No Spielberg For 'Indiana Jones 4' Says Connery

Sean Connery has been speaking with ET about whether he would be involved with the proposed Indiana Jones 4. He said he is in fact interested in reprising his role, but surprisingly said that Steven Spielberg will not be involved.

"All I know is that somebody called the office and said that Steven was not doing the movie." said Connery. "That Harrison had in fact verbally agreed to do another one and whether I would be interested -- but of course I would. I had a very good experience with it. I'm disappointed to hear that Steven wouldn't be doing it, but at the end it always gets down to how good the book is, the script is, and if it's really workable."

Could his source be mistaken? Possibly. As this contradicts what Harrison Ford knows and has been saying recently. Stay tuned for more as we get it!

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