Jennifer Garner On 'Daredevil' Elektra Spin-off

Jennifer Garner spoke to MTV about the possibility of a spin-off now that Daredevil has been a box office smash.

The folks behind "Daredevil" were thinking of sequels long before it topped the box office. The "Daredevil" Marvel Comics series is rich with material about the Hell's Kitchen hero and his love/hate relationship with Elektra, who has spun off into stories of her own and may do the same on the big screen.

"Elektra and Wolverine is so interesting, [as well as] Elektra and the Order of the Hand, when she became a ninja," said Jennifer Garner, who plays the ninja assassin opposite Ben Affleck in the current hit flick. "Daredevil" writer/director Mark Stephen Johnson said he may ask filmmaker Kevin Smith ("Clerks") to adapt his own brief run as a writer for the "Daredevil" comic into a screenplay, or Johnson may work from comic legend Frank Miller's gritty Elektra "Resurrection" story.

"Elektra is such a dark character," Garner observed. "If you read especially the [Frank Miller] comic books and even after that, she is dark. She just gets darker and darker. I mean, the chick visits her own grave it's not normal. [In the current movie], this is the time where she is falling in love, so there is kind of this romantic overtone, and there is kind of a sweetness and tenderness that you wouldn't normally associate with Elektra. I love that about her. I love that in this movie you get to see kind of the duality of her."

Another thing Garner enjoys about playing Elektra is exploring a different set of fighting skills than the ones she regularly employs as Sydney Bristow on TV's "Alias" like using Elektra's two small swords. "It's definitely different to fight with a weapon. It immediately takes it up a notch, because if you screw up [it's more serious]. In 'Alias,' if I'm about to throw a punch, it's much easier to stop that than a weapon that's already halfway through the air, or halfway down your body.

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