Jennifer Garner Talks On 'Elektra'

Jennifer Garner talked to about the Daredevil spinoff Elektra. She talked during an interview for her latest fantasy comedy 13 Going on 30.

Are you doing Elektra?
I am. Iím starting in May.

Does it take place after Daredevil?
It dos. Itís not a prequel. Itís a sequel to her story in Daredevil and Iíve been training for the past couple of months. I trained after the junket last night and got up this morning and will go again tonight and Iím loving it. I love that aspect of it. I don't know if itís because of dance or but weíve added in pilates because I need to add the flexibility. Iím just loving that. Iím working with my sai guy because the sais are my swords.

What will be different from Daredevil?
I think she has such a rich story line of her own and weíre really mining that story line in this movie, a lot of the Frank Miller stuff for Elektra, really using it. Itís quite dark. I mean, her story is quite dark. Sheís an assassin. Sheís an assassin for hire, sheís a woman for hire although we donít go there in this movie. But as far as what would be different, I don't know. I think it will be its own thing naturally.

What will her costumes be?
I think that the wardrobe so far seems to be more reminiscent of what people associate with Elektra, although what I wore in Daredevil, she wears all kinds of different things. Sheís known mostly for this red outfit that you canít seem to wear any underwear underneath, so we could never quite figure out how to make it work. But she also wears a lot of black, so when we did Daredevil, we were kind of slammed for the wardrobe, but actually it was something taken directly from one of the comic books and now what Iím wearing will be a little more familiar to people who like the comic books.

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