Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola Talks 'Hellboy 2'

Hell Boy 2Hellboy creator Mike Mignola says that the upcoming sequel Hellboy 2 will deal with folklore and mythology. "Wherein the first film was sort of the H.P. Lovecraft kind of monsters and the Nazis and the mad-scientist stuff, this one is geared much more toward the folklore element of the Hellboy [comics], with the kind of fairies and the Old-World stuff," Mignola told Sci-Fi Wire.

Mignola says that he worked with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro to develop the sequel's story. "That really is a big element of the Hellboy stories, and that element was completely not in the first film. So the idea of the second film would be sort of the other half of the Hellboy world." said Mignola. "I don't know that Russian [mythology will figure in] so much, but certainly that idea of these ancient creatures that have been kind of shoved out of the mainstream and are living underground [will]. It's about that kind of stuff."

Mignola says that they tried to introduce character Roger the Homunculus into the story but failed. "We had tried to work it out, because Guillermo loves that character," Mignola said. "We tried to work out a storyline about Roger, and it just didn't work. So we opted to go the folklore route instead."

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