Daredevil Set Report

Latino Review have posted a report about their visit to the Daredevil set. Read on:

I've seen alot of cool stuff, stars walking around their trailers and all, but something pretty cool happened last night. They had this helicopter flying around. It starts off flying off in the distance with it's search light on, and then zigs it's way to where the fighting and action scenes are taking place. The helicopter goes so far as to hover a few feet off of one of the buildings. I couldn't tell if there was any one there in the spotlight, but my man inside said that all the first unit stuff had finished up, and this stuff was just coverage. Whatever that means. I took a couple pictures, one with my new night-vision camera, which is the picture of the DD sign. (above)

I took some pictures of the helicopter as it was making its rounds. The pictures of course don't do what I saw justice cause what I saw from the top of one one the parking structures looked pretty damn cool. This movie is gonna be dark and moody for sure. The sets that they have built are frickin' awesome. The streets are already dingy, and their gonna have an easy time pulling this location off as Hell's Kitchen. The pictures aren't that amazing, I'll tell you now, but I know those fan boys are just gonna blow their corn-holes for them anyway!

Check out the link above for more, including pictures from the set!

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