Britney Spears To Play Femme Bot

IMDb reports that Pop princess Britney Spears uses her breasts to fight off spoof spy Austin Powers in new Mike Myers comedy flick Goldmember asa Femme Bot. Heres more:

The sexy singer makes a cameo appearance as herself in the third installment of the movie series. And studio sources have revealed that in one funny scene, Britney attacks secret agent Austin - with her bulging bosom. Austin - played by Myers - wanders onto the set of one of Britney's music video's and discovers she is really a deadly "Femme Bot" robot. In the script, Britney even jokes about real-life rumors she has had a breast enlargement, quipping, "It's true, my breasts have been enhanced." Her nipples then open up to reveal machine guns, which she fires at Myers' character. A movie source told Britain's Daily Star tabloid, "Britney's breasts are the star of the show. The scene is hilarious. She reveals her rude side - and she isn't afraid to make fun of her own boobs." Britney isn't the only star to make cameo appearances in Goldmember - which hits cinema screens next month. Tom Cruise, Danny DeVito, Kevin Spacey, Ozzy Osbourne and Gwyneth Paltrow also purportedly make cameo appearances.

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