Gabrielle Union Talks 'Bad Boys 2' Role

Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union has been speaking to Fred Topel about her role in the sequel Bad Boys II.

How is Bad Boys II going?
We finished. For the most part, we're finished. We've got a couple re-shoots, but it's good. It's typical Michael Bay, so it looks amazing. There's everything exploding. I kill about 15 people. It's awesome.

How do you fit into the group?
From what I'm able to divulge, I'm Martin's sister and a possible love interest for Will.

Are you in action scenes?
Oh, yeah. [It's] awesome. I just finished Cradle 2 the Grave where everything is martial arts, so it wasn't a lot of guns and hanging out of cars and shooting people. It was more hand to hand. So going into that, spending a lot of time on the range, working with Miami PD and the Miami SWAT department, that was cool. We had to go through SWAT training and all of that. I won. Don't let them tell you I didn't win the Bronzeman competition. I'm a good shot. My uncle is the head of the SWAT department in Lincoln. Not that there's a lot of crime in Lincoln, Nebraska, but if there were, he's ready. He really gave me a little nudge in the right direction.

What was the mood on the Bad Boys II set?
I would imagine it was like they picked up right where they left off and I think they've remained friends this whole time, so they were both really eager to get this done. They were great on the set. They're both very protective big brothers and they kept the laughs coming. I don't even know if you could match the humor that we had on set with what's in the film. Martin is hilarious. The standup that he can just do when we're out in the middle of this weird type of jungle situation in Puerto Rico when it's raining and he's still killing. The grips are on the ground. Everyone had such a good time. He's really funny and he's definitely back. The Martin that we all fell in love with from the Martin show, that hungry comic is definitely back.

Bad Boys II opens July 18th, 2003.

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