Tom Stoppard Wanted For Indy Sequel

George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford the main men behind the "Indiana Jones" movies are trying to get Tom Stoppard to produce the script for the much-anticipated Indiana Jones 4, reports EmpireMagazine and Variety.

Stoppard, whose last script was for the Mick Jagger produced film "Enigma," is much in demand it seems, and the Jones trio will have to persuade him that they need him more than Stoppard's "Shakespeare in Love" collaborator John Madden who wants to work with him on the film adaptation of "Tulip Fever".

He work as script doctor and re-write uncredited on "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Ford denied that he was getting too old in the tooth for the action hero role. 'There is no barrier to Indiana Jones growing older,' he told the magazine. 'It's not an age-based character.'

However Ford did concede that there may be limitations. 'We can't bang him up as much as we used to, maybe. But I guess I can pretend to have the capacity as well as I pretended before.

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