Ewan McGregor Interested In 'James Bond 21' Role

Ewan McGregor says he would be interested in taking over the role of James Bond from Pierce Brosnan in James Bond 21. "I think about this the same way I thought about the rumors that I might do 'Star Wars.'," he told Cindy Pearlman. "I always said with that one, too, that I'd have to wait and see if they really wanted me and how I felt about it at the time."

"What would worry me about Bond is that it does seem to require an enormous commitment in the same way that 'Star Wars' doesn't because those movies were so far apart, whereas Bond seems to be closer together. ... I also notice Pierce Brosnan spending a lot of the year promoting Bond films. So, I would worry about that because I'd have less time to do other films."

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