Beyonce Knowles Talks 'Pink Panther' Role

Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce Knowles says she was unsure on whether she should accept the role of Xania in the Pink Panther remake. "I only had a month and Destiny's Child is going back in the studio, so I had to decide, 'Am I going to do a movie or am I going to go on vacation?'" Beyonce told ET. "I thought I was going to go on vacation until they told me the offer was from 'The Pink Panther.' I was, 'The Pink Panther'! That's amazing. Steve Martin, that's even more amazing.'"

She plays Xania, an international pop star who turns out to be a murder suspect. "You don't know if Xania has a crush on Clouseau or if she is using her sexuality as a weapon," said Beyonce. "Xania is very fashion forward, every outfit gets better and better. Joe Aulisi came to my concert and showed me some of the sketches and I couldn't wait to get in these clothes."

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