Ritter Replaces Renfro In 'Freddy Vs. Jason'

Jason Ritter
Jason Ritter
"Swimfan's" Jason Ritter has replaced Brad Renfro and will star opposite Monica Keena in New Line Cinema's horror franchise clash "Freddy vs. Jason," reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Ritter and Keena will join Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland in the film about a group of friends who team up to spark a battle between the legendary evildoers Freddy Krueger (of "Nightmare on Elm Street" fame) and Jason Vorhees (of the "Friday the 13th" franchise).

Robert Englund will reprise his role as Freddy, while the role of Jason has yet to be cast.

Renfro's exit from the project was attributed to creative differences.

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