New Line Get Prequel 'Dumb And Dumberer'

New Line is moving quickly toward the starting line and a summer 2003 release of "Dumb and Dumberer," a line extension of one of its first $100 million grossers, reports Variety.

Despite the whopping successes of "Lord of the Rings" and "Powers," the new New Line is about reining in costs, and the studio isn't going back to Jim Carrey or directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly. They've just hired Troy Miller to direct a prequel that will depict loveable dullard siblings Harry and Lloyd during their formative high school years, when the special ed students become determined to crack "the big show," otherwise known as mainstream high school.

"The first movie has become a classic that was discovered by a new generation of fans who were too young when it came out but have caught it on video and DVD," production president Toby Emmerich said. "We hope to take the sensibility of those characters and mix it with the high school age genre …The script is very funny, but the first one had heart and made you care about Harry and Lloyd. The challenge here is to make a film where you'd care about the younger versions of them the way you did in the original."

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