Freddy Vs. Jason Gets Shooting Schedule

Cinescape had an exclusive interview with "Friday The 13th" creator/writer/director Sean Cunningham confirmed that "Freddy Vs. Jason" has a director, script and shooting schedule.

While in the past it’s gotten the first two of those three, it was a firm production date and, well, real greenlight which has always eluded this decade-in-the-making film.

“Right now they've hired Ronny Yu and he's a very strong visualist and he has a particular vision” Cunningham said. “I think he's going to bring a lot to the party. We're in pre-production now, and we're still working on the budget, but it looks like we'll shoot it in Vancouver later in the year.”

“Oh, it was always going to happen, but it was just a matter of when New Line Cinemas was going to sign off on it and I was going to sign off on it together. It's going to happen. The difficulty is that you have two pop icons who are basically bad guys and try to imagine a movie that's Goldfinger Vs. Dr. No.”

Despite that confidence in the ultimate production, and the impression it was always going to happen, which might surprise fans who have been waiting so long, Cunningham did admit to the script difficulties which might have accounted for some of the delay.

“You've got a two legged stool. You've got to have a third leg of some kind,” Cunningham said. “That's always been the problem. People are like, But the fight would be really cool.’ Yeah, but the best fight in the world was maybe Rocky, but after six or seven minutes of that you could watch it any more. What do you do with the other eighty-five minutes? You've got to have a story to tell, and that's very hard when you've got two bad guys and no good guy.”

So how will this finally fit into the entire "Nightmare On Elm Street", "Friday The 13th" cannon? There’s where we hit a gray area. Will it pick up after "The Final Friday"? Will it acknowledge "Jason X"?

“Who knows? It just takes place whenever,” Cunningham said. “It will be more basic.”

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