'The Rock' Talks About His Schedule

Moviehole talked to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson about his upcoming projects. He talks about possible roles hes willing to take.

Clint: They're talking about you as someone that might replace Arnold for The Terminator 4 or Predator 3. Would you be interested?

The Rock: I've heard that a lot actually. I don't know. Thing is, Arnold has put so much into those roles. They're his roles. I liked Terminator 3 but I loved the first two movies, and Predator, the first one, is just fantastic.

Clint: You got to do a bit of comedy in The Rundown. Was that fun?

The Rock: Sure. That was a lot of fun. I always wanted to do an action movie that also had comedy in it, like Lethal Weapon or Midnight Run. My Next movie is an even broader comedy role; I'm doing the sequel to Get Shorty. We start in February.

Clint: So not an action role then?

The Rock: No, purely a comedy role. What I'd like to do in my acting career is diversify myself, learn as much as I can about the process as possible. Be Cool is going to be great, it's John Travotla, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn "we've got this huge cast. And get this: I play a bodyguard who wants to break into Hollywood, who can sing, and he's gay! [Laughs]

Clint: You've got quite a full schedule, haven't you?

The Rock: Yep, Spy Hunter, and then Be Cool and of course Walking Tall coming out soon. I'm not complaining though. It's hard to believe sometimes. I mean 7 years ago, I had nothing to do.

Clint: Have we seen the last of The Scorpion King?

The Rock: Never say Never. I think so, but, well, I'd like to do another one. I mean, there's such a big gap in timeline between the start of The Mummy sequel and the end of The Scorpion King that I think there's a story in the middle there too. How he becomes and all.

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