Steven Spielberg On 'Indiana Jones IV'

Steven Spielberg recently gave an interview to Empire Magazine, where he talked a bit about Indiana Jones 4.

"We've finished our meetings", reveals Spielberg. "It's a completely mapped-out story, as mapped-out as what George, Larry Kasdan and I first mapped out with Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Frank [Darabont] has gone from lip service to pages. He's now doing what most writers hate to do... which is write. It's a very exciting movie."

Talking about whether he would be willing to shoot the movie in digital, as Lucas did with Attack of the Clones, Spielberg says, "I would do anything for my friend George Lucas, including compromising my own belief system. But I think practically speaking, there aren't going to be enough theaters even in 2005 to exhibit digital film to make it worth my while to commit digitally to Indy 4 at this time. If there were 2,000 screens with digital projectors I might seriously consider it for George and his vision of the future. But it looks like there's no chance that the theaters will put it in the next three years, so I'll be happily shooting Indy 4 on film."

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