace me)

They will have the week to decide, so hold your horses on asking for judge votes.

To Be Continued: When the Votes Come In



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Aww... was waiting to read the rest... sad


Do you even KMC???

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How the F*CK did I not know about this?!!!


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