Jeff Daniels On 'Dumb And Dumberer'

Jeff Daniels spoke with Jam about why the studio might have decided to go with "new guys" and not to with the original cast members.

"My phone didn't ring, probably because Jim Carrey didn't take any of their calls," says Jeff Daniels, who played Harry to Carrey's Lloyd in the original Dumbfest.

As Daniels also points out, Carrey's $20-million paycheque is greater than the cost of the original film. "I know they talked to Jim right after the film was such a hit, but even then he was reluctant to do a sequel. "Even the Farrelly brothers (who wrote and directed the original) are not involved in this one, so even if I had been contacted I'd have declined."

Dumb & Dumberer is a prequel, set in the high school where Harry and Lloyd first meet. Eric Christian Olsen, who starred in The Hot Chick and Not Another Teen Movie, is playing teenage Lloyd, and Derek Richardson will make his screen debut as young Harry.

"Something tells me those guys are a bit cheaper."

Dumb And Dumberer will be hitting theaters June 13th.

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