Will Smith Talks 'I, Robot' Nude Scene

Will SmithWill Smith, who stars in the upcoming I, Robot movie, says that the film features his first full nude scene. He adds that the scene was very important for the plot. "Oh, absolutely, absolutely," Smith told Sci-Fi Wire. "My character suffers from a psychological condition called survivor's guilt, all right? … I sent a script to a group of psychologists and asked them, 'Tell me what this character's behavior would be.' And they said paranoia was one of the things."

The scene sees Smith's character, Del Spooner, taking a shower, which begins the paranoia. "The shower door [is] open," he said. "[There's] no shower curtain, with the gun hanging over the thing, and they said he would never be able to wash his hair, because he wouldn't close his eyes in the shower. So it's, you know, those kinds of things. But you probably have to have a degree in psychology to take all of that out of it. But it gives it a certain level of reality when … you know that that much thought went into it, and even if you don't, it’s just kind of a cool naked guy [laughs]."

Smith adds that the scene had to be digitally modified for the American audience. "It's interesting, because America's the only place that it's really a big deal," he said. "Actually, you know, the scene in this movie was actually a full frontal nudity, but they had to digitally remove … . Yeah, it was the most expensive CG shot, just to remove it, for the American audience [laughs]."

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