Detailed Plot Description For 'Finding Nemo'

Finding NemoJimHillMedia have posted a detailed description for Disney/Pixar's upcoming Finding Nemo. Heres a portion of the spoilerific plot.

Putting it bluntly, "Finding Nemo" is going to be a delight. Another certified smash from those clever SOBs in Emeryville, CA. Plan now to buy at least two tickets for "Nemo" during its initial theatrical release. Based on the work-in-progress version of the picture that I recently got to see, this film is just too good to see just once.

More importantly, make sure that the movie theater that you see "Finding Nemo" in has a really large screen. Better yet, try and find a multiplex that will be projecting the picture digitally. That way, you'll actually get to see all of the amazing imagery that Pixar's artists have crammed into every frame.

A word of caution, though. Parents should be aware -- right from the get-go -- that "Finding Nemo" has some fairly intense sequences. Scenes that may startle and/or genuinely scare some of the smaller members of the audience.

One of those sequences comes at the very start of the picture as Coral and Marlin -- a happily married pair of Clownfish -- carefully stand watch over their soon-to-hatch clutch of eggs. Suddenly a barracuda appears and -- in an instant -- Coral and the bulk of the eggs are gone. Only the heartbroken Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and a single, damaged, unhatched egg remains.

Such is life on Australia's beautiful if brutal Great Barrier Reef. Which is how Marlin ends up being such an overly protective parent to the curious and adventuring Nemo. Forever fretting that his son's damaged fin (a result of the barracuda attack that killed Nemo's mother, brothers and sisters) will keep Nemo from being a strong swimmer, Marlin is constantly trying to safeguard his son. Holding him back. Even keeping him out of school (yes, a school of fish ... one of the many water-based jokes that you'll hear in this picture) with the hope that it will help keep his sole surviving child safe.

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