Pierce Brosnan Talks On 'James Bond 21'

Pierce Brosnan talked frankly to The Sun newspaper in which he accuses the producers of ruining the movies with too many special effects and not enough plot.

Screenwriters revealed they were suffering from writer’s block and had not finished the script. And a source at MGM studios has admitted the Bond film is in “disarray”.

Pierce believes part of the problem is that the series has advanced so much technically that the creators don’t know what to do next.

He says: “The bar for these movies was raised so high with the last one (Die Another Day) and they don’t seem to know how to improve on it.

“They don’t have a script or a director so the rumours that we will begin filming in the autumn are just rumours.”

Brosnan also complains that the producers do not show more imagination in expanding the movies with more plot and characters.

He says: “They’re too scared. They feel they have to top themselves in a genre which is just spectacle and a huge bang for your buck. But I think you can have your cake and eat it.

“You can have real character work, a character storyline and a thriller aspect and all the kinds of quips, asides, the explosions and the women.”

But he says the producers opened talks with him on making the next movie — then he heard nothing.

Brosnan says: “It is nowhere near a done deal — but they know where to find me.

“I was prepared to do a fifth film and then walk away and we had started negotiations.

“I want to follow through but conversations and telephone calls have dried up.

“We started talking about the fifth so this paralysis that has set in is rather surprising.

“The producers have reached an impasse as far as I can tell. They don’t know what to do.

“So, for me, it’s business as usual. I shall just carry on with creating work for myself.

“I certainly would love to do a fifth Bond and then bow out but if this last one is to be my last, then so be it. My contract is up. They can do it or not.”

He claims the producers want to remake Casino Royale, first made by a rival company in 1967, after finally securing the rights to it.

But he is furious that they have decided not to make a film of the original book, just to use the title.

Brosnan rages: “That’s ludicrous. It’s so damn crazy! That’s absolutely sheer lunacy because Casino Royale is the blueprint of the Bond character.

“You find out more about James Bond in that book than in any of the other books.”

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